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  1. Todd

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    In recent years, we've applied several updates to the rating system. We've listened to your constructive feedback and ideas, discussed them, and decided to reevaluate these changes.

    Rating System Update
    We've always strived to find a balance that caters to both reviewers and raters. By fully restoring and requiring attributes, we've returned to our roots while also catering to the casual rater. We feel that the attributes encourage a more thoughtful assessment, while also providing other users and the industry with more insight behind the numbers.
    • All beer ratings now use attributes; look, smell, taste, feel, overall
    • Rating by attribute restored for Places; vibe, quality, service, selection, food (optional)
    • Review text is still optional, but there's a 5 word minimum now
    • Disabled 1-5 quick ratings
    • Disabled precise ratings
    • Disabled the ability to rate a place that's just a brewery
    • All old place rating attributes have been restored
    • All past ratings and reviews remain intact and are updatable for those who wish to
    Brewery Beer Average (BEER AVG)
    The most important aspect of any brewery is its beer. We're now displaying the brewery's beer average, number of active beers, and number of ratings more prominently.

    Outlier Detection
    As part of our ongoing effort to discourage fraudulent ratings, we've implemented an algorithm to detect outliers. That is, ratings that are extraordinarily high or low when compared to the average.

    How it works:
    • Statistical outliers are checked upon a user submitting a rating
    • If an outlier exists, a written review (text) of the beer or place is required
    To encourage more participation, and present a consistent experience, we've introduced Likes to beer and place reviews.
    • Likes has completely replaced the previous up/down voting system
    • Likes format is based on Likes for forums posts
    • Previous up votes have been converted to Likes
    • All down votes have been disabled
    Flag As Inappropriate
    The flagging functionality has been replaced with a Report link, similar to forum posts. By clicking the link you submit the review for our attention.

    Sort By
    Based on your feedback, we've updated the default and introduced new options.
    • Sort by default restored to Most Recent
    • Sorting by Usefulness has been replaced with Likes
    • Sort by Following has been added, which orders ratings by the people you follow first
    In The Works
    • Update Help and FAQ posts
    • Slightly adjust beer attribute weights
    • Removal of all ratings/reviews of places that are just breweries
    • Restoring serving type to beer ratings
    • Restoring value to place ratings
    • Rolled up stats for beer and place attributes
    • Update Like functionality; add the ability to unlike a review, etc
    • Add Likes, Flag, and Sort By options to the app
    • Continued efforts to detect and eliminate abusive ratings
    Related app updates:

    Thanks for your feedback and continued support. We truly appreciate it.

  2. Todd

    Todd Founder (6,632) Aug 23, 1996 California
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    Beer Attribute Weights = Adjusted
    This in the works item has been completed. The weights applied to beer attributes are even less arbitrary (for those who thought they were) and reinforce the above update; encouraging users to think about the individual characteristics of the beer in order to better recognize the impact and importance of each.
    • Weights are now aligned with BJCP scoresheets; the original inspiration for the previous weights.
      • Look = 6% (was 5%)
      • Smell = 24% (was 20%)
      • Taste = 40% (was 45%)
      • Mouthfeel = 10%
      • Overall = 20%
    • Averages for all attribute-based ratings have been updated.
    • All beer stats have been updated. The impact (if any) was negligible, however, some beer averages did change.
    • All brewery stats have been updated.
    • No action is required by users.
    How to Review a Beer
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