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    I tried to post this all at once before and then realized I'd have have to post them one at a time. Here goes... enjoy.

    Two years ago, I had an idea to put away six reputable IPA/IIPA’s and see how they would hold up after being properly cellared for two years. I had reviewed all of these brews when fresh, and these are the results of my two year hop experiment. Each bottle was put into a six-pack holder and stored in the furthest, darkest cabinet in my beer cellar. They’ve barely seen light since being put away, and the cellar remains a pretty consistent 55-65 degrees all year round.
    The beers were as follows: DFH 90min, DFH Burton Baton, Troegs Nugget Nectar, Ithaca Flower Power, Harpoon Imperial IPA and Southern Tier 2XIPA. My thinking at the time was that Nugget Nectar, 90min and Burton would all do fine because of their strong malt backbones. I wasn’t really sure about any of the others, but for a $10 two year experiment, I figured what the hell.
    I chose two years as the cellaring goal because I know hops, malts and yeast go thru a few different stages as they age. Two years seemed long enough for them to mature and define themselves.

    Troegs Nugget Nectar - original review 2/16/11 4.75 rating

    Bottle dated 2/3/11 (from the same batch)

    A- Pours a liquid copper with beautiful honey highlights. A fairly thin cherry tinted head that fades rather quickly, but leaves a decent little bit of sticky lacing and wonderful oily legs. 4.5

    S- Caramel chews, light touches of grapefruit and orange peel. Pineapple and pine cone. Really surprised at how much hops is still alive in here. Basil, licorice, black pepper and butterscotch. No sense at all of the alcohol. Picking up some nice yeasty esters as I swirl the glass. Smells a bit like an American Barleywine. 4.0

    T- Tastes a little like one also! Pineapple dipped in caramel, spicy basil/licorice, Tangerine peel and marmalade. Little notes of lemon, black pepper, pine needles, straw, and semi-tart apple. Not as strong and overpowering as a BW, but it was never meant to be. This is like Barleywine light. Much of the nose and taste of a good American style Barleywine, without the huge alcohol. 4.0

    M- Decent carbonation at first but it fades away quickly. Not as slick or oily as I was hoping for. Definitely runs nicely down the tongue though. 3.5

    O- This did pretty much what I thought it was going to do. Fade out the hops and pick up a ton of caramel, licorice, basil and other tones of a decent American Barleywine. I may have to buy some of this to age every year. Certainly not what it once was, but something delicious and different. Very happy with this one. 4.15
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