Beer Drinkers & Brewers for Ukraine

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    The purpose of this thread is to provide some resources for those of you looking to help support Ukraine and its people in this time of need.
    Recently in the News:
    If you see any news of breweries or beer-centric businesses helping to raise funds/awareness, please post the info + links in this thread.

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    This was a very smart post, thank you very much.

    It might give some options to help vs feeling helpless and just watching it unfold every day.

    Again, thank you.
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    Very good initiative and thread, which I approve entirely.

    We are all saddened by these tragic events, and how quickly this evolved and unfolded and still is and will sadly continue to.

    Definitely smarter than calls for boycott or emptying Russian vodka bottles on the streets. The Russian leader made his bed and launched a full scale agression on a sovereign country, the Russian people over there or the Russian diaspora isn’t responsible on every accounts.
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    Great thread.

    My father's side is Ukrainian, my surname, Gladki, means "smooth" in Ukrainian and I, and many others, feel pretty helpless and frustrated at the situation. My grandparents suffered through World War II in the Ukraine and Germany and the parallels between what happened in the lead up to that conflict, and what's happening now - especially the desire not to be involved and hoping it goes away - are eerie.

    Anything we can do to help, short of picking up a rifle in our home countries, we should be doing.

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    Great post with some great options to help.
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    Keuka Kafe
    A Wine Bar
    112-04 Queens Blvd

    Forest Hills, NY 11375


    They started adding Ukrainian beer to their menu that already had Ukrainian wine.
    they have links on their website to donate to Ukraine. here are a few

    United Help Ukraine
    Mighty Cause
    Donate to the Life-saving medical supplies to Ukraine's front lines
    Revived Soldiers Ukraine
    Donate to Treatment of the wounded and the provision of hospitals

    Razom for Ukraine
    Donate to Tactical medical training and emergency response in Ukraine

    Nova Ukraine
    Donate to Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine
    Sunflower of Peace

    Donate to Tactical medicine
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    Great idea! Please keep the information flowing. Thanks.
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    Hello! My name Oleksii, I am coowner of The Dealer Bottleshop of Ukraine.

    We have already contacted more than 1000 (!) breweries around the world, and have now received a huge number of replies.
    However, assistance rendered seems quite chaotic, spontaneous and unorganized, money transfers to international organizations like Red Cross, etc do not work. At the same time, real assistance is needed here right now - we’ve got no time to wait while more and more our civilians (and children!) are being killed by russian bombs and missiles every day.
    So, there is an idea to create a chat with breweries and beer geeks of each country uniting together those who are really eager to help, those who want to reach specific goals. Believe and hope, you are with us in these hard times. Believe and hope you will add your friends, other breweries you know, who are ready to help our wounded soldiers and civilians.
    Now, we have a list of things Ukraine urgently needs. What was available here, has already been bought, nothing more left, so goods from Europe are needed now on an urgent basis.
    To avoid long stories with all kinds of fund-raising etc, if it’s in line with your laws and regulations, of course, we propose that you can buy these goods and deliver them to the address in Romania very close to the Ukrainian border where volunteers from our side will meet them.
    Are you with us, guys? Please contact me
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    Dobre den, Oleksii. Rather than relying on individual PMs or conversations, is there a link you can post here?

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    I have never seen Putin so puffy and scared. He bet on Two Twos Ace high being the cocky jerk that he is. Russians really need to know exactly what their armed forces are doing. I hope he is run out on a rail soon. More Javelins and Stingers I should think are showing up and being put into service.
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    I'm with you! If there's a chat I'd love to be a part of it
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    Glory to Ukraine. Glory to its heroes. My wife and I are children of Ukrainian parents who fled the Soviets after WWII. Deja vu all over again. Hope my beer bros and sisters continue to stand with the people of Ukraine.
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    From Burns Family Artisan Ales in Denver:

    Burns Family Artisan Ales announces the release of Courage, an anti-imperialist stout offering created to support humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine.

    Our brewers have put their heads and the heart of our cellaring program together to blend a special Imperial Stout, releasing Thursday, March 17 at 3pm.

    Sales proceeds will be sent to Mercy Corps, which is working alongside Ukrainian communities to help families affected by the conflict.

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    I'll gladly help finance Ukraine's defence with my tax kronor.[​IMG]

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    While not a beer, Baxter Brewing of Lewiston Maine is donating sales of a cocktail to this cause: ( A cut and paste from a paywall protected article)

    Downtown in the Bates Mill complex, Baxter Brewing is serving the “Sea of Azov,” a blue and yellow cocktail named after the body of water bordering Ukraine’s southeastern border.

    General Manager Lauren Williamson said she came up with the drink, which features a tropical citrus flavor with “a little bit of heat.”

    The drink was added to the menu Wednesday, and all proceeds will go toward GlobalGiving’s Ukraine crisis relief fund.
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    One of the owners of Midwest Coast Brewing Company ( in Chicago is a Ukrainian immigrant. Her dad and stepmom are headed to Poland to volunteer with the Global Disaster Relief Team and Midwest Coast is soliciting donations to that organization. More information on their Instagram (@midwestcoastbrewing).
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    Midwest Coast Brewing Company is collaborating with Varvar Brew from Kyiv on a Ukrainian Golden Ale. They will be releasing it on Sunday, May 15th at the brewery along with a auction/fundraiser. More details on Midwest Coast's Instagram (@midwestcoastbrewing).
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    Another Chicago effort tonight. Revolution will be pouring "Give Beets a Chance," an "anti-Imperial" stout made with roasted and smoked beets. 100% of the sales will go to World Central Kitchen to support its efforts in Ukraine. This will be on tap at both locations. Crowlers available too.
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    TTB COLA is good for all AB breweries, label says "St. Louis" (which is the common procedure for many US AB brands). Note, too, that this US recipe is "inspired" by the Ukrainian beer.
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    Another Chicago brewery has collaborated with Ukrainian brewer Varvar Brew to make a Ukrainian golden ale. Forbidden Root will be pouring "Breadbasket" tomorrow (Thursday, 5/12) at the West Town brewpub starting at 4pm. Some traditional Ukrainian dishes will be on the food menu as well. A portion of each Breadbasket's sale will go to various charities supporting Ukraine.
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    For those of us in Australia, Puck Futin Red is available for mail order. I got a carton of 16 of the 1st batch and it was quite a good drinking brew!

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