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    Left Hand Black Forest Nitro Cherry Chocolate Stout & Screwball.


    @snaotheus mentioned chocolate stouts and bourbon going well together. That got me thinking, maybe Screwball and a chocolate stout?

    I just swigged them both together and it tasted pretty much like a peanut butter cup, albeit a bit sweeter with a slight cherry taste.

    Not bad. :yum:
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    Ok, in the N/A Tasting thread, I paired a Smuggler’s Notch bourbon with an Athletic dark beer. I noted how that seemed an inefficient way to get alcohol in my beverages, but I also decided to take it to a extreme.

    The Trösten was there to see if I could mimic the smoky note using Scotch. Not surprisingly, I thought this was essentially a failure. The Scotch aromas were muted, but so were the beers’ and the Scotch won by simply being the more powerful of the two where they didn’t cancel each other.

    On first sips, the Highland Park mix was just a mistake and the Glenmorangie was tampered down everything. The Speyburn, however, wasn’t too bad in that it seemed to eliminate the (for lack of a term) N/Aedness of the beer. I’ll note here, I actually generally like the beer.

    As I sipped, the Highland Park mix still sucked, but my need to just chug it faded before I took said action. The Glenmorangie gained a little character, but not much. It seemed like an old (but not oxidized), fairly poorly made dubbel.

    The Speyburn actually at one point made me do a comparison to the von Trapp beer. The mix at very best could be compared to the first half a second of the beer. But then the beer evolves over a full sip for at least a few seconds, leaving the mix in its dust.

    Anyhow, just some silliness that wasn’t as good as I hoped, but wasn’t worse than I feared. Cheers!
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    Damn, that looks proper.
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    Had a Rochefort 10 with a half pour of Buffalo Trace this morning. The whiskey really brought out the brown sugar and dark fruit notes in the nose of the beer. After sips of each the sweet bread yeast flavors of the Rochefort really came out while I got heavier chocolate notes from the Buffalo Trace.

    Really fun pairing I will do again.
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    That's a combination I could have anytime.
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