Allergic to Hops!

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by Cwhite916, Aug 16, 2012.

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  1. Cwhite916

    Cwhite916 Initiate (136) Apr 10, 2010 New Jersey

    My friend the other day went to the doc and found out he is allergic to hops. It's not a drink it and die thing but just get a bad stomach from it. He ask me what beer has no hops in it, and me being a IPA lover really didn't know much about. I told him maybe some Lambic or even Guiness. BA do you know of any beer that has no hops in it. (cyser)?
  2. Nutwood

    Nutwood Aspirant (232) Jun 30, 2012 Kentucky

    If it doesn't have hops, it's not beer.
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  3. kawilliams81

    kawilliams81 Meyvn (1,248) Feb 27, 2009 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    There are beers that use different ingredients for bitterness, like spruce tips. Sahti's are not traditionally hopped. How allergic is he? If he drinks a lager/kolsch that's not hopped as much does it give him a problem still? If not he may just have to go to lowly hopped beers. :slight_frown:
  4. 5thOhio

    5thOhio Zealot (512) May 13, 2007 South Carolina

    "I told him maybe some Lambic or even Guiness."

    I hope he didn't try your suggestions. Both of those beers contain hops. The following list may have some beers without hops. Your friend will just have to check each one by contacting the brewery unless it states "brewed without hops."

    Sucks to be him. It's not going to taste like beer without hops. Me, I'd find something to counteract the problem. What about allergy medicine?
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  5. Jakers90

    Jakers90 Initiate (0) Mar 13, 2011 Michigan
    Beer Trader

  6. ant880

    ant880 Initiate (0) Nov 7, 2010 New York

    My suggestion, if its only stomach issues and not a life or death thing...pop the beer, hit the old throne room and enjoy it right on the bowl. He wont have to go to far once it hits his stomach and, if hes anything like me, hes spends a minimum of 20 mins per trip to the bathroom anyway :wink:
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  7. Nutwood

    Nutwood Aspirant (232) Jun 30, 2012 Kentucky

    I'd get a second opinion on that, really.
  8. YaKnowBrady

    YaKnowBrady Initiate (0) Jul 23, 2010 New Jersey

    Worst. Allergy. Ever.
  9. Hanzo

    Hanzo Initiate (0) Feb 27, 2012 Virginia

    I believe this is the doctors way of trying to get him to stop drinking.
  10. Cwhite916

    Cwhite916 Initiate (136) Apr 10, 2010 New Jersey

    "Lambic or Guiness" I looked it up online and some people had success with Guiness cause of the "thickness" they said and Lambic because it's fruit forward. I told him drink all sorts of shit and see what works
  11. jbertsch

    jbertsch Meyvn (1,112) Dec 14, 2008 Massachusetts

    Seek out Gruits
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  12. Dennoman

    Dennoman Initiate (0) Aug 20, 2011 Belgium

    I have an allergy to at least one component of beer. Tends to give me terrible acne if I really overdo it for some reason, and I'm 24. I guess it all depends on your willingness to live with it as opposed to how bad your allergy gets. I hate stomach aches myself and find even minor ones extremely uncomfortable, so I can imagine this being a nuisance. At least he knows what it is, so maybe he could purposely look for low-IBU beers? Shouldn't barleywines, dopplebocks and most stouts do the trick?
  13. PangaeaBeerFood

    PangaeaBeerFood Initiate (0) Nov 30, 2008 New York

    There are some hopless beers on the market, but they're specialty items and are often overpriced and hard to get your hands on.

    If I were him, I'd learn to homebrew. There are tons of other ways to impart bitterness into a beer without using hops.

    That, or just start drinking whiskey.
  14. PangaeaBeerFood

    PangaeaBeerFood Initiate (0) Nov 30, 2008 New York

    A friend of mine used to be a big beer drinker until he was diagnosed Celiac and found out he can't have gluten. 99% of the time, he avoids beer and drinks more wine and mixed drinks, but once in a while I'll crack open something special and he'll just say, "fuck it," drink to his hearts' content and take the consequences.
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  15. Dennoman

    Dennoman Initiate (0) Aug 20, 2011 Belgium

    Yeah, a beer lover should know better than anyone that it's hard to enjoy life if you keep tip-toe'ing around everything you like. Anyone should be allowed a few vices in life.

    How bad does his allergy get?
  16. Homebrew42

    Homebrew42 Initiate (0) Dec 20, 2006 New York

    That's a bunch of BS, there's nothing "thick" about Guinness and even if there were what does this have to do with an "allergy" to hops? And lambics are actually brewed with large amounts of hops, they're generally aged hops but they're used in significant quantities, regardless of any fruit that might also be used.
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  17. 5thOhio

    5thOhio Zealot (512) May 13, 2007 South Carolina

    A myth. Guinness isn't that thick, except to people who drink American Adjunct Lagers and/or have never tried any other stouts.

    Besides, I don't really understand how the viscosity of a beer or the addition of fruit ingredients would prevent an allergic reaction to the hops.
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  18. leedorham

    leedorham Crusader (701) Apr 27, 2006 Washington

    I am always skeptical of these diagnoses. Do you know how the doctor arrived at this conclusion? Did your friend say "well I got really sick to my stomach and all I had was 2 pitchers of IPA" and the doctor was like "oh, yeah that sounds like a hop allergy to me." ??
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  19. ChanChan

    ChanChan Devotee (475) Dec 12, 2009 California
    Beer Trader

    I get a bad stomach from Taco Bell yet I keep eating that crap! Tell your homie to man up, drink a Ruination 10th Anniversary and hope for the best!
  20. Cwhite916

    Cwhite916 Initiate (136) Apr 10, 2010 New Jersey

    I definitely agree with you guys. That's why I put " around them cause I thought the same thing. But the mind is amazing thing and if people that are not used to imperial stout think Guiness is thick and it works for them, then so be it. I also told him to get Johnny walker Blue
  21. Prospero

    Prospero Savant (961) Jul 27, 2010 Colorado
    Beer Trader

    Lambics actually have the lowest amount of hops, their IBU's for the style are between 0-10, even AAL's start at 8-15

    The lowest based on BJCP style guidelines:
    American Light/Dark Lagers
    Berliner Weisse (very low hops)
    Or go with Mead or Cider I guess...
  22. MarkIntihar

    MarkIntihar Initiate (0) Mar 17, 2010 Michigan

    He should probably age his IPAs.
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  23. mattsander

    mattsander Zealot (569) Feb 3, 2010 Alberta (Canada)
    Beer Trader

    Berlinerweisse are sometimes not hopped at all, and are delicious.
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  24. Beefytits4

    Beefytits4 Initiate (0) Nov 2, 2011 Illinois

    Drink 3 day old Pliny :wink:. "They" say it fades pretty fast.
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  25. otispdriftwood

    otispdriftwood Defender (637) Dec 9, 2011 Colorado
    Beer Trader

    This just means you're a masochist.
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  26. jageraholic

    jageraholic Devotee (411) Sep 16, 2009 Massachusetts
    Beer Trader

  27. deadonhisfeet

    deadonhisfeet Poo-Bah (1,584) Apr 23, 2011 Kentucky

    I disagree with some of the thoughts posted here. IBU may not be a good measure of how much hops are used in a beer. In particular, I have read that lambics can be brewed with MASSIVE QUANTITIES of hops! You don't taste them because they're dried first for 2-3 years to prevent them from imparting hop flavors to the beer (they're only added as a preservative).

    I don't know of beers brewed WITHOUT hops (perhaps some authentic Scottish Ales?). I can only express my sympathy and say that at least you're not allergic to garlic (right?). I think that would be even worse than being allergic to hops. One of my colleagues is allergic to garlic and I told him that I think you qualify for a handicapped parking sticker in New Jersey if you have that affliction.
  28. chcfan

    chcfan Devotee (466) Oct 29, 2008 California

    Yeah, it's not like hops are on the prick test. I wonder how the doc comes to this specific conclusion as opposed to gluten, yeast, or wheat, though I would imagine you'd have known about that one for years. I would even go so far as to consider getting an ounce of hops for $2 from a home brew store and putting a little on their tongue. For me with shellfish, I can immediately feel a tingling, but there are obviously varying degrees.
  29. Steeeve

    Steeeve Initiate (0) Nov 16, 2010 Pennsylvania

    Stay away from Miller Lite. That stuff is triple hops brewed. He'd probably keel over within minutes.
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  30. HomeBrewed

    HomeBrewed Initiate (190) Dec 10, 2006 Minnesota
    Industry Beer Trader

    The Packaging/Shipping manager at Upland told me that they use zero hops in the production of their Lambic brews...Not sure he knows what he's talking about, but he assured me they don't use any.
  31. tjensen3618

    tjensen3618 Initiate (0) Mar 23, 2008 California

    I'd forget beer and hit the Ciders. There's some good ones out there and it's a rapidly growing segment of the market.
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  32. Homebrew42

    Homebrew42 Initiate (0) Dec 20, 2006 New York

    This is not true, the reason the IBUs are low is because the hops used are aged and the alpha acids degrade and therefore the hops don't yield bitterness, but lambics are actually brewed with large volumes of hops.
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  33. ChanChan

    ChanChan Devotee (475) Dec 12, 2009 California
    Beer Trader

    Thank you Dr. Phil! You're a lifesaver!
  34. jmw

    jmw Initiate (0) Feb 4, 2009 North Carolina

    You're joking of course?
  35. azorie

    azorie Initiate (0) Mar 18, 2006 Florida

    wow surprised this thread got this far usually doctor requests concerning beer are banned fast, lol
  36. Nutwood

    Nutwood Aspirant (232) Jun 30, 2012 Kentucky

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  37. JmH

    JmH Initiate (0) Jun 6, 2012 Illinois


    on to whiskey!
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  38. Vonerichs

    Vonerichs Poo-Bah (1,641) Sep 1, 2008 Colorado
    Beer Trader

    Drink bourbon.
  39. jesskidden

    jesskidden Meyvn (1,273) Aug 10, 2005 New Jersey

    Legally, in US, to be labeled "beer" (or any of the other "classes" of malt beverages) it must contain hops.

    The legal US definition of "Malt Beverage" from the TTB:

    An alcohol or alcohol-free beverage made by the alcoholic fermentation of an infusion or decoction, or combination of both, in potable brewing water, of:

    · malted barley comprising not less than 25% by weight of the total weight of fermentable ingredients
    · hops (or their parts or products) in an amount equivalent to 7.5 pounds per 100 barrels
    (3100 gallons) of finished malt beverage

    AND, with or without
    · other malted cereals
    · unmalted or prepared cereals
    · other carbohydrates (or products prepared therefrom)
    · carbon dioxide
    · other wholesome products suitable for human food consumption

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  40. Prospero

    Prospero Savant (961) Jul 27, 2010 Colorado
    Beer Trader

    But we don't actually know what in the hops he's allergic to, presumably the acids which come from the lupulin, it would have the least.
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