Allagash & BeerAdvocate BAT & BAM collaboration

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    Team +BeerAdvocate had the pleasure of brewing with Allagash Brewing Company in Portland, Maine this past May 17 for our Belgian Beer Fest. We brewed a base beer, which ultimately became two beers, both of which will be poured for the first time at The Publick House on Sep 6 during the BBF pre-ThrowDown. They'll be pouring at BBF on Sep 8 too.

    So what did we brew? Read on ...

    The Origin of BAT + BAM

    If there's one thing that's distinctly Belgian, it's that way they have of imbuing each batch of beer with a sense of history. For this year's Allagash / BeerAdvocate collaboration brew, we tried to do the same. First, we got our base going: a 9-percent, 35-IBU (International Bittering Units) beer made with Pilsner malt, honey malt and rye, Northern Brewer bittering hops, and Mt. Hood and Czech Saaz as late additions. One-third of that base beer was destined for a Herradura tequila barrel, where it sat for three months. The rest was aged for three months in barrels with a more complicated history—they were Jim Beam bourbon barrels before Allagash used them for Curieux (their barrel-aged Tripel); then the barrels were used by two different mead makers, Artesano in Vermont and Maine Mead Works in Portland. The resulting two beers offer nuanced flavors that are unique to this batch, thanks to the rich history of the wood it was aged in—and what's more Belgian that that?

    The base beer, an Amber of sorts, aged for three months in a tequila barrel. Smoky, with some nutty and dried fruit character.

    The same base beer used in BAT, aged for three months in two mead barrels, which lend a chardonnay-like nose, some tropical fruit character, honey and some toasted oak flavor. Beers from the two barrels were blended into one final batch.

    We hope you enjoy them—and please let us know what you think!


  2. UCLABrewN84

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    Can you please send some of this to CA?
  3. jaminjohnson

    jaminjohnson Disciple (315) Jul 3, 2012 Canada

    And St. Louis, please and thank you!
  4. Jennille

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    Had these two at the Meadhall in Cambridge in January of this year and they were great. I found myself more into the BAT as it had a little more sourness to it.
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