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Discussion in 'US - South' started by kexp, Dec 13, 2014.

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  1. kexp

    kexp Initiate (158) May 10, 2007 North Carolina

    Heading there in February. Any advice on places to go for decent beer? Thanks.
  2. CRon_T

    CRon_T Initiate (0) Mar 14, 2014 Florida

    I'm an AB local, there's a few good places in the area, not so much in Atlantic Beach though.

    Green Room (ok beer, real close to AB and cool vibe)
    Engine 15 (also close to AB, better beer and more guest taps)
    Aardwolf (Riverside area, but best beer in Jax in my opinion)

    World of Beer is building a beach location that may be done by then
    Riverside area of Jax has several great bars and restaurants

    Also depending on what weekend you are coming there may be other events
  3. ryhouse

    ryhouse Initiate (180) Oct 28, 2010 Florida

    If you want some places you can walk to. Poe's in AB has some decent taps. Usually have a good local variety Green Room, Engine 15, Intuition Ale Works, Pinglehead (All local) + Jai Alai and some others. Ragtime Tavern is a Gordon Biersch brewery that's in AB a block from Poe's. Other places in the neighboring beaches that have a good tap selection are Mellow Mushroom and Zeta Brewing.

    I agree with CRon_T about the breweries. Aardwolf in San Marco probably makes the most interesting brews. There is also Intuition Ale Works in Riverside which would be a good drive if you have a car.

    If you do get to the Riverside area all of these places are on the same street (King Street).
    Kickbacks Gastropub/Goozlepipe & Guttyworks ridiculous amount of taps eventually supposed to be 200+
    Pele's 50 taps
    Dahlias 50 taps
    Silver Cow 30 taps
  4. NavyGuy

    NavyGuy Initiate (0) Jan 5, 2008 Florida

    Agree with all above, but would also recommend M Shack for a burger and a pint of Jai Alai, paradise...
  5. danetaylor

    danetaylor Initiate (111) Jul 31, 2009 Florida

    Absolutely love Poe's. Went to Zeta last weekend, and while I'm not a fan of their beer, they had really good guest taps. Lots of Uber and Loft drivers there so you don't have to drive everywhere!
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