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Discussion in 'Nordics' started by bruindre, May 28, 2018.

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  1. bruindre

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    Hi all.

    I’m planing a trip to Helsinki (and Tampere) in late July/early August. Any tips/insights on local beer bars, breweries and bottle shops?

    Thanks in advance for the knowledge!
  2. wickedestman

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    Here are my current top picks for Helsinki:

    - Sori Taproom: modern US-style taproom with BBQ food, focus on fresh beers and rotating taps with both Sori and guest beers. Lots of events and special releases. A few fridges with bottles, mainly from the US but also Europe. Usually always something of interest here.
    - Panema: a new place that opened this year. Also focus on fresh beers, rotating taps and some of the most interesting beers from Finland and Europe come here. No food, but very good for having a few beers. Very small bottle selection as the focus is on taps.
    - Brewdog Helsinki: your typical Brewdog bar with lots of their own beers and guest beers. Usually something of interest here and their fridge is small, but can often include very good beers, sometimes lambics and/or vintage beers as well.
    - Stadin Panimo: a brewery with their own bar. Often a number of taps with their own beers and some occasional guest beers. They also import lots of Belgian beers so their fridges are often filled with interesting stuff. Sometimes you might find seasonal Cantillons here (Zwanze is currently arranged here for Finland).
    - One Pint Pub: a classic little pub with often interesting local and European beers on tap and with their own import, which often include pretty random beers from Europe and the Baltics. In case you look for something unusual, you might find it here.

    There are other places which might be historically famous, like Pikkulintu or Kaisla, but their glory days are long gone. Also other places can easily be found on Untappd Verified Venues so check out places close to you and their menus.

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