BeerAdvocate magazine #113 (June 2016)

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  1. Todd

    Todd Founder (5,623) Aug 23, 1996 California

    Watch our preview of BeerAdvocate magazine #113 (June 2016) with stories on brew-hiking the Appalachian Trail, the inspiration behind Rodenbach’s Caractère Rouge, sequencing wild yeast, technology disrupting the beer industry and much more.

    On the Cover:
    Beer is an undeniable part of the Appalachian Trail culture. Photo by Meghann Chapman.



    No More Excuses
    Beer Smack by Jason & Todd Alström

    Beer News

    Thinking & Drinking
    Innovation by Lisa Morrison

    The Beer Geek Handbook by Patrick Dawson
    Shelf Talker by Courtney Cox

    Hop Stimulator Double IPA from Funky Buddha Brewery
    Label Approval by Courtney Cox

    Grin and Beer It: Watering Holes Cater to Hikers Along the Appalachian Trail
    Draft Picks by Allyson Hester; illustration by Kirby Salvador

    Rodenbach Caractère Rouge
    6 Degrees of Fermentation as told to Ben Keene; illustration by Brett Affrunti

    Wild Growth
    Unfiltered by Andy Crouch; illustration by Chi-Yun Lau

    Adulterating Germans
    Fermented Culture by Ron Pattinson

    Extract This
    BYOB by Drew Beechum; illustration by Ellen Crenshaw

    Asian-Style Noodles
    Cuisine à la Bière recipes by Sean Z. Paxton

    Carolina Creeper
    Kindred Spirits (recipe by Nate DeVillers | General Manager and Beverage Director Pint Central | Charlotte, N.C.)

    Chilean Sea Bass
    Table Mates (pairings by Nick Barlow | Lead Bartender, Public House | Las Vegas, Nevada)

    Oak & Ore in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    Barkeep by Austin L. Ray

    Brian Hunt, Founder and Brewmaster, Moonlight Brewing Company
    9 Steps to Beerdom by Paul M. McMorrow

    Piney River Brewing Company in Bucyrus, Missouri
    From the Source by Stan Hieronymus

    Reykjavík, Iceland
    Beer Destinations by Elvar Ástráðsson; illustration by Sam Brewster

    Sequencing Wild Yeast: In Search of More Consistent Wild Beers, Brewers Team Up with Scientists to Better Understand Fermentation
    Feature by Aleszu Bajak

    Skipping the Store: Will Beer Delivery Services Change Consumer Behavior?
    Feature by Bryan Roth

    Beer Reviews by Jason & Todd Alström

    Sean Lynch, Founder, Clean Beer Project
    Last Call (interview by Courtney Cox)


    As always ... thanks for reading!

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  2. twistwrist

    twistwrist Initiate (0) Jun 20, 2013 Georgia

    Pretty excited about the Appalachian Trail article. :wink:
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  3. twistwrist

    twistwrist Initiate (0) Jun 20, 2013 Georgia

    Besides BA's online store, do any retailers carry the BeerAdvocate magazine? I've already ordered a couple of copies but I'd like to get my hands on one soon. :slight_smile: Cheers!
  4. Gpops

    Gpops Initiate (0) Nov 11, 2015 Pennsylvania

    Just finished the AT this last December... think I stopped at every brewery/bar along the way! Looking forward to reading that article as well.
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  5. Todd

    Todd Founder (5,623) Aug 23, 1996 California

    Aside from comp copies at limited, select locations (noted on the place's page), it's only available via the BA Store.
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  6. twistwrist

    twistwrist Initiate (0) Jun 20, 2013 Georgia

    I finished this last December too, December 7. Did you SOBO?
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  7. ChrisMLan

    ChrisMLan Initiate (0) Jul 17, 2015 Virginia

    Emailed the magazine , sure it was too late, but Basic City Beer Co. Opening in Waynesboro, VA in August has showers for the AT hikers, as they walk right in front of the brewery from Rockfish Gap into Waynesboro. It is the closest brewery to the trail in the Shenandoah Valley I believe .

  8. twistwrist

    twistwrist Initiate (0) Jun 20, 2013 Georgia

  9. Keene

    Keene Editorial Director (856) Sep 11, 2009 Washington

    If you emailed the magazine, it didn't reach me for some reason. Thanks for the info nonetheless, I'll be sure to keep an eye on Basic City Beer Company's progress.
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  10. danybrew

    danybrew Initiate (0) Feb 8, 2010 Belgium

    nice , but Without !! these Horrible cans !! getted everywhere in our Country !... No nature respect ! Bad system !
  11. twistwrist

    twistwrist Initiate (0) Jun 20, 2013 Georgia

    Hikers should always pack out their cans...if you choose to carry heavy liquid into the woods for enjoyment, pack out your own damn empty can. When other hikers run across the remnants left by those less considerate, it is all of our responsibility to pick up after others. Just today on a random short trail near my home, I carried out nearly 7 pounds of water bottles that had been dumped. They were unopened, so I decided to pack the weight to enjoy the water rather than dumping the liquid weight. :wink: Besides, after carrying 35 pounds for 6 months last year, 7 pounds of water is cake.
    I am so sorry you have found cans littered about. Just know there are many of us beer-loving hikers who feel the same way and try to work to leave the world better than it was when we found it.
    Cheers to you.
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