News Archaeology Brings Insight to Ancient Hittite Brewing

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    My friend tipped me off a few days ago to this interesting article that I felt was worth sharing.

    Some interesting excerpts:
    Archaeological investigation into Hittite brewing sites seem to suggest that the Hittites had a strong culture revolving around the production and consumption of beer. Furthermore, the research indicated that the Hittites had elaborate and varied brewing practices; they even went so far as to alter their brewing methods with the seasons. The researchers also investigated how they may have found, stored and preserved yeast between brewing, as well as what kind of hop substitutes they may have used to add bitterness.

    I would definitely like to try out a few gruit beers based on these 4,000 year old recipes!
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    If Dogfish Head is available in your area, check out their Ancient Ales series. E.g.:

    They do fudge things just a little bit in that to sell somethingn like the Midas Touch as beer in the US there is a minimum level of hops required. However the level is so low you'll not notice them in the flavor profile.
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    Good read, thanks. I'm still waiting for them to find those clay tablets inscribed by Beer Geeks of the day.
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    My God, my BS detecter is off the charts. The pun in the article's title should have been a dead giveaway.

    "Sophisticated and delicious," like Duvel, and fit for a "groovy little downtown bar in Berlin." There's a reason why the brewing experiment wasn't part of the published research paper. Nobody "discovered" that ancient Hittite beer would not have been out of place in a modern gastro-pub. I'm not a scientist, I'm an idiot, but the seemingly unwarranted conclusions here are mind-boggling.

    Sincere thanks for the article link (despite my annoyance with it :slight_smile:). Those Hittite drinks weren't gruits (although I can see that you aren't actually stating that they were). Gruits were from a different place and time.

    @drtth is gonna tear me apart. :slight_smile:
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    Naw, so long as we recognize what happens to the picture painted by the dry, boring original research paper when the popularizers, whether science writers or not, get ahold of that professional paper and try to explain the picture and materials for the benefits of lay people.

    The only part of the popularization I'd trust is that the researcher did indeed brew a small batch and that one of the reearchers who tasted it thought it tasted a bit like Duvel. Sooo much room for the imagination to fill in gaps.... :sunglasses:
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    Did someone say “clay tablets”?

    How about a Sumerian poem that contains a beer recipe?

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    Yup. Mine, too.

    Welcome to the modern "scientific method" engaged in by everyone from the food babe to the CSPI.
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    Not engaged in by everyone, just some.

    It is possible to keep separate the work, words and conclusions of the researcher from the work, words and conclusions of the popularizers or interpreters.
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    Yes, sloppy wording on my part. It would have more accurately conveyed my thought if I had said "... engaged in by the food babe, the CSPI, and everyone else of that ilk."
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    Ugg . . . that chick needs to DIAF.