3 Chicha de Jora Myths, Debunked

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    In terms of texture and appearance, the malted white corn beer known as Chicha de Jora bears a striking resemblance to milkshake IPAs. But since it's naturally carbonated and unhopped, the similarities end there.

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    Hmmmm, sounds interesting. I feel like I'd have a hard time determining which establishment I should drink in and which I should avoid.

    Anyone traveled to this area and tried it?
  3. Claude-Irishman

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    Isn't this the beer they use spit as a yeast starter?
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  4. SFACRKnight

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    All of the myths I know about chicha were started by the man featured two articles under this one. Thanks Sam!
  5. jesskidden

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    Well, whether it is/was a myth or not is in dispute as noted above, but as for the originator --- ah, I don't think Caligione is quite old enough for the blame :wink: ("Revialist"? Yeah.) :
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    I gotta read these headlines more carefully. I thought it was about chichonas!
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