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    Founded in 1996 by the Alström Brothers, BeerAdvocate (commonly referred to as "BA") is one of the oldest and largest online communities of beer geeks and industry professionals dedicated to supporting and promoting beer. And, using Respect Beer as our motto, our original goals remain true today:
    • Wake the masses to better beer options.
    • Give beer consumers a voice and empower them to learn, share, and advocate.
    • Rally our community to support the beer industry.
    • Put the Respect back into Beer.
    Today, BeerAdvocate is widely considered the go-to beer resource for millions of consumers each month, the benchmark for beer reviews, and host of world-class beer fests.

    BA's heart (the website) is all about discovering and discussing beer. Users can search for beers and places near them, rate and review them, start or join a discussions in our forums, trade beers, make some new friends, participate in online tastings, and learn more about our in-person events.

    BeerAdvocate Fests
    Speaking of events, we've organized and hosted hundreds of gatherings, tastings, dinners, fundraisers, and festivals that provide the beer community opportunities to taste, learn, socialize, and directly support the beer industry.

    Read: About BeerAdvocate Fests

    BeerAdvocate magazine
    From 2006-2019, we had the honor of working with countless contributors to publish independent, award-winning, journalism in BeerAdvocate magazine. RIP. I really miss print.

    Visit: Our Article Archive

    Next Glass
    In February 2020, BA was acquired by Next Glass. BA maintains its distinct brand identity and continues as its own community, website, events, and beyond.

    What's Next?
    Stick around! I'm looking forward to continuing to grow this awesome community and resource with all of you for many years to come.

    Thanks for reading, and Respect Beer.
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