Belgium in a Box experiences?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by 701beer, May 5, 2012.

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    I'm happy with the cost from BIAB. 18 bottles with shipping cost me $18 USD each bottle total. That if you are just taking the total cost and divided by the number of bottles. Also got to pickup a sweet 3F glass from the site.
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    Belgium in a Box sounds like a bad movie, or a horrible circumstance of WW1 or WW2. What is that freaky film where someone gets buried alive? Yikes. I would rather they had named their company anything else.
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    Is this the point where someone chimes in "you got gouged!!" :astonished:

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    Most bottles of Catillon go for $20 or more on the shelf if you can find them in the US at all. 3F and Boon are a little cheaper between $12 and $20 USD
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    Sorry, sarcasm. I'm well aware. I just shelled out $25 for one.
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    lol, I've found sarcasm never works on this site. Outrageous stuff gets said so often you don't know who is serious.
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    I wanted to chime in on my recent Belgium in a Box experience. I ordered my box late March 26th. I received the beer April 7th perfectly packed. It went through JFK customs. I have ordered from BIAB a few times now and never had a problem. Highly recommend.
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    Haha, and for me BIAB always comes across as Brew In A Bag, which is a mash technique I use in brewing.
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    Does tracking info come along with Belgium in a Box orders. I placed an order and got an invoice # but no tracking info.
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    You should get it in a separate email with in a couple days after it ships. It should be Order confirmation email -> Shipped email -> Tracking number email, each usually a day or so apart.
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    I've also ordered from them and it went very smoothly. However, I did get an email from them earlier this week that they have temporarily stopped shipping to the west coast because of customs problems, I think at LAX :slight_frown:
  13. 701beer

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    It has now been 22 days since the box landed in Chicago and had any update. Here is what my tracking information looks like for anyone still interested in this saga.

    No letters in the mail yet. Interesting that it has yet to receive a customs scan. Waiting until this coming Sunday to email Kurt about it.

    Via BPost:
    22/03/2015 07:00 Arrival at international office of exchange USORDA United States
    13/03/2015 08:21 Item information registered manually LCI
    13/03/2015 07:57 Departure from international depot BEBRUA Belgium
    12/03/2015 22:06 Item has been sorted Antwerpen X Parcel Sorter
    10/03/2015 20:01 Announcement of an item LCI

    Via USPS:
    March 22, 2015 , 7:00 am Processed Through Sort Facility ISC CHICAGO IL (USPS)
    March 13, 2015 , 7:57 am Processed Through Sort Facility BRUSSELS EUROPEAN MAIL CENTRE, BELGIUM
    March 13, 2015 , 7:53 am Acceptance BELGIUM
    March 13, 2015 , 7:53 am Processed Through Sort Facility BRUSSELS EUROPEAN MAIL CENTRE, BELGIUM
  14. kdb150

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    I don't really like calling them out on here, but I'm wondering if anyone else here put in an order last Monday when the gueuze and raspberry lambic bundles went on sale. The traffic to the site made it incredibly slow, but I was able to check out my order, and my card got charged. However, I received no confirmation of my order now nearly 2 weeks later, and several attempts to communicate have gone ignored.

    Did anyone else place an order last week? Did it go through? I know it can sometimes take them a while to process orders, and I'm not in any huge rush, but I can't get any answers about what is going on.
  15. owen49

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    I'm in the same position - tried to place an order, have a charge on my credit card, but no order history in my account. I've gotten one response from Kurt that said he's looking into it, but haven't heard back since then. (That was a week ago.)

    Worst case scenario is that the charge gets reversed, but I'm still hoping that the order was successful.
  16. sjccmd

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    I have a feeling he's been tied up the past couple of weeks what with issues with LAX and the raspberry bundle. I recently had a box returned after being processed at LAX (even though I live in Minnesota and previous shipments have gone through Chicago), and I haven't heard back from Kurt after several emails. He's usually been quite prompt.
  17. jdhende

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    To anyone doubting Kurt just be patient. He is one of then nicest and most fair people in the business. He runs a small business so I'm sure he is just busy. Hang tight and he will resolve it. I've ordered from them for years and never had any problems he didn't make right.
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  18. kdb150

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    I don't doubt Kurt, he has been very pleasant to work with in the past, and always attentive. His careful packaging no doubt takes a lot of time to put together, so I don't mind waiting a while on this one. Sorting through all the orders he received on those bundles is no doubt a daunting task, but the lack of even a confirmation of my purchase is a bad sign. I've asked him every way I can think of (email, Facebook, Twitter) for a status update, and haven't gotten a response. Just a quick note that he has the order and will eventually be sending it (or that he doesn't and will issue a refund) is all I'm after.

    A week and a half without a purchase confirmation is a long time to wait. I make a couple big orders of gueuze/sours a year and will probably consider using Etre from now on if it takes much longer to get a response.
  19. Jackofallbrews

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    I just used the site last month. Despite all 3 boxes shipping the same day, I got them scattered over 3 weeks. The first box looks like a pack of wild dogs were at it and a bottle was poking out--as a result the post office gave me some grief about it. I did get two incorrect bottles and am waiting to hear back about how he will deal with that. All that being said, still a good price for beers I can't get in Minnesota!
  20. Keyser

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    I originally emailed him on the 6th, once I was sure my recent order was going back to Belgium. BPost tracking shows delivered on the 13th and I emailed him again that day. Still nothing from him.

    Not too worried as I am sure Kurt is probably very busy with the recent issues, but it would be nice to hear some response.
  21. tstigz

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    He might be a nice guy, but it sounds like he probably needs to hire an employee. I've heard a ton of complaints lately about him not responding to emails.
  22. 77black_ships

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    Kurt has recently hired a new full-time employee. He is planning a move to a bigger warehouse. He is clearly addressing these issues. He has always made sure to compensate for any possible issues. I understand your worries but I am certain that he will do his utmost best to make everything in order. I have personally seen him take huge financial blows just to keep his customers happy.
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  23. Kozaka

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    Take advantage of the current conversion and inventory - bulk order of 18 Drie Fonteinen for $237, $13 per bottle shipped.
  24. F2brewers

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    massive understatement, jeff. :wink:
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  25. kdb150

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    That doesn't excuse a total lack of communication on a $500 order. Being busy is a nice problem for a shopkeeper to have, and that shouldn't get in the way of keeping your customers up-to-date on their orders. Perhaps one employee isn't enough.
  26. drtth

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    Might be some hidden costs to this.
  27. jdhende

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    You are certainly right to be worried, but sadly when you order beer from Belgium patience is the name of the game.

    To speak of how highly his customer service is let me share with you my story. I had placed a bulk order for roughly 15 bottles all arrived safely as always packed great! Then a few days later a second box shows up with the same exact bottles. I only ordered once so clearly it was a mistake. I reached out to Kurt and tell him of the mistake and even offer to ship back if he would like. This is his response:

    Goodmorning Jeff,

    Thank you sir for yr mail and yr honnesty.
    From my side, I thought the box was shipped without shipping documents, so I figured that eventually B-Post would return this 1st box assuming there was no official shipping document on the top of this box except for the invoice.

    I didn't want to wait for it's return, so I made this 2nd exact order and shipped it.

    As for the bottles you received, I hope you have the room to stock them.
    I would say - share & enjoy them with yr friends and fellow lambic fans.

    (maybe send a couple of pics of the tasting)


    Cheers/Vriendelijke groeten,

    Kurt Verbiest

    He's as honest as they come. He has a great service that allows us to enjoy amazing beer from Belgium at very fair prices, which I am very grateful for. I know it's a broken record, but just be patient with your situation.
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  28. kraddel

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    Hey guys! Nice read. Thnx for all the comments.
    My name is Dylan Verduyn. I am one out of 2 employees at Belgiuminabox. We are indeed booming, thats why we started out helping Kurt.
    As many of you know, we did indeed sold some packs, of which raspberry goodness was just one. This also fell together with the sale of 3 fonteinen volume deals. To be quite honoust with you all, we did got way more orders in way less time then expected. This made work pile up, resulting in a storm of e-mails towards Kurt.
    he takes customer contact enormously serious. This is why he feels bad for not being able to answer anyone as fast as he usually does.
    As a packer I can tell you all this much - most of the 3 fonteinen packs have been packed, others soon will be. All the raspberry goodness and Belgian sour packages that paid for shipping should be shipped- as far as I know. If you are amongst those people, tracking will follow soon.

    As for the people that have trouble reaching Kurt, I understand your frustrations. If you need to know anything than feel free to contact me as well ( facebook me since I'm not very active on here ) And i'll try to help you out. Every Person I can provide info for, is one mail less for Kurt, giving him time to run in to other mails and all the other work he needs to do ( shipping labels , tracking numbers , ...)

    Also, yes, the site has been out for a while due to overload. Sorry for the problems. We know some people have had the issue that they did pay, but have no order in their account. We will fix this, but it is important to mail Kurt ( with payment receipt ). Otherwise we do not know who fell out the boat on this one. - These mails should go to Kurt, not to me -

    If there is anything else I can help you guys with, just facebook me.
    Thnx for the patience and thnx for the support !
  29. kdb150

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    I've ordered from him before. Once he took a bit too long to pack my box, and ran out of one of the vintages of Cantillon Geuze I had ordered. To rectify this, he substituted a Stille Nacht Reserva. Needless to say, I was more than satisfied with how he handled the situation. I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience with Kurt up until now, I'm just a bit frustrated by the lack of communication. I also thought his e-commerce system sent automatic confirmtation emails when you place an order; I'm a little uneasy at the lack of confirmation.
  30. srgehl

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    I ordered on that monday too. Have you looked at your account on BiaB. Here is my status via my BiaB account overview on the website

    04/16/2015 Shipped
    04/08/2015 Preparation of your order
    04/06/2015 Payment Accepted by Ogone

    I also got an email yesterday on 4/16 saying that I would receive a link with a tracking number. I have not gotten that tracking number yet. This is my first time ordering from BiaB so I was a little scared when it took 8 days to say shipped. Like what was said in earlier posts, I imagine he's getting ton of emails about West Coast shipping problems. I don't doubt he's working on your order, but I bet most of his focus is on dealing with emails related to that first.
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  31. owen49

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    Yes, I've looked at my account and there is no order listed. If I had to guess, I think that my order is ultimately not going to be filled. It sucks, but I've had nothing but positive experiences with Kurt in the past and I think the site just got swamped with too many orders.
  32. kraddel

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    like I said, If this is from the day Framboos came out, you are probably one of the guys that fell trough. Check with your bank, if you DID pay, and there is no order added to your account, it is important to send us a mail.
  33. srgehl

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    Just got my shipment from BIAB! so pumped! Everything came in perfect and order was complete. From the day i ordered to the day it was delievered was 17 days. Only criticism I had was I got an email from Kurt that the order was shipped but no email with a URL to track the shippment. Could have been a problem if I was not home to sign for the package. But lucky I was off today randomly and now I look like a baller with bottles of 3F and Cantillon in my fridge! :slight_smile:
  34. SammyJaxxxx

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    I am glad to see one order arrived.
    I am curious on the status of @701beer 's order. I feel invested in this because I have seen so many updates.
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  35. aaronhardesty

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    I was thinking of ordering from BiaB a while ago. Would you mind sharing how much the shipping was for your order?
  36. srgehl

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    Shipping was about $107 for a box that wieghed 55lbs. I got 8x 26oz bottles and 9x 12oz bottles, plus a glass in that box. I recently did a big beer trade where I shipped 44lbs FedEx from NJ to CA and that was $74 to give you a comparison. If you figure in the cost of shipping supplies $107 wasn't bad.

    Belguim in a Box's website is pretty interactive so you can see the total wieght and shipping rise as you add items to the cart.
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  37. 701beer

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    @SammyJaxxxx thanks for checking in!

    The package is still MIA at Chicago ISC.
    No movement since March 22nd.
    Never received a inbound to Customs scan.
    No love/ransom letters from Customs.
    Kurt said he has not had an issue with Chicago.
    31 loons hang in the balance.
  38. srgehl

    srgehl Initiate (101) Oct 22, 2014 New Jersey

    :slight_frown: @701beer At this point I think you need to file a claim with Customs, CHI airport, or USPS. Get your money back. I use to work at a job where we picked up international orders from Customs and Air Cargo. Some times they just give you the wrong box and other times one is missing! S**T happens.

    I will light a candle tonight in memory of the 31 loons of Chicago
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  39. Beer21

    Beer21 Champion (848) Oct 17, 2010 Florida

    I purchased Westvleteren 12 and Drie Font. with no problems. Everything came just fine. The owner even emailed me to make sure it was all ok. Yes it is very expensive, but if you want to try it then pony up!
  40. kdb150

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    The most economical option, a 30 kg box, will ship for around 90 Euro. You can fill it with 29 .375l bottles, or about 17 750s. When you receive your box, you will see on the packing slip that the shipping cost is exactly what you paid for shipping; Kurt doesn't charge a penny more, and he charges WAY less for shipping than any other Belgian beer site I've looked at, and he uses a lot of shipping materials to ensure your beer arrives safely. I ordered from Etre when they got some Rose de Gambrinus in, as it's my favorite beer, and several of the bottles leaked. I can't say for sure that's Etre's fault, as it was packed pretty well and nothing broke, but I've had several large geuze shipments from BiaB and never had a bottle leak in transit.

    In other news, I heard back regarding my order. They have it, and it is being prepared. In approximately 2-3 weeks, I should have my boxes of goodies. Hopefully the site upgrades will prevent this in the future. I will continue to order from Kurt with confidence.
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