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    We'll keep it simple and fair...

    • If you're looking to buy/sell beer-related event tickets, please do so using the face value of the tickets. Use the "Report" link to alert mods of offenders.
    • Start your own thread.
    • By posting, you acknowledge that BeerAdvocate 1) doesn't handle any financial transactions related to the sale of tickets, 2) can't guarantee the validity of tickets, and 3) will not be held liable for the actions of its users or invalid tickets. You buy, sell, or trade at your own risk.
    • Select the appropriate prefix and be as specific as possible with your thread title. Include the name of the event, session, etc. And include additional information in the body of your post.
    • If you're replying to buyer/seller, you can do so in the thread or click on their name/avatar to start a private conversation (if the user allows it). The latter is recommended.
    • This is a public forum, so we don't recommend posting your phone number or email. If you're going to share this information, do so in a private conversation.
    • Threads are self-moderated. Use "Thread Tools" at the top of the page as needed.
    • When your thread is done, feel free to delete it or lock it down with a note.
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Thread Status:
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