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    As noted in a recent thread, I plan on making regular updates to our Beer Styles to ensure that our listings remain as current as possible. This read-only thread will act as a log for related changes.
    • Applied a new naming convention (similar to Untappd's), wherein we drop the country/regional prefix and focus on the core style.
      • The country/region is now appended to the style name, but only if there are multiple examples of the core style and the country/region represents a distinct sub-style variation.
      • Still tweaking things, but it's almost there.
      • Makes the style pulldown when adding/editing a beer much easier to use.
    • American Black Ale has been renamed back to: IPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale.
      • Consumers don't refer to this style as an American Black Ale. This led to the miscategorization of well-over 200 beers, many of which I've just updated.
      • Cascading Dark Ale has become more popular, but Black IPA was widely used before this by consumers and brewers and this is a consumer platform.
    • Added: Lager - India Pale Ale (IPL) as a test and was able to automagically move 360 beers from various styles into this this new listing.
      • Updates to the top rated beers for this style will be applied during the next daily cron job.
      • The style description isn't complete and will also be updated shortly.
    Does a beer need updating? Use Beer Tools to Suggest an Edit (at the top of every beer page), and please provide proof vs. expressing an opinion.

    Watch this thread to be alerted to new posts and follow me/my profile for micro-updates.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.