Are White Claw, Truly and other hard seltzers just malt liquor drinks?

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  1. reowin

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    someone i know thinks white claw and truly isnt just flavored seltzer water with malt liquor added

    its the same thing as mikes hard which is just lemonade drink with malt liquor added and they think turly and white claw is somehow different than this when its exactly the same - malt liquor drinks

    can someone please explain that this is true so i can show this person and put a end to this debate
  2. nc41

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    It’s a malt beverage with flavors added, there’s no malt liquor added which is basically a beer.
  3. Tripel_Threat

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    Ain't no laws when drinkin' Claws.
  4. nc41

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    Actually the grapefruit is a refreshing pool / beach brew. You can do worse.
  5. tolar111

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    The majority of hard seltzer is produced from either a brewed-malt (“clear malt”) or brewed-sugar (where 100% of the fermentables are derived from non-malt sugar) base, with carbonated water and added flavor. Under Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) regulations, both malt- and sugar-based hard seltzers are considered “beer,” but only malt-based hard seltzers are also considered “malt beverages.” This means that federal beer rules (27 CFR Part 25) apply to both malt- and sugar-based hard seltzers, but federal malt beverage labeling and advertising rules (27 CFR Part 7) apply only to malt-based hard seltzers.

    I was in a similar argument not that long ago. Maybe we know the same guy?
  6. jesskidden

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    That's not how Flavored Malt Beverages (which, as Tolar111 noted above, includes some but not all hard seltzers) are made. Here's the TTB's explanation:

    Flavored malt beverages are brewery products that differ from traditional malt beverages such as beer, ale, lager, porter, stout, or malt liquor in several respects. Flavored malt beverages exhibit little or no traditional beer or malt beverage character. Their flavor is derived primarily from added flavors rather than from malt and other materials used in fermentation...

    Although flavored malt beverages are produced at breweries, their method of production differs significantly from the production of other malt beverages and beer. In producing flavored malt beverages, brewers brew a fermented base of beer from malt and other brewing materials. Brewers then treat this base using a variety of processes in order to remove malt beverage character from the base. For example, they remove the color, bitterness, and taste generally associated with beer, ale, porter, stout, and other malt beverages. This leaves a base product to which brewers add various flavors... to achieve the desired taste profile and alcohol level.

    Also, legally, "malt beverage ≠ malt liquor".
    "Malt liquor"
    is just one more type of beer/malt beverage.
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  7. HorseheadsHophead

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    White Claw derives its alcohol from a fermented sugar base. I know because I have some in my fridge right now. Haha. Maybe I'm a sellout or poser now, but I actually like the stuff.
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  8. thedaveofbeer

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    polar raspberry lime seltzer, a splash of cranberry juice and a shot of cheap vodka. That's the ticket. Can sub either of the two first ingredients by preference- let's stop the madness.
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  9. GetMeAnIPA

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    Yeah, but try showing up to the next party with all that shit. I don’t drink white claws or truly. I do drink la croix and vodka at the house on occasion but if you’re not a beer drinker white claw sure makes it easy to have a cocktail like drink without bringing three different liquids.
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  10. AlcahueteJ

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    Yeah, I'm with @GetMeAnIPA.

    I just bought some Nightshift Hoot Seltzer as a gift for a friend. I noticed the can said, "0 G Sugar, Gluten Free, 90 calories" on the side (in bold lettering too, smart marketing).

    That's 90 calories for the 16 oz. can, because it's only 4% ABV. Oh, and I've tried their seltzer, it's good. I don't care for Truly or White Claw.

    In terms of calories, ABV, and convenience, you're sure as shit not beating that.
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