Adam and Fred batch numbers?

Discussion in 'Northwest' started by herman77, Apr 24, 2012.

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  1. herman77

    herman77 Meyvn (1,050) Jan 24, 2010 Minnesota

    I'm going to receive two of each of these in a trade. Adam is batch 84 and Fred is batch 83. I know they are probably the most recent batches, but does anyone know when they were bottled? How are they fresh compared to aged?
  2. Azurescens

    Azurescens Initiate (0) Aug 3, 2010 Washington

    I would check the Hair of the Dog vintage guide, Alan takes great pride in keeping it up to date.
  3. guajolote

    guajolote Aspirant (246) Sep 12, 2008 Oregon

    Those are pretty recent, probably within the last six months or so. I saw batch 85 Fred on shelves in PDX this weekend, which I believe is the most recent.

    As you can see from this thread,, there's not a lot of real solid info out there on exact batch dates.

  4. Kopfschuss

    Kopfschuss Initiate (0) Aug 19, 2009 Oregon

    I will post this in the other thread as well. I just got off the phone with a person from the brewery. They explained to me that the website is under construction and should be up soon with the information you and I are looking for rather soon. I just picked up 4 bottles of Adam 84 and a single bottle of Fred 80. Anybody have any ideas on these off the top of the head?
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