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Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by Oxymoron, Jan 15, 2013.

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  1. miketd

    miketd Zealot (534) Mar 2, 2006 Ohio
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    I know the brewer and he's somewhat active on RB; he said they packed it up there and shipped from there. I have no reason to doubt him.

    Edit - another great thing about buying Elevated was they always put a stamp on the beer to let you know when it was canned.
  2. brewtopian

    brewtopian Initiate (0) Feb 14, 2008 Idaho

    I say its impossible to enforce because the majority of online shippers are shipping without the knowledge of UPS or FedEx. Both companies report monthly to each states tax commission on every shipment of alcohol into the state so those that are shipping legitimately are required to play by the rules. Those that aren't just skirt by until the moment an order is damaged and a box is opened to find alcohol. That's when they get shut down.
  3. pjeagles

    pjeagles Initiate (165) May 29, 2005 New Mexico
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    As I stated in a previous Beerjobber post, the individual breweries themselves received orders and packed the beers in shipping containers provided by Beerjobber, and it is pretty good shipping material at that. I've seen the shippers sitting in Marble's brewery and thought about asking if I could use some of them... to ship fresh Elevated IPA and Marble beers to you, the now displaced former users of Beerjobber.
  4. erway

    erway Initiate (154) Jul 28, 2006 New Mexico

    The Elevated IPA, and all the other beers on beerjobber, were shipping from the breweries. I packed a lot of it up myself. As far as their model. They had distro rights and we're paying state excise tax in 46 states. They worked under the same auspices of a wine club. Nothing illegal about it per se, but I am glad I didn't have their legal fees. YIKES. I am betting that, above all else, was the major issue.

    As far as pricing of ours, or any brewery's beers, whether you bought one 4 pack, or one case, it was the same amount of work for them, so they marked it up to a similar level to get the revenues that they felt they needed to stick around. I guess they were wrong about that particular number. I am betting there will be others.
  5. LarryK

    LarryK Aspirant (232) Jul 13, 2012 Texas
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    Was pretty shocked to hear about this. I'd been given a four-pack of Elevated IPA -- which is absolutely astounding -- and six-pack of Marble IPA -- also ridiculously good -- as Christmas presents, and was blown away when both arrived on around January 15 bearing stickers showing that they were canned on January 3. Talk about freshness!!! Sure, the beers were considerably more expensive than your average four/six-pack, but that's the price you pay for getting to try incredible beer that isn't distributed to New York City and also not having to deal with the expenses incurred/potential for less-than-ideal-freshness that can arise during the trading process.

    By the way, any plans for NYC distribution? Or at the very least, Texas, where I spend a fair amount of time due to visiting family?
  6. Dogzbone

    Dogzbone Initiate (0) Dec 1, 2012 New York

    Think Let's Pour will be next?
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