AB-InBev plans to screw beer cans together to reduce its plastic waste

Discussion in 'Beer News & Releases' started by Snowcrash000, Jun 23, 2019.

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  3. StoutSnob40

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    And I was just thinking.. if only they would get rid of this plastic packaging, I would buy more Corona Extra....
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  4. bbtkd

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    This has to be an early April Fool's day video. I know that the idea is less packaging, but I'm think that to make these stay together they'll be using more aluminum for that lip and it will need to be thick to keep from bending. So, while no external packaging, it looks like more aluminum.

    And is ABInBev enough a team player to not patent it so anyone can use the design? They talk about other brands and markets, but I suspect that means their brands and markets.
  5. NotAlcoholicJustAHobby

    NotAlcoholicJustAHobby Meyvn (1,024) Jun 13, 2015 Vermont

    Honestly, this is genius. Not only are there benefits in lightening the plastic waste load, but it basically allows consumers flexibility in how much beer they want to purchase. Now I'm not going to go out and purchase Corona extra, but if they find success than other brewers will follow. Imagine the mix X-pack possibilities.
  6. nc41

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    Plastic ends up in the ocean, cans recycle, hows this not a positive?
  7. Roguer

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    Is there something wrong with the recycling industry that I'm missing? I know certain materials simply aren't profitable, and some centers (and states) have moved away from them, so maybe that's a factor. @cavedave ?

    I know you can't force an American to recycle, but it seems like this is a problem that should be easy to tackle.

    Also, just put your beers in cardboard six packs, like Creature Comforts, Scofflaw, etc. No plastic packaging.
  8. Ronmarley1

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    I was just gonna post that the video reminded me of one of the April Fools jokes we see from breweries.
  9. drtth

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    Yes there's a plastic waste disposal problem.

  10. JackHorzempa

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    But is there sufficient space between cans to store the lime wedges?:confused:

  11. islay

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    Who wants to drink unskunked Corona?

    In seriousness, I like it. I wouldn't bet on it catching on in the industry, but I'm not ruling it out. The plastic connectors are indeed wasteful, and I like that this technology gives customers the ability to buy exactly as many cans as they want. If this does catch on in craft beer, singles buyers like myself may get a lot more fresh options at a lot more places. Interesting tactic by AB InBev to make the design open-source.
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  12. AZBeerDude72

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    Lol this video looks so fake.
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  13. hoppytobehere

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    Unfortunately, just a drop in the (ever warming, sea level rising) ocean
  14. PapaGoose03

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    How do I carry a 12-pack home? The customer is inconvenienced to handle individual cans and may have to use extra plastic bags at the grocery store to transport these cans home. All that's done is remove the plastic issue from AB-InBev to the plastic bag mfgr and the store.
  15. Foyle

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    Better bring a friend if you plan to buy a case. A 12 pack in each hand would be pretty unwieldy. :grin:
  16. ESHBG

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    It depends on how deep into the rabbit hole you want to go, as if this design uses more aluminum = a higher tax on the environment. But IMO less plastic is never a bad thing.

    I think the biodegradable and animal edible packages have a brighter future and seems like a great compromise:

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  17. AZBeerDude72

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    So if I want a 12 pack I screw 12 cans together and carry out like a staff? Lol probably not hard pass.
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  18. nc41

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    There’s other options obviously besides plastic, but the goal here sounds strictly like no extra packaging.
  19. AZBeerDude72

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    So how do you get 3 cases home for your backyard BBQ? LOL this is the dumbest idea to date. It will never be used. Not sure how you drink out of the can either with that massive lip, also dirty. The dirty bottom can screw into the top for a tasty beer. The entire idea is flawed.
  20. nc41

    nc41 Poo-Bah (1,865) Sep 25, 2008 North Carolina

    A screw together case might be a bit unwieldy, looks like in smaller volume it’s feasible. I think it’s a cool idea, but honestly alternative recyclable materials is probably more feasible and generally useful. Cardboard is already recyclable so not sure for case volume how you can beat the simplicity.
  21. AZBeerDude72

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    That is why I think its a gimmick you can put 24 cans in a cardboard case and done. Simple, small footprint, etc. This would never take off and no one would use it, its just dumb to be honest.
  22. NotAlcoholicJustAHobby

    NotAlcoholicJustAHobby Meyvn (1,024) Jun 13, 2015 Vermont

    I don't expect it's meant to replace the cardboard 12 and 24 packs. It appears to be meant to replace the plastic 6 pack and 4 pack holders.
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  23. Todd

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    We didn't even have to create a meme. They did it for us.
  24. officerbill

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    A 12oz can is 5" tall (12.7cm for you foreigners :wink:) so a “10 pack” of Corona would be 50” (4'2", 1.27m).
    Yeah, I can see me carrying that around.
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  25. NotAlcoholicJustAHobby

    NotAlcoholicJustAHobby Meyvn (1,024) Jun 13, 2015 Vermont

    I personally look forward to YouTube videos of drunken idiots jousting with stacks of empties....
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  26. jesskidden

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    Don't ya hate it when you go and pick out 4 or 6 cans from the singles shelf and then they don't screw together because the imports are metric thread and the US cans are standard :grimacing:!

    Carlsberg in the UK is gluing their sixpacks together (but still use some plastic for a handle).

    Pre-plastic ring, cans in sixpacks came in a (100% recyclable) cardboard wrap
    and some brewers are still using boxes, etc. I suppose some of them don't hold up well from the condensation in some refrigerated sections.

    I do think it's odd that so many craft brewers are using those hard plastic
    PAKTECH holders. Seems like they're a lot more plastic that the old rings but I guess different type of plastic and/or not dangerous to wildlife? Supposedly they're "recyclable" but my town won't take them. When they first came out I swear I read a local brewer say they'd buy 'em back for a nickel a piece but now they say they'll "recycle them for you". Great, I've got 3 or 4 beer cases full of them (@5¢ ea., I was hoping to make a killing on "free" beer!) in the cellar but I'm not driving 30 miles to recycle them (think of the fossil fuel I'd burn!).

    Those Corona cans won't see the US market, of course, since AB doesn't brew Corona for the US, the Constellation-owned Mexican breweries do. I see numerous stories about these cans in the US press, but they don't seem to mention that.
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  27. dcotom

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    Now if only they could come up with some way to shotgun up to 10 cans at a time... :rolling_eyes:
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  28. AZBeerDude72

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    LOL that is a great pic.
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  29. nc41

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    A ready made cannon too.
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  30. Todd

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    The design is open-source, so it'll be interesting to see if others attempt to use it.
  31. officerbill

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    Focusing on what's truly important :beers:
  32. Oktoberfiesta

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    As previously mentioned, I don’t see this working in any format larger than 4 individual cans.

    Cans and cardboard, I’m seeing a lot of.
    Paktech and cans as well. I have hundreds of those plastic rings. No one wants them.

    It’s your soda companies that still use the old style plastic rings for their bottles. Biggest culprit isn’t beer anymore. It’s the soda companies.
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  33. Claude-Irishman

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    Sounds like a weak link in the canning process- Corona is lame anyway, unless you are really hot and thirsty,( which holds true for every other cold non- toxic watery beverage)
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  34. nw2571

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    Beer stores will need to have those lumber carrying carts like they have at Lowe's. I'll take 8 ft of Bud heavy, please.
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  35. AZBeerDude72

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    lol will require a team lift sticker.
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  36. bbtkd

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    My father-in-law used to burn plastic in his wood furnace when he wanted to heat the house up quickly. He'd throw in some wood, then throw some 2-liter jugs in with it. Obviously you wouldn't want to breathe the fumes, but he lived out in the country and the cows never complained.
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  37. nc41

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    Living in the middle of the country is different, if your on a coast I’d assume that a good deal ends up on barge going out to sea. It’s sad it’s the best we we can do though is to dump big city waste into the sea. My wife’s from WVa, they burned most everything too.
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  38. Zorro

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    Plastic in the oceans is coming from Africa and Asia, not North America or Europe.
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  39. stevepat

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    It's definitely coming from all of those places
  40. bbtkd

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    You just know this will lead to beer javelin throwing and beer pole vaulting. :wink:
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