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    Love enjoying new beers and establishing new relationships.

    Some of the styles I enjoy are lambics, stouts, ipas, and sours. Always thrilled to enjoy new brews! Cheers and happy drinking!

    Bottles in BOLD are in the process of being traded, thanks!

    Current Cellar (BEER):

    3 Fonteinen Armand & Gaston Season 17/18
    3 Fonteinen Hommage 17/18 750ml
    3 Fonteinen Hommage 17/18 375ml
    3 Fonteinen Zenne b4
    Bottle Logic Beer Geek Observation 2019
    Bottle Logic Darkstar November 2017
    Bottle Logic Fundamental Observation 2017
    Bottle Logic Fundamental Observation 2018
    Bottle Logic Fundamental Observation 2019
    Bottle Logic Fundamental Forces 2019 (x2)
    Bottle Logic Number Crunch 2019
    Bottle Logic Roll For Initiative 2018
    Casey The Cut Plum 9/20/2017
    Casey The Cut Blackberry 10/13/2016
    Casey The Cut Raspberry 4/27/2017
    Casey The Cut Cherry 4/28/2017
    Casey Family Preserves Apricot 7/29/2016
    Casey Supreme Clientele 8/30/2018
    Casey Biere de Garde 4/14/2016
    Casey Oak Theory 12/22/2015
    Cigar City Hunaphu 10th Anniversary
    De Garde The Nectarine Cuvee Oct-18
    De Garde The Grenadier No Vintage
    De Garde The Lucy Reserve Feb-18
    De Garde The Purple Jun-18
    De Garde The Anniversary Aug-18
    De Garde The Trio: Anniversary Blend Jan-18
    De Garde Special Violet No Vintage
    De Garde The Boysenbery No Vintage
    De Garde The Blackberry Sep-18
    De Garde The Purple Kriek Jun-18
    De Garde The Orchard No Vintage
    Forager Pudding Googles 2018
    Goose Island Regular 2017
    Lost Abbey Cable Car 2017
    Lost Abbey Cable Car 2019
    Lost Abbey Veritas Raspberry
    Lost Abbey Duck Duck Gooze 2013
    Modern Times Modem Times BAVHM '20
    Modern Times Modem Times BAV '20
    New Glarus VSB Batch #2 (x2)
    New Glarus Sour Porter Feb-17
    New Glarus Vintage 2018
    Prairie Sherry Barrel Noir
    SARA West Ashley
    SARA Sunsets 2017
    Shared Coffee Shop Vibes 2019
    Side Project Smooth Blend #2
    Side Project Smooth No Blend
    Side Project Fencerow Blend #3
    Side Project Balaton Blend #2
    Side Project Thicket Batch #2
    Side Project Punchdown Batch #1
    Side Project Punchdown Batch #2
    Side Project Abricot Du Fermier Batch #3 (x2)
    Side Project Abricot Du Fermier Batch #4
    Side Project Noir du Fermier Batch #2
    Side Project Merci Batch #4
    Side Project Rose du Ble Blend #2
    Side Project Saison du Fermier Blend #1
    Side Project Saison du Fermier Blend #4
    The Bruery White Chocolate No Vintage
    The Bruery Black Tuesday No Vintage
    The Bruery Chocolate Rain 2013
    Toppling Goliath Mornin Delight Batch b4 (x2)

    Current Cellar (BOURBON/WHISK(e)Y)

    Bakers 13 year

    Blantons Gold
    Blantons Straight From the Barrel
    Blantons Green Reserve
    Blantons Original SiB

    Bookers 25th anniversary
    Bookers 30th anniversary

    EHT Amaranth "Grain of the gods"
    EHT Barrel Proof
    EHT Seasoned Wood
    EHT Four Grain
    EHT Old Fashioned Sour Mash
    EHT Warehouse C Tornado

    Stagg JR 132.3
    Little Book Chapter 3

    Elmer T lee
    Michters 10 year bourbon
    Michters 10 year rye
    Michters 20 year bourbon

    High west Mid Winter act 7 scene 2

    ORVW 10 year
    ORVW 25 year
    VAN winkle Lot B
    Van Winkle Family Rye
    Pappy Van Winkle 15 year
    Pappy Van Winkle 20 year
    Pappy Van Winkle 23 year

    OWA Gold Foil
    OFC 93
    OFC 94

    Parkers Heritage 8yr Rye

    Rock Hill Farms

    Weller 12 year
    Weller CYPB
    Weller Full Proof

    Eagle Rare 17 year
    Eagle Rare Double Eagle
    William Larue Weller
    Sazerac 18 yr
    Thomas H Handy
    George T Stagg

    Yamazaki 12 year
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