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    Ithaca Flower Power - original review 2/22/11 4.6 rating
    Best by date 05/11 (from the same batch)
    A- Pours a beautiful golden orange into my DFH glass. A bright white head gently floats atop the cloudy brew and fades away gently leaving little chunks of lacing dripping down the glass. 4.0
    S- Grapefruit and pineapple smeared with honey, caramel and green tea leaves. Wet compost and pine needles. It has a touch of funk as it warms up. The green tea is something I don’t remember before. Neat! Obviously this is a shell of it’s former self. 2.75
    T- Green tea with orange blossom honey and pink grapefruit. A surprising amount of bitter citrus hops left in the taste. This is really cool and unusual. A decent amount of caramel and pine. 4.0
    M- Surprisingly more carbonation held on here than expected. Nice blast of citrus, pine and sugary sweet caramel and honey. The HUGE citrus punch that IS Flower Power is long gone, but it has grow up some. A warm blend of caramel, compost, grapefruit and green tea. 4.0
    O- I was really expecting a real piece of crap with this one. The nose was a pretty big let down, but the taste and mouthfeel surprised me. Out of the 6 cellered IPA’s, I figured this would be the worst. We’ll see. 3.5

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