Beers you will never drink again

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by keithmurray, Oct 14, 2012.

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  1. chanokokoro

    chanokokoro Champion (835) Jan 31, 2012 Illinois

    Agreed. I absolutely love Old Stock.
  2. chanokokoro

    chanokokoro Champion (835) Jan 31, 2012 Illinois

    Two that come to mind immediately are Founders Frangelic Mountain Brown and Hoppin Frog/De Molen Super Charged Saison IPA. Toughed it out, but I was really close to drainpouring both of them.
  3. chanokokoro

    chanokokoro Champion (835) Jan 31, 2012 Illinois

    I'll drink it, but to be honest, I find Two Hearted to be just...meh. I think I'm probably committing a sacreligious act by admitting this. It's a well-made beer, but for some reason it never connects with my tastebuds the way it must for most others. I've always found the nose to be so darn appealing, but the taste always tends to be a bit of a letdown for me.
  4. marine1975

    marine1975 Disciple (373) Apr 27, 2009 North Carolina
    Beer Trader

    Idiot's Drool
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  5. Indybier

    Indybier Initiate (0) Nov 15, 2011 Illinois

    Post Road Pumpkin.

    I forced it down to create room in the fridge.
  6. MichPaul

    MichPaul Zealot (597) Jan 28, 2012 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    Hmmm, yeah, that does seem to be sacrilege... You must go before the court to determine your fate! :slight_smile: You're fate will be to drink it till you love it with the rest of the world!!! Ha ha!
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  7. Indybier

    Indybier Initiate (0) Nov 15, 2011 Illinois

    I completely agree. Good beer, but, not as great as one would think from the masses here. Overrated comes to mind.
  8. Buckethead

    Buckethead Initiate (0) Oct 21, 2012

    Pretty much anything by Sierra Nevada & beers that aren't IPA's
  9. joshwars

    joshwars Initiate (0) Aug 11, 2012 New Jersey

  10. Blueribbon666

    Blueribbon666 Zealot (596) Jul 4, 2008 Ohio

    Sol w/lime(flavor)
    Blue Moon hate the taste & the smell
    Smuttynose Brown Dog Ale, woof what a let down...the drain that is.
    Big Eddy, what a boozy, syrupy mess of a wanna be Sam Adams Imperial series. Sorry Leinny it's yet another swing and a miss.
  11. Miruguy

    Miruguy Aspirant (201) Nov 22, 2010 California
    Beer Trader

    I'm surprised you even bother posting on a beer related site. Maybe you're better suited for wine?
  12. LOCAL

    LOCAL Initiate (0) Oct 29, 2006 New Hampshire

    In regards to the OP, I'm currently sipping on a 2010 Old Stock and it tastes fantastic! Nothing like you describe. It's rich, malty, a touch of dark fruit and just the slightest bit of warming on the back end. No hot booziness to speak of.

    Beers I wont be drinking again...
    Pumpkin Head... and most every other pumpkin beer.
    Old Speckled Hen - I got sick the first time I had it.
    Budlight Lime (not that I really wanted to drink it in the first place)- if only it tasted like lime and not a jolly rancher.
    Steel Reserve
  13. valdieu2

    valdieu2 Aspirant (288) Feb 23, 2012 Maine

    7 or 8 years ago Geary's did a beer called American Ale and it was much like Ballentine XXX. I've had many of both.
  14. ColonelCash

    ColonelCash Initiate (0) Jul 6, 2011 Tennessee

    Pumking - based off the only bottle I have purchased. Someone either needs to temper my expectations, or convince me it shouldn't be flat and taste like an artifical cinnamon / nutmeg mess of a beer.
  15. mudbug

    mudbug Zealot (595) Mar 27, 2009 Oregon

    This. Voodo donut abomination... blech
  16. Vigilante

    Vigilante Initiate (0) Aug 15, 2012 Nevada

    Abita Purple Haze
  17. patto1ro

    patto1ro Defender (622) Apr 26, 2004 Netherlands

    King & Barnes Mild, unfortunately. Hole's AK, Shippo's Mild, Hull Mild, Simpkiss Bitter, Davenport's Mild, anything from Wem, Chesters Fighting Mild, Oldham Bitter, Branik Tmavé 12º, Maclay's 60/-, Yorkshire Clubs Dark Mild and many more.
  18. khall62

    khall62 Initiate (0) Jul 1, 2010 New Jersey

    Any pumkin beer and any experimental beer from Dogfish
  19. OneBeertoRTA

    OneBeertoRTA Devotee (490) Jan 2, 2010 California
    Beer Trader

    Dragon's milk
    Stone 16th
    Bitch Please (worst beer I've ever had)
  20. keithmurray

    keithmurray Meyvn (1,112) Oct 7, 2009 Connecticut

    Yeah man, I still have a bottle of 2010 left, last weekend, tried to drink a bottle of it and I found it to be very unbalanced, I couldn't decipher any flavors beyond the booziness. Maybe I need to age it a couple of more years? I wish I could trade it for something.
  21. EnronCFO

    EnronCFO Devotee (494) Mar 29, 2007 Massachusetts
    Beer Trader

    The wet cardboard taste is spot on. It's amazing people drink those beers, I think CC just reported their best year ever!
  22. fortsambo

    fortsambo Initiate (132) Feb 14, 2011 Colorado
    Beer Trader

    Shipyard pumpkinhead, thinking about it 3 days later still made me nauseous
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  23. BullDurham

    BullDurham Initiate (0) Aug 13, 2009 Illinois

    Plenty of beer I wouldn't seek out again, not because they are bad, but because I found beers that were better
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  24. stantheposterman

    stantheposterman Initiate (54) Aug 6, 2012 California
    Beer Trader

    Duck Rabbit - Rabid Duck

    I'd rather eat the ass end out of a dead rhino than suffer through another sip of that.
  25. hardy008

    hardy008 Poo-Bah (1,951) Jan 12, 2008 Minnesota

    Miller Lite. Just nasty disgusting shit.
  26. stantheposterman

    stantheposterman Initiate (54) Aug 6, 2012 California
    Beer Trader

    Sorry about showing up a week later! I'm going to have to respectfully disagree on the Ola Dubh. I've had most(if not all) of the variants they make many, many times. They've ranged from good to over the top phenomenal.
  27. TheSaboteur

    TheSaboteur Initiate (0) Sep 20, 2010 Nebraska

    I don't believe there is a beer that I would refuse to ever drink again. However, if there was, Freaktoberfest would, most likely, be at the top of that list.
  28. Giantspace

    Giantspace Defender (624) Dec 22, 2011 Pennsylvania

    Forgot about Davidsons. Grabbed a mix 12 pack this summer and it was horrible. There is a small brew place near an ice cream shop that had some really off beer as well a few years back. Is that coopers cave?

  29. modern

    modern Initiate (0) May 31, 2012 Ohio

    Never trying something again goes against the spirit of beer advocacy. Read the 2011 Devil Dancer reviews, then go drink one from this year. I suppose if you have just encountered something you don't like time and again, maybe. Otherwise go ahead, it isnt going to kill you.
  30. Giantspace

    Giantspace Defender (624) Dec 22, 2011 Pennsylvania

    Love the GF friendship. I did not think there was any cough medicine taste. Not a beer for all I can see but I hope they brew this for a long time and bring the price down. $14 a four pack. Ouch

  31. Azzy

    Azzy Initiate (0) Jul 16, 2012 Texas
    Beer Trader

    Southern Tier Creme Brulee.
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  32. semibaked

    semibaked Zealot (565) Mar 27, 2007 Illinois

    I drank it for free on draft and I felt I was ripped off.
  33. tcanaday

    tcanaday Initiate (0) Oct 23, 2012 California

    Ruhstaller Hop Sac.
  34. Gregfalone

    Gregfalone Initiate (0) Sep 5, 2012 California
    Beer Trader

    King cobra, Budweiser, mickey's.

    Campfire porter, bayhawk porter (disgusting), and so many more that I don't remember off hand, but would if I saw them.

    Probably olfabrikken porter only because they don't make it any more, and I don't think I'll ever find another bottle.
  35. Jimmyp7010

    Jimmyp7010 Initiate (0) Mar 13, 2009 New York
    Beer Trader

    Yes that is Coopers Cave, the ice cream is the same company.
  36. dfhead5381673

    dfhead5381673 Initiate (0) Nov 7, 2008 Maryland

    Anything from Victory. If they didn't have a brewpub with fucked up management I'd be drinking the crap out of their beers. As it is I'll never spend another penny on their products.
  37. cosmonick

    cosmonick Initiate (0) Apr 19, 2010 Indiana

    Founders BA Spite - Habanero
    I was away from the table when the waitress announced that the Spites were just as hot as the corresponding fresh pepper. I figured it'd be hot... but it light me up! It actually wasn't a bad tasting beer, but I think I'd like it better in my chili than in my beer glass.
  38. OTB

    OTB Disciple (386) Sep 2, 2011 California

    Knuckle Sandwich. A boozy sweet mess of a brew. Moving away from the malty over alcoholic brews.

  39. HeyJim

    HeyJim Initiate (0) Sep 22, 2012 Pennsylvania

  40. bubseymour

    bubseymour Poo-Bah (1,990) Oct 30, 2010 Maryland
    Beer Trader

    Mad Elf is boozy cherry cough syrup.

    I keep accidentally grabbing Barleywines as single samplers. All of them I can't stand so far. I've tried 4-5 and all are just too heavy and boozy to enjoy.
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