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  1. Amendm

    Amendm Initiate (156) Jun 7, 2018 Rhode Island

    I have been surfing this site for years and finally took the plunge last month.
    This an extremely content rich site and I have learned a great deal, and appreciate the efforts.
    I wish I had kept notes on all the beers I have drunk over the last few years, I would have dozens to review.
    My "wheel house" is brown ales. I feel this is the middle ground for ales so I don't have to go to far up the heaviness ladder to porters and stouts and to far to the lighter side for pales, IPAs and blondes etc..
    I generally prefer beers that are simple and true to style. I am not a fan of beers aged in liquor barrels however I think that I could rate them fairly.
    I drink larger on occasion, that was all I drank years ago. Bass, Guinness and Ballantine XXX were treats.
    I look for balance between malt and hops-sweet taste and bitter, I think a lot of beers need more malt and a little less hops although the occasional hop bomb is A-okay.
    I did not take the craft beer movement seriously until about 6 years ago.
    I live less than 1 hour away from Tree House and plan to go up there in the near future.
    There are several breweries in Rhody and Southern Mass that I must visit.
    Salud, Skoal, Cheers, Drink-up.
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    Welcome to the BA site, Amendm. Nice intro. Rhode Island is one of the states on my bucket list to visit and drink a beer while there. Some day...........
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  3. Squire

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    Hello Amendm, welcome to BA. I share your affection for Brown Ales and wish they were more widely available.
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    Welcome to another New England name-dropper! :grinning::stuck_out_tongue::wink: Rhode Island is one of three states I haven't been able to tick off my beer list yet. (CT and ND are the others.) Any recommendations on RI and/or CT brews that get distro outside the area?

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  5. Amendm

    Amendm Initiate (156) Jun 7, 2018 Rhode Island

    For Rhode Island;
    Foolproof Brewing Company's Raincloud Robust Porter and The Grotto IPA are very good.
    Revival Brewing Company makes a very good Pale Ale called Fanny, named after an elephant from the local zoo. They also make a really solid brown ale called Revival Mercy Brown named after a local vampire legend.

    Granola Brown by Black Hog Brewing Co. is the only Connecticut beer that I am sure I have tried and enjoyed.

    Thanks for the welcome.
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    Welcome and Cheers from CT!
  7. Scott17Taylor

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    Welcome to BA! I definitely enjoy a good brown ale.
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