BeerAdvocate magazine #119 (December 2016)

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    Watch our preview of BeerAdvocate magazine #119 (December 2016) on the enduring appeal of mole beer.

    On the Cover: Cover art by Jay Roeder. To see more of his hand lettering, visit



    10 Years of the Magazine
    Beer Smack by Jason & Todd Alström

    Pint-Makers Work Together on Cold Creations
    Beer News by Rebecca Kirkman

    Worthy Brewing Opens Country’s First Hopservatory
    Beer News by Kristen Pope

    Time in a Bottle
    Innovation by Lisa Morrison

    Brewing Local: American-Grown Beer by Stan Hieronymus
    Shelf Talker by Courtney Cox

    Tröegs Independent Brewing’s Mad Elf Ale
    Label Approval by Courtney Cox

    Heavy Medal: A Brief History of the Great American Beer Fest Awards
    By the Numbers by Shane English

    Past Perfect: Coolships Take Off Around the Country
    Tools of the Trade by Justin Kennedy

    Predicting the Unpredictable
    Unfiltered by Andy Crouch; illustration by Chi-Yun Lau

    The Surprising History of the Session IPA
    Fermented Culture by Ron Pattinson

    A Mostly True Story: Brewing an Irish Red Ale
    BYOB by Drew Beechum; illustration by Ellen Crenshaw

    Winter Beer Cakes
    Cuisine à la Bière recipes by Sean Z. Paxton

    Kindred Spirits (recipe by CJ Shaw | Bartender at Velveteen Rabbit | Las Vegas, Nev.)

    Rotisserie Leg of Lamb
    Table Mates (pairings by Goodkind’s BJ Seidel | Milwaukee, Wis.)

    Birreria Volo in Toronto, Candada
    Barkeep by Crystal Luxmore

    Jeff Griffith, Head Brewer, Fate Brewing Company
    9 Steps to Beerdom by Paul M. McMorrow

    Great Raft Brewing
    From the Source by Nora McGunnigle

    Greenville, South Carolina
    Beer Destinations by Brian Yaeger; illustration by Sam Brewster

    A Flavorful History, Served by the Glass: The Enduring Appeal of Mole Beer
    Feature by John W. Mitchell

    If They Build It, Who Will Come? National Brewpubs with Neighborhood Aspirations
    Feature by Adam H. Callaghan

    Beer Reviews by Jason & Todd Alström

    John Cochran, President, UpCountry Brewing
    Last Call (interview by Courtney Cox; art by Nathan Arizona)


    As always ... thanks for reading!

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