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Discussion in 'Northwest' started by juzy, Dec 7, 2012.

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  1. juzy

    juzy Initiate (194) Mar 9, 2005 Alaska

    Hey everyone, just in case you are planning a trip to the last frontier for Great Alaska Beer and Barleywine Festival in January, I wanted to let you know that I just submitted a ton of Alaska Beer Week events. There will be more to come. But as BA no longer has regional beer guides, my submissions need to be approved by someone other than myself now, so I don't know when they will actually appear on the calendar. In the meantime, you can see all the events at
    More are being added, so stay tuned to BA's calendar or bookmark the AKBeerWeek link.

    ciao for now,
    Julie in AK
  2. JohnnyP3

    JohnnyP3 Devotee (467) Dec 13, 2009 Alaska

    Looking forward to it. Already have my eyes on a couple different events. Missed most of last year's so hoping to make up for it some this year. MSBC/Sullivan's and Arkose/Rusty's look good.
  3. juzy

    juzy Initiate (194) Mar 9, 2005 Alaska

    The events I submitted still haven't been added to the BA calendar, but keep checking for additional events. They are being added regularly. There are several regular events that haven't been added yet, but I know they are annual things, so keep checking.

    Julie in AK
  4. juzy

    juzy Initiate (194) Mar 9, 2005 Alaska

    I've just added a whole bunch more events to the BA calendar for Alaska Beer Week, but you know they take a while to show up on the calendar, so in the meantime you can go here: And check out the events page for everything going on during Alaska Beer Week to better help you plan your trip to Great Alaska Beer and Barleywine Festival! The first events start next week! Thursday, Jan 10!
  5. slaintemhor

    slaintemhor Initiate (0) Feb 11, 2009 Oregon

    Can hardly wait for the GABBF! I'll be coming up again and staying with my bro-in-law "AKFaust". I will once again be festooned with kilt and moose hat :0D
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  6. blackcloud

    blackcloud Disciple (335) Apr 28, 2012 Alaska
    Beer Trader

    I was planning on coming down, but my work trip got cancelled, so I guess I'll just have to stay up here and drink more hoodoo beers....
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  7. juzy

    juzy Initiate (194) Mar 9, 2005 Alaska

    HooDoo is holding some AkBeerWeek events at their brewery. You can find them here on the BA calendar and also at
  8. juzy

    juzy Initiate (194) Mar 9, 2005 Alaska

    OMGosh! So many more events just added to AKBeerWeek! You can check out what's been added so far to the BA calendar, but for the latest additions check out
    There are events in Juneau and Fairbanks for those that cannot make it to the ANC area for the festivities. I am so excited to see the addition of so many new venues and events this year! There is a variety of dinners, tastings, some are $$$$ and others are very reasonable! Something for everyone!
  9. juzy

    juzy Initiate (194) Mar 9, 2005 Alaska

    Although the Snowgoose held a beer dinner last night that unofficially kicked off Alaska Beer Week, today marks the actual kick-off. And today's event is at MSBC. Check it out:
    I don't know about anyone else, but I'm very excited to try their new Belgian-style barleywine, 3000 which will be tapped (firkin) at 5p tonight! Also 2013 Arctic Devil is being tapped today in the loft at 11a. This place will fill up quickly so get their early if you can!
  10. juzy

    juzy Initiate (194) Mar 9, 2005 Alaska

    There is an event today in ANC, but as it's not beer, it's mead, it isn't posted on the BA calendar. However, if you are in the FBX area you can check out this beer event at HooDoo Brewing:
    And if you want info on the mead event just shoot me a message and I'll get it to you.
  11. juzy

    juzy Initiate (194) Mar 9, 2005 Alaska

  12. juzy

    juzy Initiate (194) Mar 9, 2005 Alaska

  13. juzy

    juzy Initiate (194) Mar 9, 2005 Alaska

    Tons of fun and yummy things to do still! Besides the 5 ongoing events (check them out at ) there are some really awesome one-time only events today!
    1. Island Style Chill Session w/Baranof Island Brewing sponsored by Hula Hands and La Bodega
    2. Belgian Sour Bretty Bier Dinner at Subzero
    Check out that menu! This is a huge value at $75 a head!
    3. Meet the Brewer at Crush (Ben Love,Gigantic Brewing Co)
    4. Midnight Sun Brewing Beer Dinner at Spenard Roadhouse
    5. Old vs. New Throwdown Beer Dinner (Kenai River Brewing & Samuel Smith Brewing) at Kinley's
    6. For our FBX friends, Tapping of American IPA at HooDoo Brewing
    There are some fine events today! Hopefully you have reservations for some of these more formal gigs. The Hula Hands/Baranof Island thing is walk-in as is the MSBC/Spenard Roadhouse event and the FBX HooDoo IPA tapping.

    You can find all of this same info on the BeerAdvocate calendar as well. Just pluck in "Alaska" and click "sort listings"
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