Initiate, Male, from Ohio

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    Belgians,english barley wines, big stouts..... my type of styles.
    Beer, food and friends.... my religion

    Trading has become a addiction!

    Patchmaster******one of the best
    Krl2112* cool guy
    RoninTK3**** reliable trader and my fellow greek. Probably one of my favorites to trade with
    JM03****** one of the best
    mestangley1**** hell of a guy! Went out of his way to snag me some GI glassware and a FFF teku. One of the true BA's
    Kbuzz***** IP with him at HO1KB. Very cool guy to have a few with and blew me up with some crazy extras. Can see many more trades with him!
    Papaholmz*** great to communicate with. Had a damaged box on my end and was very understanding.
    Googzoid10***** this guy! My new favorite westcoast trader!
    LuisQ*** hooked me up with a huge interest down south. A very good new and up comer to the community.
    Miamichael2****had trade that was ongoing for about 2 months. Cool guy, good communication and badass extras. I even follow him on untapped. Knows his shit

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