Any Updates on Beer/Ale Selection in Mississippi?

Discussion in 'South' started by GoblueMS, Jun 27, 2012.

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  1. slatetupelo

    slatetupelo Initiate (0) Jun 23, 2007 Mississippi

    Mitchell Distributing (Budweiser) also carries a few IPAs. I believe they're responsible for

    Redhook IPA
    Tallgrass IPA
    Diamondbear Presidential IPA (meh)
    Diamondbear Two Term IPA (meh)
    Widmer Pitch Black IPA (good)
    Widmer Rotator IPA

    I'd be sure to get some Celebration Ale from Magnolia beverage as well, it should be coming in soon.

    If you don't mind me asking what is your local business. PM me if you want.
  2. GoblueMS

    GoblueMS Initiate (150) Feb 24, 2009 Mississippi

    Celebration is already out, as I have bought some while in AL a few weeks ago. My local retailer is Harris Grocery in Lauderdale (near Meridian and Dalewood Shores Lake, where I live). Most of what he keeps in the way of beer is for the BMC crowd, and craft brew is new for him (he doesn't stock it, as his clientele consumes swill), but he will get what I order.

    Of the IPA's you referenced, I am only familiar with Redhook, and that is just mediocre to OK. I figured we wouldn't get some of the better offerings soon around here, as many of the best brewers have all of the business they need. Thankfully I travel frequently and eclectically gather my favorites other states. Will be going to TX in December and will get some Hop Rod Rye, Stone Ruination, Hop Wallop, and perhaps Smutty Nose IPA, among others.
  3. Casedogg43

    Casedogg43 Initiate (0) Jan 4, 2012 Indiana
    Beer Trader

    Goose Island 312 and Honkers on tap in Hattiesburg
    NOLA is coming strong too
  4. slatetupelo

    slatetupelo Initiate (0) Jun 23, 2007 Mississippi

    Ruination and Hop Wallop are both great beers, I haven't had the others. I forgot to mention that we can get Back Forty's Freckle Belly IPA, I think Mitchell Distributing is responsible for it. Cash Saver only has bombers of it in the cooler though, no six packs at all.
  5. robmoak

    robmoak Initiate (0) Nov 13, 2012 Mississippi

    Hops and Habanas in Madison now has Goose Island (never thought I'd be able to say that), NOLA, and Crown Valley Brewing. I just received an email from SN saying that Narwhal is finally on the way.
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