Beers you bought because of the NAME.....

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by 19etz55, Mar 18, 2016.

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  1. kirk63129

    kirk63129 Initiate (84) Jun 11, 2014 Missouri

  2. larryarms847

    larryarms847 Initiate (0) Dec 12, 2010 Illinois

    Beard Beer. Both for the name and the intrigue of drinking a beer made from yeast from some dude's gnarly beard.
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  3. JoeBloe

    JoeBloe Defender (641) Nov 16, 2007 New York

    Rico Suavin' - good
    Porkslap - not good
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  4. izzyismyrott

    izzyismyrott Disciple (365) Jan 5, 2015 Indiana

    Big Sky's Moose Drool
    Upland's Nut Hugger
    Southern Tier's Creme Brulee Stout
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  5. rossracing

    rossracing Initiate (0) Mar 30, 2013 Illinois

    Surly Overrated
    and zombie dust before i knew how good it was
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  6. Samlover55

    Samlover55 Champion (827) Oct 8, 2015 New York

    really cool name is ommegang gnomegang
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  7. BlackMetal

    BlackMetal Initiate (0) Mar 20, 2016 Utah

    Uinta Dubhe (Pronounced Doobie)
    Squatters Outer Darkness Imperial Stout
    Wasatch Polygamy Porter
    and if I could ever find it, I would definitely buy Iron Maidens the Trooper, and Hopped in Half
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  8. HopBobby

    HopBobby Initiate (0) Mar 20, 2016 Texas

    667 the Neighbor of the Beast from Lone Pint
    Pussy Wagon from Brash

    Both are outstanding beers in my opinion.....bought them the first time for the name....continue drinking them for the great flavor!
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  9. RBassSFHOPit2ME

    RBassSFHOPit2ME Initiate (0) Mar 1, 2009 California

    Hoppy Ending
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  10. TriggerFingers

    TriggerFingers Initiate (0) Apr 29, 2012 California

    With why are you buying beer based solely on the name, rather than the contents?
  11. msscott1973

    msscott1973 Devotee (472) Dec 28, 2013 North Carolina

  12. DruC4

    DruC4 Devotee (455) Dec 18, 2010 Michigan

    It's pretty rare I at least don't know something about the beer, especially with perusing this site so much, but there are some where the name was a heavy influence on buying it.

    Like Perrin Brewery's "Kill 'Em All" & "With Kindness", excellent marketing, how could I not get them both? I also had to blend them together as well, you know, just to see.

    I already love Mikkeller products, but the "To _____, From _____" kinda got me, just cause I thought it was a neat gifting idea, even though I drank it for myself with no regrets.

    Oddside Ales, "Beautiful Disaster". Arcadia "Cereal Killer". Southern Tier's "Krampus" during Christmas time of course. Good ol' Founders "Dirty Bastard" got me back in the day before Founders was huge.
  13. Giantspace

    Giantspace Savant (985) Dec 22, 2011 Pennsylvania

    none almost bought Blitzkrieg hops due to the can design/name but passed at $17 a four pack

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  14. Giantspace

    Giantspace Savant (985) Dec 22, 2011 Pennsylvania

    I used to LOVE Steg Porter.......It was so good and cheap......last time I had it I was very disappointed......

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  15. gr8ful

    gr8ful Initiate (105) Aug 17, 2014 Texas

    -radrje l'aime...le fin du monde.cone of my first off-the-radar brews so many years ago
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  16. SovereignGood

    SovereignGood Aspirant (237) Jan 11, 2016 California

    I bought Prairie Bomb awhile back knowing nothing about it other than the label and name were both pretty rad - luckily turned out to be a friggin awesome beer too..
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  17. Dutchcraftbeergeek

    Dutchcraftbeergeek Savant (936) Nov 21, 2015 Netherlands

    Crunkle Sam by Clown Shoes

    Awesome beer btw!
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  18. Shanex

    Shanex Poo-Bah (1,817) Dec 10, 2015 France
    Society Trader

    Raging bitch.

    Turned out to be good too.
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  19. NickSMpls

    NickSMpls Poo-Bah (1,762) Nov 11, 2012 Washington
    Society Trader

    Hairy Eyeball
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  20. Comparison_Ford

    Comparison_Ford Disciple (383) Apr 4, 2014 New York

    Sand City Oops! I Hopped My Pants

    Name aside, still a great beer.
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  21. mudbug

    mudbug Defender (622) Mar 27, 2009 Oregon

    Ten Barrels Swill. Little did I imagine that the name was 100% accurate.
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  22. Squire

    Squire Poo-Bah (2,803) Jul 16, 2015 Mississippi
    Society Trader

    Names don't matter but graphics do, interesting animals, hot women . . . don't know why I listed them in that order.
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  23. The_Kriek_Freak

    The_Kriek_Freak Poo-Bah (2,445) Aug 18, 2014 Pennsylvania
    Society Trader

    Pork Slap
    Pearl Necklace
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  24. BPackert

    BPackert Initiate (0) Apr 26, 2016 Ohio

    ATG - The Brown Note
    Listermann - Don't Talk Shit about Norwood
    Anything Hoof Hearted has released

    Really too long a list to make.:wink:
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  25. Stephanievikara

    Stephanievikara Initiate (0) Sep 25, 2015 Tennessee

    Smaug stout from the hobbit series:sunglasses:
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  26. PhilsPils

    PhilsPils Disciple (307) Feb 11, 2010 Texas

    Brash Pussy Wagon. Don't judge me...
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  27. JaefromLA

    JaefromLA Initiate (0) May 19, 2015 California

    Too many to list but I bet you can do a thread on just Lebowski themed brews. Ever hear of The Dudes Brewing?
  28. beertraveler08

    beertraveler08 Aspirant (228) Mar 22, 2016 Louisiana

    Clown Shoes Hoppy Feet
  29. langcpa

    langcpa Initiate (0) Jul 4, 2009 Nebraska

    Gose gone wild
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  30. PhilsPils

    PhilsPils Disciple (307) Feb 11, 2010 Texas

    667 Neighbor Of The Beast. Good beer but I wish they would quit making it so they could spend that time and space making Yellow Rose more available.
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  31. TheGent

    TheGent Poo-Bah (2,503) Jun 29, 2010 New Jersey
    Society Trader

    Haven't bought it yet, because I can't find it, but Allagash Helena. My wife's name. Would like to drink it on an anniversary or some other special occasion.
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  32. TongoRad

    TongoRad Poo-Bah (2,995) Jun 3, 2004 New Jersey
    Society Trader

    Ha! I just might do the same thing. A Tarrantino or Lynch reference will get me every time.
  33. REEK

    REEK Initiate (0) Jan 16, 2015 Massachusetts

    Green Head IPA .. for those in NE
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  34. DabblinWiscCraft

    DabblinWiscCraft Zealot (520) Jul 5, 2011 Wisconsin

    I don't think I've ever bought a beer solely on the name, but here's a short(ish) list of what I consider the best beer monikers out there:

    Two Hearted
    Dark Penance
    Old Curmudgeon
    Backwoods Bastard
    Arrogant Bastard
    Dragon's Milk
    Spotted Cow
    Bitter Woman
    Fantasy Factory
    Old Rasputin
    The Abyss
    Plead the 5th
    Scotty Karate
    A Little Sumpin' Sumpin'
    Focal Banger
    Jai Alai
    Even More Jesus
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  35. imfatsowhat

    imfatsowhat Initiate (0) Aug 20, 2013 California

    KBS...nuff said:confused:
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  36. Homers_Beer_Odyssey

    Homers_Beer_Odyssey Initiate (0) Jun 17, 2014 New York

    Mikkeller 1,000, because I really thought it was 1,000 IBU. I liked the beer, but there are loads of brews way more bitter, and Mikkeller's blurb never claims the beer really is 1,000 IBU.
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  37. OldManMetal

    OldManMetal Initiate (0) Jun 5, 2015 North Carolina

    Trooper 666
    The Trooper
    Hype Whale
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  38. Bissel328

    Bissel328 Initiate (0) Nov 24, 2015 Massachusetts

    Breaking Bud - Knee Deep Brewing

    Phenomenal beer
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  39. Gilbredbird

    Gilbredbird Initiate (0) Apr 23, 2016 Missouri

    Backwoods Bastard. Delicious!
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  40. bmf5581

    bmf5581 Initiate (0) Mar 14, 2011 North Carolina

    The Shape of Hops to Come

    Great reference.
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