BeerAdvocate magazine #110 (March 2016)

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  1. Todd

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    While it's making its way to mailboxes and select locations, check out a preview of BeerAdvocate magazine #110 (March 2016).

    On the Cover:
    Untangling the history of Britain's best-known hop varieties, Goldings and Fuggles. Read more on pg. 48. Illustration by Kyle Smart.




    Beer Smack by Jason & Todd Alström
    Save These Dates!

    Beer News

    Innovation by Lisa Morrison
    Getting Fresh

    Shelf Talker by Courtney Cox
    Beer for All Seasons: A Through-the-Year Guide to What to Drink and When to Drink It by Randy Mosher

    Label Approval by Courtney Cox
    Nathalius: Omnipollo

    The Business of Beer by Brian Yaeger
    Salt Gose Pop: Brewers Experiment with a Common Seasoning

    Beer Without Borders by Jason Patinkin
    Spoiled by War: South Sudan Loses its First and Only Brewery

    Unfiltered by Andy Crouch; illustration by Chi-Yun Lau
    Names and Labels

    Fermented Culture by Ron Pattinson
    International Collaboration in the 19th Century

    BYOB by Drew Beechum; illustration by Ellen Crenshaw
    Controlling Wild Fire

    Cuisine à la Bière recipes by Sean Z. Paxton
    Mediterranean Feast

    Kindred Spirits (recipe by Brandon Ristaino, Owner & Thomas Wolsely, Beverage Director The Good Lion, Santa Barbara, California)
    Brass Monkey

    Table Mates (pairings by Chef and co-owner Christopher D. Gould of Central Provisions in Portland, Maine)
    Smoked Carrots

    Barkeep by Austin L. Ray; photos by Scott Drickey
    Krug Park in Omaha, Nebraska

    9 Steps to Beerdom by Paul M. McMorrow
    Trevor Williams, Co-founder and brewer, Hoof Hearted Brewing

    From the Source by Kristen Pope
    Grand Teton Brewing

    Beer Destinations by Kate Robinson; illustration by Sam Brewster
    Paris, France

    Feature by Martyn Cornell; illustrations by Kyle Smart
    Finding Mr. Fuggle: The Largely Mysterious History of England's Two Greatest Hop Varieties

    Feature by Sarah Bennet
    Wholesale Wars: The Battle for the Future of Beer Distribution

    Beer Reviews by Jason & Todd Alström

    Last Call (interview by Courtney Cox)
    Steve Hamburg, Cellarman, Chicago Beer Society’s Day of the Living Ales

    For more BeerAdvocate magazine:

    As always ... thanks for reading!

  2. Cnote_crafty_1

    Cnote_crafty_1 Initiate (0) Apr 8, 2015 Pennsylvania

    looks really cool, I'll check it
  3. Smakawhat

    Smakawhat Poo-Bah (7,714) Mar 18, 2008 Maryland

    Really liked the article on Mr. Fuggle there and the history of Goldings.

    Hate to be "that guy" but... I've always wondered this... so I'll ask,

    Is it FOOGles... or FUHgules for pronouncing the hop variety Fuggle? :slight_smile:

    or is it more so you say tomato I say tomahto :wink:
  4. Keene

    Keene Initiate (0) Sep 11, 2009 Washington

    Glad you liked the article. And I've never heard anyone pronounce it F-OO-gles.
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