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Poo-Bah, Male, from District of Columbia

  • About

    March 1
    District of Columbia
    Favorite styles: saisons, barrel aged saisons, fresh local IPAs I haven't had
    Trade history: 150+ trades, 90 BAs (History)
    Trading particulars: I usually ship from a MD address and to a PA one, please do not be alarmed. Also please ship with FedEx if possible.
    Extras: I'll send them unless you specifically ask me to not include any. Logo non-pint glassware is a much appreciated extra. Please, no wheatwines.
    Non-insane current wants: Kiwi Rising, Hop Juju
    Iron Hill, McKenzie and Tired Hands are my favorite "local" breweries; please ask if you want anything from them. Other local breweries I have access to include DuClaw, DC Brau, Mad Fox, Evolution, Stillwater, Right Proper, etc.
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