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    Next week I am driving from Tuscaloosa, AL, to Columbia, SC, for a work trip as it’s more convenient to drive than fly (longggg story I won’t bore you with). Are there any GOOD (my profile might say Tennessee but I am from San Diego) microbreweries to stop at along the way to pick up some beer (bottles or cans) to go? Looking specifically for high quality IPAs :-)

    I am then driving from Columbia to Nashville. Same question applies.

    In mid-December, I did a road trip from Nashville to South Carolina and back and was able to stop at Wicked Weed on the return. Very nice little brewery.

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    Tuscaloosa, AL:
    Druid City Brewing (Lamplighter IPA)

    Birmingham, AL:
    Good People Brewing (Snakehandler DIPA)
    Trimtab Brewing (New England IPA)
    Hop City (bottle shop and growler bar with lots of locals and regional offerings)

    Atlanta, GA:
    Scofflaw Brewing (Basement IPA, Hooligan IPA, and Double Jeopardy DIPA)
    Monday Night Brewing (Han Brolo PA, Slap Fight IPA, Dust Bunny IPA, Space Lettuce DIPA)
    Hop City (2 locations in town, both with Wicked Weed and Creature Comforts distribution)

    Columbia, SC:
    Not sure, check the South-Atlantic forum

    Asheville, NC:
    Burial Beer Co (Surf Wax IPA, Gang of Blades DIPA, and lots of other small batches)
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    Thank you for your reply
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    Nashville: Bearded Iris, Southern Grist
    Columbia: Columbia craft brewing and conquest (stay away from river rat)
    Atlanta: New Realm, torched hop, wrecking bar (brew pub), threes tavern
    Ashville: Bearded Iris, Barleys tap room (beer bar and pizza), Thirsty Monk (beer bar)
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    In Columbia, I'd stop at Columbia Craft - they're probably the best in downtown for hop-centric stuff. Cottontown Brew Lab does 2 really good IPAs (Tropicarolina and Blue Zip Tie) but their taproom isn't open yet, so your best bet is growler fills at local shops. Their distributor has a beer finder that's generally up to date.

    Also, Old Mill Brewpub in close-by Lexington brews some great hazy IPAs and while SC's current laws don't allow them to distribute, they're both worth a trip and are opening a true brewery in the same restored mill building.
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    Consider taking a small detour off the highway and visit Creature Comforts in Athens, GA. Tropicalia is their stock IPA, and it's very good. They always have great other offerings, too.