After a year hiatus, San Diego Brew Fest returns to Liberty Station for 2022 event

Discussion in 'US - West' started by Todd, Jan 6, 2022.

  1. Todd

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    No mention of COVID-19 on the event website.

    Anyone going to this?
  2. bret27

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    Did this happen?
    Didn’t hear anything about it.
  3. SDReaper

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    It did, and the fine folks at Bottlecraft Liberty Station were not fans of the aftermath. =P
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  4. bret27

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    Is there a story here? Or did they just leave a mess?
  5. JBogan

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    So the fest was only for 3 hours and they charge $50. $65 if you want an extra 1 hour. I guess that's why I haven't been to any festivals in quite a while. Sure, you can advertise a large number of breweries who will be in attendance, but realistically how many of them will you be able to sample in that short of a time period?

    Will you be able to sit down for a couple of minutes and actually enjoy your sample of beer, or will you have to spend the entire time standing in line? I've been to a few beer festivals in Europe and there's quite a difference between the way things are run. The entrance fee is smaller, the hours of operation longer, the sample glasses can be turned in at the end of the festival for your money back if desired.

    I don't know, maybe I'm just getting old and cranky. Wondering though how this one turned out and hearing about the aftermath SDReaper mentioned.
  6. SDReaper

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    I imagine there are multiple stories and none of them were likely that good. I only know that the entire aftermath was a shitshow that my buddy said was "one of the worst days in recent memory".

    I can only imagine how individuals would act after consuming for 3 hours, wanting to drink more, and remembering that there are rules for entering the market place (like masking up), and that the bartenders at BC do have a strict no over-serving policy.

    Edit: I didn't ask him for any specific stories since I have a feeling that he doesn't want to re-live them.
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  7. SDReaper

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    ok, so I don't like spreading stories as it is usually only told by one side...but since they opted to post on IG, I figure now I can post it since both sides are known.

    Here is some word salad of a party that was refused to be served due to being intoxicated and were basically bounced from BottleCraft.

  8. Drunken_Master

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    Probably both, no different than all the other regularly held cheezefests.
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