Anchor Brewing Company employees launch GoFundMe to explore worker ownership

Discussion in 'Beer News' started by Todd, Sep 7, 2023.

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    As of this post, Anchor Brewing Company employees have raised $59,711 of their $50,000 goal to help cover costs related to exploring worker ownership.

    From the GoFundMe:
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    Nice to see. Sad that Saparo continues to withhold financial information which would assist this campaign.


    Per the OG linked article:

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    I donated. Even though I will not see their beers locally if this works out.
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    I donated the cost of a 6 pack of Steam. Best of luck to them.
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    The beer is nostalgic for me but this has no chance of success
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    not with that attitude
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    Let's get a 3rd Anchor thread started! /s
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  10. Todd

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    They've now raised $78,689.
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    Unfortunately none of this fundraising will matter if the group can't find investors quickly. In their notice of assignment for Anchor, Sapporo listed Anchor's total assets as 67 million and stated that they plan to have the company liquidated and cleared by July 2024.

    I'd love to see this effort succeed, but I'm not sure a crowd funded employee Coop is going to appeal to the assignee tasked with liquidating Anchor more than a hypothetical deep pocketed investor that wants to buy it as is or the potential sale of the assets piecemeal.
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    I assume a big chunk of Anchor value is represented by the real estate. There is probably not much value in the brewing equipment or goodwill assets at this time. Having an investor own the building with a lease-back of some kind might work. A local non-commercial FM station's existence was saved when a citizen with ample assets purchased the rights to the FM signal when the station was put on sale. The investor probably recovered his investment (and more?) when the station was sold again. Of course a real estate investment is a bit more complicated, but might offer some tax advantages. And the viability would depend on sales covering fixed costs, including upkeep, taxes, and rent.
  13. Troy-Hawaii

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    Are these workers willing to take big pay cuts in exchange for profit sharing so if it fails they lose out too? It's great to be an owner of a successful business, but you also have to take on the risk if it doesn't succeed.
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    Ufff. The reality check here is finding that $67 million (or negotiating some way to account for it down the road).
  15. unlikelyspiderperson

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    The good news is the real estate hasn't been put up for sale, which would seem to indicate that the assignee is still pursuing the sale of the whole package as the best way to recoup value for the creditors.
  16. HouseofWortship

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    I don’t see how this would be feasible unless they were to move the brewery to a new location. Rent or mortgage on that place with the current sky high interest rates would kill any new businesses’ margins in that space making it pointless. Wouldn’t be surprised if Anchor’s parent company had a variable loan on the property coming due as part of the decision to offload the business.
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    To springboard off of the @HouseofWortship post above, if financing (i.e., loans) will be needed to purchase the Anchor Brewery then this would be challenging in today's environment of higher interest rates.

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    Well, I guess I'll ask "How high is the sky?":

    Late 70s - early 80s, of course, is coincidentally when the craft brewing era began and when Maytag bought and eventually moved into the former Chase & Sandborn coffee roasting plant (although he probably paid cash* with some of that washing machine inheritance).

    It's also around the time when my SO and I decided there was no way we could afford to buy that little 4 room house we were renting - they wanted something like $35k - or was it $65k:astonished:? - and we both had good jobs, I was making something like $12/hour (plus 5% night shift differential and time and half for those eight mandatory Saturdays)!

    Looks like Maytag paid $870,000 for the building in 1977-78. Sounds like a bargain, but that's $4.25M in 2023 dollars.
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    Anchor Steam Beer and Northern Exposure. I had pangs of regret when two cases of Anchor Steam Beer were brought to the bar at the "Brick" in Cicely, Alaska. The Northern Exposure episode is Series 3 #15, "Democracy in America". Oh for the good old days (just 30 years ago).
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