21st Amendment Brewery Welcomes You To An Island Oasis (In A Can) With TROPICAL SPARKALE!

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    A Refreshing Pop of Island Fruit and Fizz with a Crisp, Tart Pineapple Flavor and Sweet Coconut Finish

    San Francisco, Calif. -- Wednesday, May 6, 2020 -- Even as we become more comfortable with social distancing and local mandates, summer is still on our doorstep and everyone is looking for relief. 21st Amendment Brewery knows just how to ease the pain with a taste of sweet island air coming to grocery stores nationwide with the seasonal release of Tropical Sparkale.


    "We've always loved experimenting with fruit in our brews -- from Hell or High Watermelon, to Blood Orange Brew Free! or Die IPA, we have enjoyed the refreshing quality that fruit can bring to traditional styles of beer. Tropical Sparkale is our latest adventure. We source premium real fruit from our longtime purveyor partners, and we are excited to offer this new flavor profile that has the refreshing pop of a sparkling fruit beer with a crisp, tart pineapple flavor and sweet coconut finish. At 4.2% ABV and crafted to reduce gluten, Tropical Sparkale brings a sense of relief and a reminder that we can still enjoy a 'getaway' while at home," says Shaun O'Sullivan, Co-Founder and Brewmaster.

    Tropical Sparkale is yet another testament of 21st Amendment's ingenuity at brewing delicious expressions of flavors where fruit, hops, and grains intermingle for a splendid drinking experience. Tropical Sparkale fits right in the better-for-you category while honoring the spirit of San Francisco in every sip.

    Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, 21st Amendment has been standing strong to help garner support for small businesses. On March 30, 21st Amendment issued a "Call to Action" for commercial lenders to institute a 60-day moratorium on principal/interest payments so small businesses could retain their staff. The brewery is further donating beer to St. George Spirits (Alameda, Calif.) for the production of hand sanitizer.

    Tropical Sparkale is available now in all 30 states where 21st Amendment distributes. For more information and to find some using our beer finder, please visit www.21st-Amendment.com.

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    I honestly didn't like Sparkale at all, (I think I drainpoured it) but I'm a sucker for anything Pina Colada-esque. I might try a single of it.
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    This is the first time I’ve heard or thought about 21st amendment brewing in months. Honestly they’re just not memorable.
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    Blood Orange Brew Free Or Die is pretty good, but yeah, I don't think about them much anymore. I keep telling myself to get their variety pack sometime, but then I end up getting something like Firestone Walker, Stone, or Sixpoint instead.