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    • You buy/sell at your own risk. BeerAdvocate is not responsible for the actions of its users.
    • Offers must be for ticketed beer-related events, and occur in this forum only.
    • Face value (or less) offers only; not including fair shipping fees.
    • No trading of any kind. Including beer/alcohol in your sale is illegal and forbidden.
    • Whether you are buying or selling, the face value of the tickets must be listed in your post.
    • Use the appropriate title prefix before posting, so there's no need to put if you're buying or selling in the subject line.
    • Not for commercial use.
    • Ensure your subject line and post is as clear and specific as possible.
      • Select the appropriate thread prefix.
      • Name and/or location of the event?
      • How many tickets?
      • Include any other important info.
    • To reply to an offer: click on the username or picture, then select "Start a Conversation."
    • Like the Trading forums, threads are self-moderated.
    • Is the offer done? Please delete your thread or post/lock that it's closed.
    • Please report offers that don't follow the guidelines to ensure that this resource remains fair and useful.
    By posting you agree to these terms, which may change at any time without notice.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.