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  1. bookerandy

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    Made me curious as well and this is what I found: Schlitz apparently

    Anyone know the brand of beer Bunker drinks?
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    Date: August 12, 2005 09:06PM

    Well in the epsiode "Archie's Chair", when he's in the art gallery a fellow says "And the antiqueing of the fabric! What did you use?" He answers "ah, Schlitz". However the yellow can's or the red/white/blue ones he drank on the show were generic standard TV and movie props. They represented no real brands.,5548
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  2. bookerandy

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    Just saw a "nice" line up of AB products with Abita Purple Haze behind the bar in Fangtasia on True Blood. I guess vampires don't have much of a palate for good, craft beer when all they need is some blood...though they could have a really nice aged beer cellar, lol
  3. slatetupelo

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    My wife brought home the movie "A Little Bit of Heaven" featuring Kate Hudson the other night and Abita products were featured throughout. The movie took place in New Orleans, so the Abita product placement made sense.
  4. mattboyer182

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    Almost all they drink in parks and rec is upland. The set is littered with dragonfly, Helios, bad elmers and upland pint glasses. It really cool. Gives the show a real local feel. I also noticed sweet water in The Office this last season when they were in Tallahassee.
  5. otispdriftwood

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    Wow, my wife is right - I am lucky. She doesn't make me watch any of that crap and I get to watch all the sports I want. Oh wait - I can only drink more than one beer on weekends [it's a weight thing not an executive order] but that's ok with me.
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    DBCOACHEMUP Initiate (0) Dec 16, 2011 Illinois

    Terrible movie "Division III: Football's Finest", Lagunitas IPA right at the beginning.
  7. dennis3951

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    BMC nogotiates with a lot more $$$$$$$$$ than DFH.
  8. robbiemoy13

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    Leffe Blond in Franklin and Bash tonight.
  9. johnyb

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    rumor has it James Bond drinks a Heineken instead of his Martini in the next Bond film. I'm sure the product placement costed a pantfull, and I'm a huge beer fan,........ but that's just plain WRONG !!!!
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  10. jammalamma

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    Its unfortunately BMC in most shows and movies- I notice it more in movies.. lame no matter where it is!
  11. slatetupelo

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    A Sweetwater 420 bottle was used as a vase in the Walking Dead and there is a Sweetwater Brown poster on the wall in an episode.


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  12. DougOLis

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    In the beginning of the trailer for the new Judd Apatow/Paul Rudd movie "This Is 40" one of the actors is wearing an Arrogant Bastard cycling jersey:
  13. beerserks

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    In How I Met Your Mother theyre always drinking a bunch of different kind of brews down at the bar. I can never clearly make them out though. Probably a bunch of local stuff? (New York).
  14. bookerandy

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    Last Sunday's episode of True Blood had a Smuttynose tacker in the Fangtasia office.
  15. Hanzo

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    Just watched the season premier of Hotel Hell (The Juniper Inn, VT) and they stopped in Harpoon to drum up some business for their inn. Of course they blurred out all the harpoon logos but it was pretty easy to see what the place was.
  16. hippityhophead24

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    It also shows an ad for stone Ipa when Nancy and...forgot his name are at a bus stop.
  17. coreyfmcdonald

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    Most of the episodes I've seen have had Founders beer in them. I've seen mostly Centennial, but I'm pretty sure I saw Dirty Bastard in at least one episode. Mark Paul Gosselaar is a known Founders fan. As someone else said, they had Leffe Blond on the show last night.
  18. azorie

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    yea all the time. I like the cooking shows.
  19. whiskeytown

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  20. Hanzo

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    Was watching Chopped Grill Masters edition on Food Network and they were given Rogue Maple Bacon beer as a mystery ingredient....they all commented on how horrible it was lol.
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  21. youngblood89

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    Can someone please help me, they drink a beer in the tv show the office, during the episode "Ben Franklin", around the 14 minute mark and I cannot tell what beer it is and its killing me! they also drank it on last nights sons of anarchy episode its the beer Tig knocks down, please help me! also if anyone does know it is it any good? Its a beer that looks like the label is brown with maybe wings or something on it?
  22. otispdriftwood

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    I want to know what kind of beer the Kardashians drink so I can avoid it at all costs.
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  23. jivex5k

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    They drink Pliny, Heady Topper, Founders KBS, all the Cantillon beers, Marshal Zhukov, Rasputin, Storm King, Hopslam, Two Hearted, Every iteration of Yeti, and PBR.
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  24. otispdriftwood

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  25. Localdrinklax

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    Mike and Molly, everyone in that show is drinking Old Style.
  26. JuicesFlowing

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    I watch How I Met Your Mother a lot, and they drink in every single episode. I have no idea what they drink ....
  27. GardenWaters

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    I was watching a Paul Walker movie recently (cant remember the title) and I started dozing off. I immediatley sprang up when I heard his girlfriend? mention Stone Ruination IPA (she was marveling that it was the best beer she's ever tasted).
  28. BlindSalimander

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  29. jesskidden

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    Two major suppliers of those fake beer brands (both carry Heisler, in fact) catalogs are online -

  30. BlindSalimander

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    Oh to have some Olde British 600!!!!
  31. maketheheartglad

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    I was watching Orange County a couple nights ago and John Lithgow was drinking Sierra Nevada's Pale Ale..
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  32. BRUKER

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    The guys drink Old Milwaukee and Budwiser on That 70's Show. How in the hell would I know that!
  33. merc7186

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    I noticed several time during season 2 of The Walking Dead that there was a bottle of Sweetwater 420 in one scene then a 420 sign in the background when they were in the bar.

    Don't they occassionally have Upland Brewing in Parks and Rec too?
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  34. BobZ

    BobZ Savant (1,181) Jun 24, 2009 Massachusetts

    Funny, since joining this site I actually found myself noticing these things.

    This week I watched Jaws for the first time in a long time and noticed Quint knocking back those good old '70's cans of Narragansett Lager, nice.

    BTW: Robert Shaw owned that movie, scenery chewing bastard.
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  35. Bluecane

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    On this week's episode of "Happy Endings," one of the characters was drinking a Metropolitan Ironwork Alt, by Metropolitan Brewing in Chicago. The show is based in Chicago, so repping the locals. Awesome bottle art:

    They always drink the same thing on "New Girl," but I think it might be a fake label.
  36. Bluecane

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    Looking over the thread, I believe they drink the fake brand "Heisler" on New Girl.
  37. musicman7070

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    Anyone who watches Parenthood, what beer is it that Crosby, Adam, and Joel drink all the time together? It's bothering me and I really want to know!
  38. UMNbeerhunter

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    There was a guy in the Twin Cities area that was making them and selling them on Ebay for a while but I haven't seen one lately. The original one was custom made for a bar in downtown Minneapolis called Mckenzies, its still there. They have one of the best tap lists in downtown check it out if your ever in town.
  39. Cookeeman

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    Saw a Friends re-run a few months back, I remember noticing that Ross was drinking from an Anchor Brewing bottle
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  40. mixed_master7

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    The League always has craft in it.

    Taco drinks longboard all the time.
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