Any Cantillion / 3 Fontienen in Ontario / Niagara Falls area?

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    Looking for onsite consumption bottles and bottle shop purchases of Cantillion / 3F wild beers while visiting Niagara Falls.

    Also interested in what your favorite beer drinking locations that are near Niagara Falls and good places to eat as well.

    Will to drive about an hour or two from Niagara falls for good beer.

    Thanks for any information you have about places to visit.
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  2. Coronaeus

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    On site, I doubt anywhere near the Falls. In Toronto you’ll find a couple places if you have plans to come that far. It is pricey though. Birrera Volo in Toronto would be the best bet. You can check their website for current table bottles.

    On the rare occasions when available at the LCBO (government liquor stores), it sells out online in seconds. There are no private bottle shops in Ontario. You might find some people willing to trade from their cellars. If you are interested in trading, the ISO:FT Canada Facebook trade group is the best place to look. Very little trading in Canada happens through this site anymore.

    I’m sure others can help better regarding places to eat and drink near the Falls.

    If you are willing to drive to Toronto, Bellwoods is one of the top breweries in Canada. They do great IPAs and Sours. If you can only get to one place to drink beer in Southern Ontario, Bellwoods is the place.

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  3. Coronaeus

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    If you are coming up later this month, Cantillon will be at Witchstock, the festival at Bellwoods with a number of other fantastic breweries from around the world. There may be tickets still available. I believe 29th/30th September.
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    I second what Coronaeus said.
    Birrieria Volo is your best bet.
    Sept 29 is Witchstock and Cantillon is pouring there as are a couple other heavy hitters .
    September 29 is also Cantillon Zwanze day which is being held at Volo. They are pouring 6 Cantillon beers and 4 Tilquin. Hard to be that if you are in the area. Again, as Coronaeus said, it is not cheap but the selection is hard to beat. Even on a regular day they have cellar bottles available for anywhere from $70-100 CAD depending.
    Information here - .
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    Thanks for all the info guys! very helpful. I am heading up to canada closer to mid september, so I will miss the festival. Sounds like a great festival to go to!
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    Here is some thing of interest to see and do. But no help with the above.

    Niagara-on-the-Lake I would recommend. They have some good breweries/wineries and lots of places to eat. The drive is beautiful and so is the town. If you keep going the Niagara College teaching brewery has student brews for purchase and they also have student wines. If you willing to drive up to two hours you will hit a number of breweries in that range; Collective Arts, Nickelbrook, Great Lakes and other on the way to Toronto.

    There are some brewpubs in Niagara Falls that are easy to hit.

    Check out the maps on here for greater detail for all of Ontario.
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