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Initiate, Female, from New York

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    New York
    My real beer experience started in Senior year college when a girlfriend introduced me to Honey Brown Ale. I didn't like the beer alone, it went well with cigars.

    Since then, I went searching for the right brew. Somewhere a couple years later in Sunnyvale California, I started drinking Sierra Nevada IPAs with a 60 year old biker chick who liked Russian biker bars and pool halls. I had no idea what made that damn beer so bitter.

    A year after that I met a writer friend, who shared the same day job as me, and when he learned I liked IPAs he forced me to drink every hoppy mass of a mess he could find. Before you knew it, my favorite beer was an Arrogant Bastard Ale that knocked me right into the weekend.

    I discovered ABVs and IBUs and since then it was history.

    Then somewhere in Chicago during an ice storm and matzah ball soup, I discovered Guinness. Flat. Thick. Creamy head of a Guinness. I was sold!

    Now...after years of honing this ale drinking love of mine, I've narrowed my favorite beers down to unfiltered/barrel aged imperial stouts and brown ales with an ABV no less than 12%. I prefer my ales stay lower in the IBUs. And even lower in carbonation.

    My favorite beer thus far is Stone Brewery's Stone Farking Wheaten W00T Stout. Wheat. Rye. Pecans. Oh my! I've been aging 3 bottles since 2014. I cracked one open to a Tool concert this last June. Can't wait to open another again.

    I'm also enjoying, very very much enjoying, Dog Fish Head's Palo Santo Marron Barrel Aged Brown Ale. Also unfiltered. 12%.

    I like a very thick beer. I want it chewy. I want to blow bubbles with the damn thing. I love fogginess, and yeast and grains that settle to the bottom of my glass.

    If I can't see through my goblet, please pour me another!

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