Averagely Perfect Saison - Poll #31 - Last Flavor/Aroma Hops

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Which (if any) of Nelson Sauvin & Amarillo should join Saaz & Hallertau as Flavor/Aroma Hops?

Poll closed Feb 28, 2015.
  1. Nelson Sauvin

  2. Amarillo

  3. Nelson Sauvin and Amarillo

  4. None of these

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  1. VikeMan

    VikeMan Poo-Bah (1,962) Jul 12, 2009 Pennsylvania

    The previous poll (#30) determined that Hallertau is in as a flavor/aroma hop. Now we'll determine what combination (if any) of the #5 and #6 vote getters also gets in. This poll offers any and all combinations of Nelson Sauvin and/or Amarillo (or none). These were the long shot hops. But they may or may not look like attractive additions in the current context. Because they were the long shots, a choice (other than "none of these") will require a super majority of 60%. A vote for "Nelson Sauvin and Amarillo" will not get combined with votes for either Nelson Sauvin or Amarillo. (It has to be a discrete choice getting 60%.)

    I recommend voting in the context of the recipe so far, including the Saaz and Hallertau already chosen.

    This poll will be open for 36 hours.

    (For those who don't know what I'm talking about, see these threads for the first two beers we did (and the bazillion ensuing polls and the final recipes...
    http://www.beeradvocate.com/community/threads/averagely-perfect-american-stout-poll-1-abv.131209/ )

    Issues with methodology? Take 'em to beermail please.

    The Averagely Perfect Saison so far...

    Batch Size: 5 Gallons
    ABV: 5.7%
    OG: 1.045
    FG: 1.002
    Mash Recommendation: Single Infusion @ 150F, 60 Minutes, no Mashout
    Assumed Mash Efficiency: 70%
    90 Minute Boil
    IBUs: 24

    Grain Bill:
    Belgian Pilsner Malt (68%)
    Flaked Wheat (17%)
    Vienna malt (15%)

    WLP565/Wyeast 3724 at beginning of fermentation
    WLP644, 0.5 Liter Starter Recommended, added to primary when beer/wort reaches gravity of 1.033

    Flavor/Aroma Hops:
    Saaz and Hallertau in
    Nelson Sauvin and/or Amarillo possibly in (this poll)
  2. pweis909

    pweis909 Poo-Bah (1,906) Aug 13, 2005 Wisconsin

    No thank you.
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  3. OddNotion

    OddNotion Zealot (585) Nov 1, 2009 New Jersey

    Voted none. Why bother with the saaz and hallertau additions if they will just get crushed by either of these two intense hops
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  4. sjverla

    sjverla Disciple (397) Dec 1, 2008 Massachusetts

    The paranoid side of me says that if I continue my crusade against Nelson, people will vote for it just to spite me...

    But seriously...why do people like that hop? And why do so many people like it so intensely? Blah blah...taste is subjective...yes yes...grumble...

    We've got a nice, reasonably traditional saison going here. I just think new world, copyrighted hops would be out of place, especially at this point.
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  5. scurvy311

    scurvy311 Aspirant (246) Dec 3, 2005 Louisiana

    Rock solid NOTA vote. I would be all over Amarillo had it not been for saaz.
  6. SFACRKnight

    SFACRKnight Poo-Bah (1,820) Jan 20, 2012 Colorado
    Society Trader

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  7. sjverla

    sjverla Disciple (397) Dec 1, 2008 Massachusetts

    I knew someone was out to get me!
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  8. Naugled

    Naugled Defender (640) Sep 25, 2007 New York

    I know this beer is not a saison http://www.beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/321/27804/
    but it is a delicious and wonderful beer. Which I believe it is a Saaz and Amarillo (and maybe CTZ as well) hop combination. I think the horse has left the barn on this poll, but I think Amarillo would work well with the Saaz.
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  9. PortLargo

    PortLargo Devotee (484) Oct 19, 2012 Florida

    Ye verily . . . so it is written . . .​

    . . . so it shall be . . .​
    (what was that rating on Houblon Chouffe again?)​
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  10. bushycook

    bushycook Initiate (0) Jan 31, 2011 Virginia

    Yep Chouffe IPA is incredible, especially drinking it fresh from the source. When I make Belgian IPA, that's my inspiration, always.
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  11. Brew_Betty

    Brew_Betty Initiate (0) Jan 5, 2015 Wisconsin

    Look at the bright side ---> No Nelson

    Hollertoe Blanc still has a shot though, right? I can't keep up with all the polls.
  12. SFACRKnight

    SFACRKnight Poo-Bah (1,820) Jan 20, 2012 Colorado
    Society Trader

    Manderina Bavaria would have been a nice addition as well.
    I get a distinctive foot odor from that hop... :stuck_out_tongue:
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  13. FATC1TY

    FATC1TY Initiate (0) Feb 12, 2012 Georgia

    I'm planning on using Hallertau Blanc anyways.. I have some coming, and I think it would shine in this.

    Especially the portion I'm going to sour.

    Mandarina Bavaria would be nice, but the 2013 crop is all gone in most places, old if you can find it, and I haven't seen ANY new german hops hit the homebrew places yet.
  14. PortLargo

    PortLargo Devotee (484) Oct 19, 2012 Florida

    My bulk supplier is Yakima Valley Hops and they still don't have any 2014 euro hops. I talked to them today and was informed that the longshoreman on the West Coast have had a major labor dispute and ships haven't been offloaded as normal. The euro hops Yakima ordered are sitting in ships in Seattle, just waiting to make their way to our brewhouses. He informed that the labor problems have largely been solved . . . now they're just working through the backlog of freight.

    If it's not drought, it's early frost, or it's Big Brewer showing muscle, or it's . . . I just want my Styrian Goldings!
  15. FATC1TY

    FATC1TY Initiate (0) Feb 12, 2012 Georgia

    Thanks for the info there.. When some Hallertau Blanc and Mandarina Bavaria, hit.. I'm on for a pound of each, and more if they offer leaf.

    I could drink a simple pils/two row, c-10 base beer.. 1.040 og, single digits fg, with nothing but those two hops in the boil, and the hopback and dry hopped. Its summer in a glass.
  16. wspscott

    wspscott Champion (883) May 25, 2006 Kentucky

    Maybe round two for an Averagely Perfect Saison should be all the same except for the hops. This version "traditional", next time "new world". Depending on how this version turns out, I suspect that I would happily revisit the hop decision.
  17. VikeMan

    VikeMan Poo-Bah (1,962) Jul 12, 2009 Pennsylvania

    Saaz and Hallertau only for flavor/aroma.
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