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    Looking to trade on BeerAdvocate? Awesome! The following post contains our general rules, how things work, protips, and helpful links. I highly recommend that you read all of it before you agree to trade.

    Helpful Links


    By trading on this site, you agree that:
    • BeerAdvocate services are meant for discussing trading topics and trades that occur outside of our services. BeerAdvocate doesn't ship or transport packages, or handle monetary transactions, involving alcohol.
    • BeerAdvocate is not responsible for the actions of its users. You trade at your own risk and take full responsibility for adhering to any and all rules and regulations governing alcohol and actions that you may take when conducting a trade.
    • All trades must be beer for beer. Trading for other beverages, products, items, or services isn't allowed. Read: Back to Beer Trading
    • Any form of buying, selling, muling, or monetary compensation for beers or services is strictly forbidden and may result in a perma-ban without warning. Please report any posts or conversations.
    • Our terms, rules, services, and access to services may change at any time and without notice.
    Proxy/Trustee Requests
    Proxy/trustee requests are allowed so long as there's absolutely no exchange of money and they're posted in the Proxy/Trustee Requests forum. Mass proxying will be treated as muling and any form of monetary compensation will be treated as buying/selling.

    How to Make an Offer or Reply to One
    You can post a public reply in the offer thread, but most users will start a private conversation. To do so:
    1. Within the trade thread, click on the poster's username or avatar.
    2. Click "Start a Conversation."
    3. Compose your title and message, and then send.
    Public or private, please be respectful and helpful toward other users.

    Posting a Trade
    • Trade posts may only be made in the appropriate ISO:FT or In-Person forums.
    • The main ISO:FT forum is broken down by three forums:
      • $4$: "Dollar for Dollar" beer trades, where both the ISO and FT are of equal retail monetary value.
      • Limited: Beer trades based on limited availability, rarity, or perceived value. These beers are often brewery only releases, difficult to purchase or land in a trade, and are sometimes referred to as "whales" (a reference to Moby-Dick).
      • Locals: Whales be damned! This forum brings 90s beer trading on BA back for traders who simply want to help others to try something new, and maybe make a friend along the way.
    • There's a two thread every 24 hours posting limited in ISO:FT or In-Person forums. Times are based on post dates, and deleted threads are still counted toward the limits.
    • Links to other sites aren't allowed.
    • You can edit and delete your own trade offer threads.
    • Only trade with verified beer traders; "Beer Trader" noted on their profiles.
    • Use the Beer Trading Feedback System!
    • Demand that new users ship first and that they use the feedback system.
    • Check the Bad Traders forum before trading.
    • Ensure that your Privacy settings have "Start conversations with you" checked and "Members Only" selected, otherwise you'll get no offers.
    • Only trade beer that's currently in your possession.
    • Want more hits on your offer? Try being as specific as possible with the title of your post; ISO beer(s) FT: beer(s). Think of your post as a classified ad. The more details you provide, the more likely you'll get some hits.
    • Delete your post when your offer is complete, lock it, or reply noting that it's closed.
    • Some forums are only viewable to users with verified trading accounts that are in good standing.
    • Posts from certain forums won't appear in "New Posts" feed.
    • User counts for posts and likes may decrease upon deletion of threads/posts.
    You may be banned without warning for:
    • Any form of buying, selling, muling, or monetary compensation for beer or services.
    • Dishonest activity; like having multiple accounts or cheating other traders.
    • Posting personal information.
    • Abusing the Beer Trading Feedback System. Examples:
      • Giving feedback that's blatantly retaliatory.
      • Basing your okay/negative feedback on the lack of extras; unless extras were part of the agreed upon trade.
      • Leaving fake feedback.
    • Too many warnings.

    Thanks in advance for your cooperation.
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