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  1. TheHumanTorch

    TheHumanTorch Initiate (47) Jul 19, 2013 Connecticut

    American Stout
    All Grain
    31 Gallon Batch

    OG: 1.090
    FG: 1.026
    ABV: 9.2%
    SRM: 52
    IBU (Modified Tinseth): 58

    Grain Bill
    110 lb Marris Otter
    10 lb Chocolate Malt
    10 lb Flaked Oats
    6 lb Caramel Malt 120L
    4 lb Carafa III Special
    2 lb Black Patent

    Hop Bill
    4.25 oz Warrior @ 60 Min - 29 ibu
    20 oz Centennial @ Whirlpool @ 175 F (60 minutes + 30 minute transfer) - 29 ibu
    13 oz each Centennial, Chinook @ Dry Hop (5 days before intended packaging)

    US-05 @ 66 F

    High Alkalinity H20

    Mash at 156.5-157.0. I only ferment this beer for 2 weeks and it's ready to go after a week of carbonating in the keg. Drink fresh or age.

    I've gained so much knowledge from this forum I thought I'd share a recipe for a beer I make at the brewery. This is a beer for people that enjoy strong American styles. I love the way the American hops blend with the dark malts. Beezlebub from The Alchemist is the only beer that I've tried with a similar hop and malt combination. Part of what makes this beer is that it doesn't overwhelm the palate with bitterness even though the hop character plows through.
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    This looks right up my alley. Will add to the brew schedule for the next couple weeks as soon as I have time to scale it down lol. Thanks for sharing.
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