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Beer snob stories

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by 5thOhio, Jan 16, 2013.

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  1. BearsOnAcid

    BearsOnAcid Savant (957) Mar 17, 2009 Washington
    Beer Trader

    Im going to be the snob here and say I would probably turn down a sip of that shit too.
  2. Tut

    Tut Initiate (0) Sep 23, 2004 New York

    Try using emoticons when you post comments like that. There's a good reason why they exist:rolling_eyes:

    By the way, the word is serial.
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  3. nucmedmario

    nucmedmario Initiate (173) Sep 1, 2010 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    sounds like you just like being a jerk. and probably haven't been to chicago either.
  4. robhbest

    robhbest Initiate (0) Apr 16, 2012 Michigan

    I was at red robin and I asked if they had anything besides Budweiser on tap. The waitress said well we have bud light..... SMH.
  5. HOMEPL8

    HOMEPL8 Initiate (149) Dec 26, 2010 Virginia

    I have found that I have far more open minded friends than I ever realized...it's about knowing their palet and sometimes pairing...

    On the snob question, I look for challenges to impart change...Firebirds, a chain on the east coast and new to my town only carried the basics...they did have flat tire, but that was the limit to non-BMC. I politely asked the bartender why they didn't carry any IPA's...well after a long talk, and introduction to the new GM and some nice things to say about the rest of their establishment, three visits later they were very happy to let me know they got corporate approval to carry Ranger...I felt a little better about their place and was happy they listened to a client...turns out it's now one of their top selling bottles...and hopefully will lead to more additions...I'm not a huge Ranger fan, but I will happily drink it when there...on a side note, when I ordered their new IPA the waitress waiting on us didn't know what it was yet and said they didn't have any...I let the GM know, in a nice way, and she now knows what an IPA is.
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  6. Tut

    Tut Initiate (0) Sep 23, 2004 New York

    Judging from your last two lines and the tone of the rest of your post, you're not a snob - just an arrogant prick.
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  7. zestd

    zestd Disciple (363) Jan 18, 2013 Idaho

    I concur dwitt. Barleyhoppers is garbage since the original brewer left and started Riverport brewing.
  8. dwitt24

    dwitt24 Initiate (0) Feb 28, 2011 Washington

    Yes....I know what i like and i will try any beer anywhere at least once and ill give my opinion...prick or whatever i dont care...ill spend my $$$ on good beer and good beer only..i speak my mind...you dont like it, too bad
  9. TheChiefBrews

    TheChiefBrews Initiate (0) Oct 24, 2012 Georgia

    I am surprised at how bad your BW3's is. Ohio BW3's have at least 5 taps of quality beer.

    To answer your question I have gotten flack for requesting a glass at a bar. Not going to drink Duvel straight from the bottle.
  10. ColinStClaire

    ColinStClaire Initiate (0) Jul 31, 2012 Washington

    My buddy and I were at a little pizza place by my house that had a few taps (some Italian pils, an IPA, Blue Moon and maybe an amber or something). We ask the waitress about the IPA. She responded with "well, um, it has hops". We both snort and tell her that "(virtually) all beer has hops!" and laughed. As soon as she left feeling deflated, we both looked at each other and said "wow, that was pretty fucking rude of us". Also, my friends assume I'm a snob because my Old Rasputin was served in a snifter.
  11. Kerrie

    Kerrie Initiate (0) Aug 24, 2012 Michigan

    I know a lot of people that seem to hate it, saying it tastes like cherry cough syrup. Thankfully I never got that vibe so it's a cheap 6-pack that my boyfriend and I can share if we're drinking lightly at a family event. He doesn't like the porters and stouts that I prefer as much so that's our compromise.
  12. TheMadJack

    TheMadJack Aspirant (277) Sep 7, 2007 California

    Years ago I went to a large and rowdy college party. I went over to the "bar" and looked the hipster behind it for the "darkest beer you've got"

    He looked me square in the eye and with a practiced boredom stated simply "We have Pabst Blue Ribbon"

    I let my external reaction match my internal reaction. Then I composed myself and held out my hand.

    "OK, hit me."

    Hey, when in Rome. I've never been so snobby that I'll turn down free beer.
  13. Tut

    Tut Initiate (0) Sep 23, 2004 New York

    If you really don't like a beer, why is it snobby to turn a free one down?? Get real.
  14. wintbs379

    wintbs379 Aspirant (225) Mar 13, 2009 Michigan
    Beer Trader

  15. ggfunk

    ggfunk Initiate (64) Mar 29, 2010 Oregon

    Today I was at a grocery store picking up taco fixings. I saw a homeless man pass over the Ruthless Rye and Sucks to stuff a few Rolling Rocks into his dingy pockets.
    I told him what I thought of his "purchase."
    He responded with a "blergy get get get grabbin bike off."

    I suppose we were both right.
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  16. 5thOhio

    5thOhio Zealot (500) May 13, 2007 South Carolina

    Well, actually, the BWW referred to in my story is located in downtown Akron near the campus.
  17. bigflatsbeerman

    bigflatsbeerman Disciple (349) Nov 2, 2005 New York

    Not surprised Buffalo Wild Wings = BMC beer in the food world. So do all other corporate
  18. frazbri

    frazbri Crusader (733) Oct 29, 2003 Ohio

    I wouldn't consider the Toledo locations as good beer places unless they've greatly improved in the last two years. (poor beer line maintenance, and "oh, it's supposed to taste like that" responses when complaints were made)
    Extravadanza likes this.
  19. Shagator

    Shagator Initiate (0) Mar 17, 2012 Kentucky

    I used to be a regular at the BW3s here in Lexington, and at the time all I drank was Honey Brown and Miller Lite. To me, you dont go to there for the great food or the great beer. It has typical sports bar chain food and beer. With that being said I am happy to see that they have added Stone, Southern Tier and Bells to their tap list. I have only recently seen the light of craft beer but it has completely opened my eyes (and wallet). I have a hard time drinking anything other than a good IPA or stout. I can stomach BMC, but I have to add salt to my hand or the beer to make it tolerable. A lot of the chain restaurants here in town dont have much of a beer selection and I do have a hard time finding a beer that I want to drink.

    On another note, one of the upscale steak houses here in town has a good wine list, but their beer list is the usual suspects and I usually have to get a glass of wine even though i would rather have a beer. I wish that restaurants would treat their beer lists as the do their wine lists.

    Also, my step-father brought back a bottle of Pliny for me for Christmas. I was very excited, as was my mother, as she claims to like beer. On Christmas Eve i opened it and offered it to everyone at her house. I think the expression on my mothers face said it all. Apparently it was not fer favorite. I however enjoyed it greatly and it ranks in my top 10. I can only imagine what it tastes like fresh. Last Saturday they came over, so I thought I would let her taste some of what I had in my fridge. I started with a TIPA which was a no. Next was a Zombie Dust which again was a no. The next was an Unearthly, which she didnt mind but only took one sip. So i thought i would be mean and I pulled out a Ruination. That was an emphatic NO. I dont think I am a snob yet, but I see myself getting there. I can drink a High Life or MGD if necessary.

    I wrote way more than i initially intended to. Up with a sick child trying to pass the time.
  20. CwrwAmByth

    CwrwAmByth Poo-Bah (1,724) Jan 24, 2011 United Kingdom (England)

    I can identify with his problem, it sucks not having the correct glassware.
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  21. icetrauma

    icetrauma Devotee (479) Sep 7, 2004 Texas

    The BWW by the house has the usual BMC range. The BWW in Clear Lake, I live in Pasadena, Tx, has Chimay Red their. I was surprised to see the Chimay glass on the bar and asked why they had it but the one in Pasadena did not have it. I was informed that both were franchise locations and it was up to the owner as to which "other" beers they wanted. Needless to say, the one by the house still has majority BMC. Oh well.

    When I first got into craft beer, I would turn my nose up at anything not considered craft and would make remarks to myself like that's horse piss etc. But, I've come to realize that hey, it's just beer. If I'm offered a BMC by my neighbor, who is now getting into craft, I'll take it.
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  22. beersnob01

    beersnob01 Initiate (0) Jan 19, 2013

    That's hardly high maintenance. I'd say that's just a sign of intelligence and good taste.
    I refuse to drink cheap beer and will order water or tea instead if there is not a good choice.
  23. squirrely2005

    squirrely2005 Initiate (0) Aug 26, 2011 Texas

    I have a thing for trying to one up people and I hate that about me but I can't help it.
    Anyway I am kind of snobby but I'm really "snobby" when people try to act like them drinking Blue Moon, Dos equis, etc makes them soooo much better.
  24. squirrely2005

    squirrely2005 Initiate (0) Aug 26, 2011 Texas

    I hate how rude some of y'all are to waiters or waitresses. I understand it's their job to know their menus but you can't expect them to know everything. It's a job. They don't have a masters in waiting tables. They don't care for anything but the tip. Unless they're being rude to you first I can understand.
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  25. Blueribbon666

    Blueribbon666 Zealot (596) Jul 4, 2008 Ohio

    :grinning:It was Buffalo Wild Wings home of myopic masses of course she was surprised you couldn't find anything you liked. Most of the zombies that order beer there only need a light beer tap & keep it coming. The Widmer IPA line was probably funky from it sitting in there since it was tapped. Hell, her jaw would have dropped if you ordered anything but a light beer:wink: Here's my story-My buddy's wife at dinner last night asked if they had Bud Light in bottle, the server said no only I draft. To which I replied "nah don't do the draft it's probably watered down.":rolling_eyes:
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  26. Blueribbon666

    Blueribbon666 Zealot (596) Jul 4, 2008 Ohio

    I totally get it. Often times, I think the establishment sets the staff up to fail by not keeping their selection or menus updated. When I go in to a place, it sucks to have to be "nosy" about what's behind the bar or the tap selection, but I want to have my selection made by the time the server comes to take my order. So as a customer I frequent places where I KNOW they have the beers posted or in menu form. I don't wanna spend any time having to quiz the staff on what they have, if you're not going to train 'em then post the beers so their only job is serving. I don't badger, I just won't return...I'm not playing the old "We've got anything you could possibly want." Molson Canadian says I, nothing crazy there right? "I'm sorry we only have Molson Ice." Really?? Molson Ice? Yeah & my date will have a Zima because we've obviously stepped back in time to the early 90's.:astonished:
  27. Blueribbon666

    Blueribbon666 Zealot (596) Jul 4, 2008 Ohio

    Yeah, I gotta think that if any BA saw someone buying or walking out with ShockTop product there would be a bit of the "Look at that tool." Running through our minds...:wink:
  28. Blueribbon666

    Blueribbon666 Zealot (596) Jul 4, 2008 Ohio

    UGH! I hear ya, we had a cling-on in the group one night who was a motor mouth & was chewing our ears off about himself & pounding a case of Michelob Ultra Pomegranite Raspberry and expounding about how we should try some if we enjoyed good craft beer. I thought long and hard about conceal & carry that night...
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  29. Derranged

    Derranged Devotee (479) Mar 7, 2010 New York

    One night I walked into several dive/BMC bars strapped with dynamite demanding that they start serving Barrel Aged Imperial Stouts and Double IPAs.
  30. RichardMNixon

    RichardMNixon Zealot (515) Jun 24, 2012 Pennsylvania
    Beer Trader

    At a party once:
    "Hey Nixon, we have a keg downstairs, you want a draught?"
    "Oh cool, thanks. What's in it?"
    "Miller Lite."

    I apologized immediately after but still felt like sort of a dick.
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  31. John_M

    John_M Moderator (5,608) Oct 25, 2003 Oregon
    Beer Trader

    "I understand it's their job to know their menus but you can't expect them to know everything."

    I'm having a difficult time squaring the first part of your setence with the second. Most restaurants I visit, the menu isn't more than 3 or 4 pages long, and it's not exactly written in small print. Likewise, unless the place has an unusually good selection of beer (which granted, are the places I tend to frequent), there typically aren't more than a handful of beer selections on offer. So yeah, I kind of do expect the wait staff to have a passing familiarity with what's in the menu, and what beers they have on offer.

    No, I don't expect the staff to know everything, but I'd hardly call familiarity with the menu comparable to reading and understanding War and Peace. I get it that for many wiaters/waitresses it's just a job, and all they care about are tips, but... it seems to me that one way to get a good tip would be to know something about the menu (and maybe be able to tell me something about the dishes on it), and even know what craft options are available. In fact, call me crazy, but I think that kind of expectation comes with the job (which last time I checked, they aren't doing for free).

    Granted, lack of familiarity with the menu or drink selection is no excuse for rude behavior. However, if the waiter/waitress really has no idea what the soup or special of the day is, or if he/she has no idea what an IPA is at a place that carries several of them, I think they should probably expect the occasional sarcastic comment or roll of the eyes from time to time.
  32. RichardMNixon

    RichardMNixon Zealot (515) Jun 24, 2012 Pennsylvania
    Beer Trader

    I have no problem whatsoever with a server saying "I don't know, let me go check." I get much more upset when a server pretends to know things they don't understand. I once asked what style a local beer was (Jubilicious) and was told IPA. I ordered it, and then looked it up when it tasted nothing like an IPA. It's a Winter Warmer. I felt like he just picked IPA as a buzzword without knowing what it meant.
  33. Horbar

    Horbar Zealot (560) Feb 24, 2012 Rhode Island

    Beer snob example......Your mom is correct, SA Cherry Wheat would ruin a palate.
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  34. John_M

    John_M Moderator (5,608) Oct 25, 2003 Oregon
    Beer Trader

    Completely agree. I don't see that kind of thing all that often (thank God), but when I do, nothing is more annoying. Similar to your story, I once told a bartender that there was something off about the glass of draft Yulesmith I had just ordered. She proceeded to lecture me that I probably just wasn't used to drinking Belgian style beers, which typically have less carbonation (in this case, completely flat, apparently), and are served at a warmer temperature than American ales. After telling her I appreciated the tip, I pointed out that Yulesmith is a DIPA from Southern California, and that there was nothing Belgian about it. She still wouldn't let it go until the beer rep from Deschutes (who just happened to be sitting at the end of the bar) tried the beer and confirmed to her that it was clearly off. Ugggghhhhh!
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  35. Barrelsnbeer

    Barrelsnbeer Initiate (0) Oct 6, 2012 North Carolina
    Beer Trader

    heres my list of offenses:
    Most bars/restaurants i frequent no longer pour my beers for me(if i order a bottle) and always hand me a room temp glass pint instead of a freezing cold one.

    i didnt like the selection of beers at the bar closest to my house, started "courting" the female general manager now i get to influence whats in cold box and on tap.

    budwieser reps were buying beer for people at the bar one night, when approached and asked if i would like a free bud, i told the rep,"how about i just pay for something that doesnt taste like complete shit"

    got into a serious argument/almost to blows with a bartender after being charged $9 for a 12oz of La Fin Du Monde(price was never listed ANYWHERE)

    i have called bars in advance and paid corkage fees to drink my own beer there

    when i was younger i was more of a douche about my beers. now i just bring enough to share and i try to bring a mix that suits a lot of peoples palates with a bit of flavor experimenting to bring more people over to craft
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  36. Derranged

    Derranged Devotee (479) Mar 7, 2010 New York

    I threw a pepperoni roll at the owner of a pizzeria for not having Dark Lord on tap.
  37. kaseydad

    kaseydad Savant (934) Nov 23, 2008 California
    Beer Trader

    More of a beer geek story.

    Went to a hamburger joint called The Counter and for what it's worth, it has an okay small selection of craft beer to consume. Looking at the list I asked the waitress if the Red Rocket (Bear Republic) comes in a cold glass. She said "Absolutely. Every time." I asked he if she could ask the bartender for a room temperature glass to pour the Rocket into. She looked at me like I was insane. (Maybe I am) She said she would ask him. She returns and says the bartender took the order and stated to her "Now there's somebody who knows how to drink a beer." Maybe a little tooting of the horn but hey.....I owe it to my fellow BA'ers who have created the man I am today.

    Drink on my BA brothers and sisters.
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  38. mwar

    mwar Initiate (0) Jun 15, 2012 Kentucky

    If someone enjoys a Bud Light, Coors Light, whatever, good for them! Not my place to judge and ridicule. Who's to say craft drinkers are superior, paying 2-10 the price, claiming to be "experts in aromas, woody grains and hoppy ratios"!

    Experiment and drink what you enjoy.
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  39. Bnoise11

    Bnoise11 Disciple (376) Dec 25, 2012 California

    one of the best posts ever!
  40. Derranged

    Derranged Devotee (479) Mar 7, 2010 New York

    Not sure why so many people like that post. I thought my "dynamite" story was way better.
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