A few days in Louisville - advice for a first time visitor

Discussion in 'South' started by Tine802, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. Tine802

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    I'll be in Louisville on Friday and Saturday, July 26th and 27th. I need some local advice on things to do in Louisville, and I didn't see a thread that had the specific answers I'm looking for. Basically I'm looking for restaurant and bourbon/beer bar recommendations from locals. For those of you that live in the area, what are some of your favorite places to eat? For instance, I think this Hammerheads restaurant in Louisville looks good. I'm interested in other places along those lines. I'm also interested in a few bars with good bourbon and beer selections.

    Also, are there any attractions in Louisville that are can't miss? I was looking at things like walking around in Old Louisville, the Louisville Slugger Museum, the museum at Churchill Downs, and the Ali museum.

    Finally, is there a distillery that has a shop where we could stop and get some unique bourbon? My friend and I are going to drive to a Cincinnati Reds game on Sunday, then we'll be coming back to Louisville to catch our flight home on Monday afternoon. I don't think we have time to do a distillery tour on Monday, but could stop at a distillery if there is one with a shop that's worth stopping at.

    Thanks to anyone who takes the time to reply.
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  2. MarshallBirdhouse

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    Ex-Louisvillan here, Hammerheads is my favorite restaurant in the city. Michters and Angels Envy both have spots in the downtown area. The Silver Dollar has a very good bourbon list and is a fun spot in general. Against The Grain is right across the street from Angels Envy, the beer is "okay" but the food is good. The best beer bar in the city is Holy Grale, I highly recommend stopping in there, for real, seriously... go to Holy Grale. Their sister spot (Gralehaus) next door also does a killer breakfast and has great coffee.
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  3. IMFletcher

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    It's not in the direction of Cincy, but Four Roses almost always has exclusive picks. Sometimes, Buffalo Trace has things, but they're usually word-of-mouth until it's too late. I don't know about the more L'ville-centric.
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  4. stevepat

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    For beer I would recommend Against the grain, Monnik, and Akasha for breweries (AtG has the most interesting to go options for taking home bottles). Hammerheads is good for food, I think AtG and Monnik both have better food, they also both do liquor and rep the bourbon thing. I would also recommend a stop at sergio world beer for a selection of global beer that is rarely matched in my experience in the US, no bourbon there though. Look at stuff along frankfort and bardstown for good food and beer spots. holy grale is definitely a great beer bar.

    For the record I don't live in loui and am not from there but I travel there regularly for work and my must hit spots for a long weekend are Against the Grain, Monnik, Akasha, and Sergios
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    In addition to the places that have already been mentioned, I'll say that I really like Mile Wide, Holsopple, Great Flood and 3rd Turn for beer. And if you're in the mood for calzones then New Albanian Brewing just across the river in New Albany, Indiana is good too. Always liked their brews and their selection of guest brews there too. If you're into vegan food then you should go to V-Grits/False Idol Brewing. I haven't eaten there yet but I liked the brews I tried there a while back. But for the most part I think that pretty much every Louisville brewery is worth hitting up. My problem is I like most places! Hope you like wherever you end up there. I'm not native to Louisville either, but I've been going there for Derby and other events 2-4 times a year for the past 10 or so years so I've made it a point to try all the breweries there when I get a chance to.
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  6. stevepat

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    I mostly agree with this, but don't waste your time at Apocalypse or Bluegrass brewing. Those were both major let downs. Everywhere else you'll find plenty of redeeming qualities. Especially holsopple, I really like holsopple and akasha for underrepresented, old school styles, done really nicely.
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