Beers similar to Coolship Resurgam

Discussion in 'New England' started by thedaveofbeer, Oct 7, 2018.

  1. thedaveofbeer

    thedaveofbeer Initiate (129) Mar 25, 2016 Massachusetts

    I know this is going to come off as a first world problem, but I am looking for beers that are even a close approximation to Coolship Resurgam at a lower cost. If I won the lottery, I would probably buy all the Resurgam Allagash makes and drink it all day and night. Sadly, I just checked my powerball tickets and I am only 4 bucks closer to my next bottle. Any suggestions for bottles at 10 bucks or less for 375mL?
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  2. AirBob

    AirBob Defender (625) Jul 15, 2014 Massachusetts

    Cuvee Rene may be a good place to start. You should be able to find 750ml for about $12 and 375ml for about $8.
  3. bsullivan

    bsullivan Initiate (57) Aug 17, 2017 Connecticut

    Right at the top of your budget, OEC in Oxford, CT. Their Artista Zynergia series are mostly guezee and are 20$ for 750, $42 for 1.5L
  4. bostonwolf

    bostonwolf Initiate (143) Jan 20, 2015 Massachusetts

    Resurgam might be my favorite beer ever. I'm not sure if it has comparables.
  5. abagofit

    abagofit Initiate (165) Oct 31, 2014 Massachusetts

    Boon Mariage Parfait is usually around $7-8
  6. Michaelpro824

    Michaelpro824 Initiate (101) Nov 27, 2015 New York

    This is no help, but they bottled a batch on 8/24/16, my birthday. I discovered this and nearly maxed out my credit card on them
  7. pbrian

    pbrian Defender (602) Feb 8, 2001 Connecticut

    What’s a two year old doing with a credit card??

    Sorry, that was weak one....
  8. jhavs

    jhavs Poo-Bah (1,546) Apr 16, 2015 New Hampshire
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    I think this is the best that you will do on a budget. Not a cheap style of beer overall. I was super happy they had Resurgam (and Cerise) in the retail shop when I was there 10 days ago.
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  9. thedaveofbeer

    thedaveofbeer Initiate (129) Mar 25, 2016 Massachusetts

    Dang...this was what I was afraid of.... thanks for the replies. I guess I will just have to settle for the occasional nectar of the gods. Does Allagash usually have coolship resurgam in stock? I am heading to Maine next month and hope to buy a few bottles.
  10. JonnyJuicebox

    JonnyJuicebox Initiate (142) Jun 3, 2015 Massachusetts

    Petrus aged pale ale is a different style but scratches my gueuze itch when I don’t want to open something pricy. 8 bucks a bottle I think? It’s slighty funky, pleasantly tart and effervescent.

    But Allagash coolship series is seriously the top echelon of beer.
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  11. bsullivan

    bsullivan Initiate (57) Aug 17, 2017 Connecticut

    Definitely not available often, sorry. I know they don’t brew until November or December, depending on temperature. If we assume that they blend and bottle around that time from mature barrels, it would be released after the new year
  12. AirBob

    AirBob Defender (625) Jul 15, 2014 Massachusetts

    I went to Allagash twice this year, once in May and once in July, and I think they had Resurgam available on both occasions. There was also a pretty wide variety of other corked and caged beers, at least compared to prior years when I've visited where there'd only be one or two, so I wonder if they've been scaling up production.
  13. hopley

    hopley Meyvn (1,174) Feb 24, 2010 Massachusetts
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    This is a great thread and I'm starting a list now so that I can note those I haven't tried! I recently had a nicely aged Oxbow Arboreal (maybe 4 years?) recently and, similar to Resurgam, it was probably the best beer I've ever had from Maine - a little more "bourbouny" in look and appearance, and heavier in mouthfeel, but simply delicate and delectable in a way that Resurgam is. Unfortunately no cheaper though.

    I will add that I'm in Maine all the time so hit me up if you've ever got the itch - Resurgam seems to be a near rotational offering these days.
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  14. jbart

    jbart Initiate (148) Oct 2, 2004 Massachusetts

    Allagash posts the bottles they have to go, and they do have Resurgam now. Scroll down to the Beers to Go section here:
  15. bsullivan

    bsullivan Initiate (57) Aug 17, 2017 Connecticut

    Thrilled to be proven wrong about its availability! Maybe I’ll find an excuse to go up!
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  16. abagofit

    abagofit Initiate (165) Oct 31, 2014 Massachusetts

    I've been to allagash probably a half dozen times in the last year and they have had resurgam every time. Definitely must've increased production because that beer used to be gone in a matter of days.
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  17. dubdrop

    dubdrop Aspirant (299) Aug 6, 2012 Massachusetts

    same for me. they've had resurgam to go every time i've been there in the last 12+ months.
  18. oldbean

    oldbean Aspirant (270) Jun 30, 2005 Massachusetts

    If they haven't increased production of Resurgam itself, it does seem like the barrel program in general keeps cranking out more and more stuff. Given how pricy it all is, the wide variety probably keeps people from buying too much of any one thing.
  19. MattVC

    MattVC Initiate (37) Aug 21, 2012 Massachusetts

    Geuze Boon
    Boon Oude Geuze Mariage Parfait
    Hanssens Oude Geuze
    Girardin Black Label 1882
  20. DarthCerevisiae

    DarthCerevisiae Initiate (42) Jan 13, 2016 Massachusetts

    Welp, you're in luck! Allagash just announced that they'll be sending Resurgam into distro starting November