Anheuser-Busch product placement in the movie Spring Breakers?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by hoppytobehere, Jun 27, 2013.

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  1. hoppytobehere

    hoppytobehere Champion (818) Aug 10, 2012 District of Columbia

    The only beer and neon signs I recall seeing in the movie are Natural Light and Bud Light. I'm no expert on product placement, but I'm assuming A-B had to be in on this, or at least allowed them to use their product in the movie, right?

    For a company with the slogan "Drink Responsibly", this seems like odd behavior. The movie glorifies binge drinking like no other. If you've seen the movie, you know what I'm talking about.

    And let me be clear: I'm far from a macro hater. I enjoy A-B products on occasion.

    So maybe someone in the know can answer: Why would A-B would allow this? Or why would they promote their products this way?
  2. tarawho

    tarawho Initiate (0) Mar 12, 2008 New York

    Cost effective advertising
    Their other slogan is "Here We Go"
  3. otispdriftwood

    otispdriftwood Initiate (0) Dec 9, 2011 Colorado

    Allow it? Something tells me they encourage it. A slogan is just words. Actions speak louder.
    And oh yeah, saying you're not a macro hater will probably get you some hate on this website.
  4. Ericness

    Ericness Initiate (130) Nov 21, 2012 Massachusetts

    Advertisement in a movie that hits what is probably one of their prime demographics. I don't think they really care in this case about whether or not the movie promotes binge drinking and once they make the product they really can't control how people use it. It's entertainment bringing in advertising dollars to them. We don't accuse the folks making that Breaking Bad tie in beer or supporting the production, sale, or use of Meth do we?
  5. vasinger

    vasinger Initiate (0) Sep 28, 2012 Illinois

    The reason you see brand slogans blurred out in media is not because that brand said that their image can't appear. It is blurred because of other sponsors, commercials, product placement, etc. that dont want other brands featured and dilute their message.
  6. Frankinstiener

    Frankinstiener Initiate (0) Jul 28, 2009 Illinois

    Unless they glorified drunken driving Bud wouldn't care. Binge drinking is responsible if you are not driving or have a DD.

    From ABS Website
    "$980 Million
    Since 1982, we and our wholesalers have committed more than $980 million in responsibility programs to prevent underage drinking and drunk driving."

    If you look at the website it also eventually talks about binge drinking but, when they say drink responsibly it seems they are much more focused on underage drinking and drunk driving, and rightfully so.
  7. StoutSnob40

    StoutSnob40 Poo-Bah (2,701) Jan 4, 2013 California
    Society Trader

    Speaking of product placement.. Dexter always drinks Bud Light. So, it stands to reason that if you drink Bud Light, you're a serial killer.
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  8. SaCkErZ9

    SaCkErZ9 Poo-Bah (2,564) Feb 27, 2005 South Carolina
    Society Trader

    I guess I am safe from prosecution then.
  9. StoutSnob40

    StoutSnob40 Poo-Bah (2,701) Jan 4, 2013 California
    Society Trader

    So, you're saying you've never played a game of beer pong? That will not stand-up in court, sir!
  10. jmw

    jmw Initiate (0) Feb 4, 2009 North Carolina

    Only from those with closed minds.
  11. beerme411

    beerme411 Initiate (0) Sep 28, 2010 California

    Reminds of franklin and bash with millercoors products lots of coors light (in the aluminum bottle) and blue moon.
  12. LeRose

    LeRose Poo-Bah (1,525) Nov 24, 2011 Massachusetts

    These thing are not always gratuitous. Heineken shelled out $75 million to appear in the James Bond movie Skyfall. So to my simple mind, if AB paid for the product appearances and had objections on philosophical grounds, they should have stood up for their beliefs. Maybe there is a disclaimer that ABInbev and the film company does not condone such behavior buried in the credits or something. Thinking it might be like the car ads with the pro driver closed course disclaimer. We don't know. Not knowing if there was a sponsorship involved or anything else it is all speculation and chit chat. I imagine they could object if they want to regardless.
  13. nootch23

    nootch23 Initiate (0) Mar 29, 2012 Massachusetts

    You should be more bothered by the fact you actually saw that movie.
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  14. Nrob

    Nrob Initiate (0) Jun 27, 2013 North Carolina

    A-B freaked out when Denzel Washington was shown drinking and driving in Flight. Which is a much better movie to spend your time watching.
  15. Jugs_McGhee

    Jugs_McGhee Poo-Bah (9,754) Aug 15, 2010 Louisiana
    Society Trader

    I can't go into too much detail about this, but I can tell you the following because none of it is explicitly confidential (i.e. wouldn't be available to the public without some digging or careful viewing):

    AB InBev did sign a product placement release for this picture, and provided their standard "Guidelines for On-Screen use of Anheuser-Busch Properties" memo in connection with that product placement agreement. I've copied some of the pertinent exact language from those guidelines below (which can also be found at ):

    A-B does not want its products to be abused, and it has spent millions of dollars annually to help
    prevent alcohol abuse. Because A-B is firmly committed to preventing alcohol abuse, it will not
    grant permission for its products or other properties to be used in a way that, in its judgment,
    would misrepresent its position. Specifically, A-B will not grant permission to use its products or
    properties in scenes where:
    • A character's drinking is not, in A-B's judgment, appropriate, legal or responsible.
    • Alcoholism, illegal underage drinking, public drunkenness, drunk driving, or other abuse
    of alcohol is portrayed.

    A-B does not intend for its beer products to be purchased or consumed illegally by minors, and it
    has spent millions of dollars on programs to help prevent underage drinking.
    Consistent with this commitment, A-B will not grant permission for its products or properties to
    be used in a way that, in its judgment, would misrepresent its position on this issue.

    Specifically, permission will not be granted if:
    • A character under the legal purchase age is depicted purchasing or drinking alcohol
    • The motion picture or television show is one for which the majority of the audience is
    reasonably expected to be below the legal purchase age.
    • The proposed use in any way might misrepresent A-B's commitment to help prevent
    illegal underage drinking or might reasonably imply that A-B condones underage

    There are numerous, significant differences between alcohol beverages such as beer and illicit
    drugs such as cocaine, crack or heroine. A-B will not grant permission for use of its products or
    other properties in any scene or production that, in its judgment, diminishes these important

    A-B acknowledges the artistic integrity of motion picture and television program producers who
    portray violence in their work. However, it will not grant permission for use of its products or
    properties that, in its judgment, portrays them as the cause of or an influence on such violence.

    A-B will not grant permission for use of its products or properties in motion pictures, television
    shows or similar productions that, in its judgment, contain lewd or indecent language or images.

    For those situations not discussed herein, A-B may grant permission for use of its products and
    properties if they are portrayed in a reasonable, quality manner. Requests and scripts should be
    submitted for consideration to the Director, Branded Entertainment.

    The only major provision from the legalese in the agreement itself that really applies is copied below:

    "Producer shall not use the A-B Property or any depiction thereof on any items of
    merchandise or in any manner not expressly permitted by this Release without the express written consent
    of A-8. A-B owns all rights in and to the A-B Property. Producer shall not acquire and shall not claim any
    title in or to the A-B Property by virtue of this Release or any activity undertaken pursuant to this Release,
    and all use of the A-B Property shall inure to the exclusive benefit of A-B."

    The following beer-related items appear in the picture, in order:

    Natural Light Beer
    Metal Budweiser bottle
    Latrobe Brewing Company sign
    Natural Light box on sleeping guy’s head
    Coors beer can
    A doll is used as a means of drinking beer
    Bud Light neon sign
    Natural Light neon sign
    Busch beer logo
    Natural light can
    Bud light can (tall form)
    Ciroq vodka (okay, not beer, but I threw it in anyway)
    Rolling Rock beer
    Bud light bottle
    Malt liquor (vague branding)

    I have a lot more I'd like say about this to answer your questions, but I can't.
  16. jimmah120

    jimmah120 Meyvn (1,423) Feb 21, 2012 Minnesota

    I take it you were involved in the production of the movie?
  17. hoppytobehere

    hoppytobehere Champion (818) Aug 10, 2012 District of Columbia

    Great movie. Really dark.
  18. Bernerdawg

    Bernerdawg Initiate (0) Jul 18, 2011 Georgia

    Harmony Korine may be an acquired taste but his films are generally good, if not brutally dark and often funny.
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