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    • Your account must be verified before you can post:
    • Offers must be for ticketed beer-related events, and occur in this forum only.
    • Face value (or less) offers only; not including fair shipping fees.
    • Including beer/alcohol in your offer is the same as selling it and illegal. You will be banned.
    • No trading of any kind.
    • Please report offers that are not face value (or less).
    • Whether you are buying or selling, the face value of the tickets must be listed in your post.
    • Use the appropriate title prefix before posting, so there's no need to put if you're buying or selling in the subject line.
    • Not for commercial use.
    • Ensure your subject line and post is as clear and specific as possible.
      • Name and/or location of the event?
      • How many tickets?
      • Include any other important info.
    • You may edit or delete your post at anytime.
    • Is the offer done? Please delete your thread.
    • To reply to an offer: click on the username or picture, then select "Start a Conversation."
    You buy/sell at your own risk. BeerAdvocate is not responsible for the actions of its users.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.