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Discussion in 'US - Midwest' started by Tripel_Threat, Apr 5, 2016.

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  1. ScottatShorts

    ScottatShorts Initiate (64) Jul 26, 2013 Michigan

    Always encourage feedback. We are hopefully the most approachable brewery around and if you ever have questions feel free to email me or customer service.

    The new variety pack comes out next week. That beer has been packaged in the last 3-10 days. We also have adjusted the process of the whole pack so quantities are smaller so it should turn about every 1.5 months.

    On the Anniversary Ale we obviously do not control the price on the shelf but we have learnt a lot about margins that people do charge. We have adjusted logistics, lowered internal margins and worked on education about pricing. It should be retailing for $8.99 to $10.99 with most $8.99 or $9.99. Margin is about the same for us compared to six packs as the beer itself is not a majority of the cost.

    After the last comments I definitely admitted to missteps in packaging things ahead of time and changing plans leading to a lot of growing pains. As far as specialties after melt my brain is Ocho de Mayo, it is probably being made any day and will be packaged around April 20th and released April 29th. Hopstache will be released Mid May with it being packaged a couple of weeks before it hits the shelves. (it will not be brewed for another week or so and has a longer fermentation)
  2. Cotton_27

    Cotton_27 Zealot (505) Feb 22, 2013 Michigan

    Glad to hear the variety packs are here to stay!
  3. hopnado

    hopnado Devotee (417) Aug 13, 2014 Michigan

    @ScottatShorts Thanks for giving a professional response instead of throwing insults

    Still think the Anni bomber deal sucks but oh well
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  4. king75

    king75 Initiate (0) Jul 27, 2010 Michigan

    Had this one at the anniversary party last year. Enjoyed it for it's uniqueness but did not feel the need to buy a six pack. Melt my brain on the other hand a will be buying a six pack. Any word on if there is going to be a private stache release for the party this year or is the collaboration beer with Vulpack taking it's place?
  5. schepelz

    schepelz Initiate (0) Apr 4, 2013 Michigan

    Just cracked this one finally. Was a little worried about the flavors but Actually really enjoyed this one. Very subtle mint that goes well with the lemony lime citrus flavors. Would actually be a very refreshing beer in the summer.
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