2018 Hop Production Up 1 Percent from Last Year

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    Below verbiage is courtesy of Stan Hieronymus:

    “The United States Department of Agriculture reported this week that farmers in Washington, Oregon and Idaho harvested a record 106.9 million pounds of hops in 2018, surpassing the 2017 harvest by 1.3 million pounds. Farmers in those states grow about 98% of the hops harvested nationwide. The National Hop Report does not track production outside the Northwest. The yield per acre decreased from 1,956 pounds per acre to 1,943 and the price per pound fell from $5.60 to $5.46.

    Although Citra acreage surpassed Cascade for the first time in 2018, farmers still harvested more pounds of Cascade, about 11.6 million, compared to 10.1 million pounds of Citra (up 15%). Cascade production was down 17%, while Centennial was 30% lower in Washington and 11% lower in Oregon (Idaho totals for 2018 were not reported). Farmers significantly cut acreage in 2018 because of surpluses of those varieties, and it will be interesting to see if they overshot the runway.

    Chinook production was up 23% to 5.3 million pounds, while Amarillo increased 6% to 5.2 million pounds. Mosaic, 6.5 million pounds in 2017, was down marginally (Oregon production was not reported).”

    More information available at the below link:

    https://www.nass.usda.gov/Statistics_by_State/Regional_Office/Northwest/includes/Publications/Hops/National hop_2018.pdf

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