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Trading Beer Trading Rules & Tips

Discussion in 'Help Resources' started by BeerAdvocate, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. BeerAdvocate

    BeerAdvocate Founders (17,635) Aug 23, 1996 Massachusetts

    New to Beer Trading on BeerAdvocate?
    Check out: How to Get Started with Beer Trading


    • BeerAdvocate is not responsible for the actions of its users.
    • Our terms may change at any time without notice. And if you don't agree with our terms, or subsequent changes, don't trade.
    • As always, our Terms of Service and Code of Conduct applies.
    • You agree that you're of legal drinking age.
    • You agree to trade at your own risk and accept full responsibility for your actions.
    • You agree that beer trading is a privilege that may be taken away.
    • Unless otherwise noted, trades must be beer for beer. No other goods or services; like tickets, beverages that aren't beer, etc.
    • You may be banned without warning for:
      • Buying or selling alcohol.
      • Dishonest activity; like having multiple accounts or cheating other traders.
      • Posting personal information.
      • Abusing the Beer Trading Feedback System. Examples:
        • Giving retaliatory feedback.
        • Basing your okay/negative feedback on the lack of extras; unless extras were part of the agreed upon trade.
        • Leaving fake feedback.
    • No muling, proxying or trusteeing.
    • No "what's the value of beer x?", "what would it take to get beer x?", "what can I get for beer x?" or similar threads.
    How to Make an Offer/Reply to a Trade
    You can post a public reply in the offer thread, but most users will start a private conversation. To do so:
    1. Within the trade thread, click on the poster's username or avatar.
    2. Click "Start a Conversation."
    3. Compose your title and message, and then send.
    Public or private, please be respectful and helpful toward other users.

    Posting a Trade
    • Trade posts may only be made in the appropriate ISO:FT or In-Person forum.
    • The main ISO:FT forum is broken down by three prefixes:
      • $4$: "Dollar for Dollar" beer trades, where both the ISO and FT are of equal retail monetary value.
      • Limited: Beer trades based on limited availability, rarity, or perceived value. These beers are often brewery only releases, difficult to purchase or land in a trade, and are sometimes referred to as "whales" (a reference to Moby-Dick).
      • Locals: Whales be damned! This forum brings 90s beer trading on BA back for traders who simply want to help others to try something new, and maybe make a friend along the way.
    • You can only post a new trade thread once every 24 hours in any ISO:FT or In-Person forum.
    • Links to other sites aren't allowed.
    • You can self-moderator (edit, lock, delete, etc.) your own trade offer threads, as well as replies to your threads.
    Deleted Trades
    • Posts that violate our terms will be removed, in which case you won't be able to post again for 24 hours after the post date of the deleted thread.
    • Only trade with verified beer traders; "Beer Trader" noted on their profiles.
    • Use the Beer Trading Feedback System!
    • Demand that new users ship first and that they use the feedback system.
    • Ensure that you're Privacy settings have "Start conversations with you" checked and "Members Only" selected, otherwise you'll get no offers.
    • Only trade beer that's currently in your possession.
    • Want more hits on your offer? Try being as specific as possible with the title of your post; ISO beer(s) FT: beer(s). Think of your post as a classified ad. The more details you provide, the more likely you'll get some hits.
    • Delete your post when your offer is complete or reply noting that it's closed.
    • Likes for ISO:FT and In-Person forums are disabled.
    • Some forums are only viewable to users with verified trading accounts that are in good standing.
    • Posts from certain forums won't appear in "New Posts" feed or be counted toward user post counts.
    • User post counts may decrease upon deletion of threads/posts.
    Helpful Links

    Thanks in advance for your cooperation.
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