Release Bell's Black Note (2013)

Discussion in 'Beer News & Releases' started by mjshearer1, Jan 9, 2013.

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  1. fishmich

    fishmich Devotee (417) Apr 11, 2013 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    distribution mistake, and i have no problem with it.
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  2. fishmich

    fishmich Devotee (417) Apr 11, 2013 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    lol, wont buy Bells beer because he didnt know the exact date, time, and location of their most limited beer so he could get it instead of someone else.
  3. Dewback9

    Dewback9 Initiate (0) Feb 5, 2014 Indiana

    From what I understand from talking to a few people close to Bells, it was a mistake on the end of the Minnesota retailer putting it out by accident, which forced them to prioritize the bottling and get it out the door sooner than planned which inevitably caused the CF we are now experiencing. Most Bells employees didn't know it was being released until that Monday morning, one day before it hit the shelves at the General Store. It's pretty incredible to keep that kind of information on a very strict "need to know" basis with only production and shipping management knowing exactly when it would be running down the bottling line and going out the door. You'd think being a craft brewery everyone would be in the know with just about everything happening in the brewhouse on a day to day basis, but it's obvious that's not the case at all.

    On another note (pun intended), I'm more curious about why did Minnesota get it before the local Michigan distributors? I'd assume they were gearing up for the release and were slowing sending out product to various distributors in order to have an actual, but still silent, release day where everyone puts it on shelves. They normally do this with their other seasonals, like Oberon, where stores have it the week(s) before the true "release day."

    What makes things worse for them is the timeliness of each distributor, and retailer for that matter, is completely different and almost impossible to anticipate, hence why they send out seasonal brews early in order to compensate but not everyone follows the rules (MN store putting it out early for instance.) Here in N. Indiana InBev is usually pretty slow getting their newly received products out. Case in point, after getting to know the guys at my local store they will tell me what's on the way and this n that. They didn't get KBS until last Thursday (4/3) and will not be receiving Black Note until this Thursday (4/10), but it has been reported on the shelves on the east coast already.

    Again, it's not necessarily the brewers fault as it is the distribution network. You'd think that the industry would be highly regulated by someone like the ATF or something and everything was well documented, timely, etc. etc. but I've quickly learned it is the complete. Distributors and stores kind of do what they want when they want to, including bottle limits and pricing. Before you start getting angry at a brewery, you should at least try to understand how that beer got to where it is and who it had to go through to get there.
  4. lowbit

    lowbit Initiate (0) Jul 24, 2013 Wisconsin

    Well, at least this was a more subtle ad hominem.

    If you don't understand the point I was trying to make by now, no amount of explaining is going to get it across.
  5. lowbit

    lowbit Initiate (0) Jul 24, 2013 Wisconsin

    I'm not sure I understood your explanation, but from what I did glean it seems like none of it would have happened if Bell's had announced a release date. Or at the very least that would have made it clear that any premature release was the fault of specific retailers.
  6. ColonelHopslam

    ColonelHopslam Disciple (331) Jan 22, 2014 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    Larry Bell said he will never do a planned release for Black Note or Wild one because he doesn't want to put the burden on his store or any store for that matter of having people lining up, doing bottle shares, and pissing on the sidewalk. He has a point, esp. if it was a General Store only release with a case limit. It would be a shitshow. You had 3 days to make the drive, you chose not to, move on.
  7. breadwinner

    breadwinner Meyvn (1,139) Mar 6, 2014 California
    Beer Trader

    That's what I was amazed with when I tried BN -- zero harsh edges, just incredibly smooth and velvety yet still somehow able to not feel so rich as to be overly filling. Truly an incredible beer.
  8. Dewback9

    Dewback9 Initiate (0) Feb 5, 2014 Indiana

    @lowbit I'm sure theres some sort of "planned" release date, but it will never be publicly announced in order to prevent what @ColonelHopslam said. From what I learned this was the case. Someone screwed up in MN, it got back to Bells, and they subsequently rushed the release without having enough time to send it out to the rest of their distribution network which is why it keeps sporadically popping up throughout the Bell's distribution footprint.

    With the planned and announced release of KBS, it never hit store shelves. Some places that chose to do first come - first serve had lines in the morning before they opened, which most retailers will tell you they absolutely hate the frenzy. Some try to capitlize on it by doing a 1 bottle limit to get the most traffic in their stores, which is a great move business wise but annoying to the consumer that wants more than just one bottle.

    Black Note was released, unannounced, to the Kzoo area stores on Thursday and was on shelves for the first half of the day at the very least. The cases were hand delivered by the rep themselves, not by the weekly delivery truck. Other places a little farther out of town it was around until at least Saturday, which is the beauty of the silent release. I randomly stumbled across it Friday evening after work and I about shat myself.
  9. hopfenunmaltz

    hopfenunmaltz Meyvn (1,264) Jun 8, 2005 Michigan

    You would have loved Hunahpu day.
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  10. lowbit

    lowbit Initiate (0) Jul 24, 2013 Wisconsin

    I have zero desire to drive to Michigan to buy Black Note, and could care less when it became available at the brewery. Like most people, I just want to know when or if my local stores are going to get the damn beer -- why is that so hard for some of you to understand?

    Enough with the rationalizations, already. None of the above (or Hunaphu-style chaos, @hopfenunmaltz) happened for KBS; Founders had a ticketed release at the brewery, stores knew when they were getting it, and nobody was left wondering WTF was going on. There's no reason Bell's can't do something similar.
  11. Willtravelforbeer

    Willtravelforbeer Initiate (157) Jun 20, 2013 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    I hope Bells continues to release the limited beers like they do now. I drove 2 hrs. one way for the case of Black Note I got. It sure beats driving around all over for singles or a 4 pack if you are lucky. Also, I am getting really sick of stores inflating the price on these beers. If you buy from the brewery, this is much less of an issue.
  12. BEERschlitz

    BEERschlitz Zealot (577) Oct 13, 2013 Michigan
    Beer Trader

  13. Donco

    Donco Devotee (474) Aug 12, 2013 Pennsylvania
    Beer Trader

    Just curious: Does anyone in MI know when this actually started to go on sale at their General Store? I was in GR for the Founders KBS release that week but (foolishly) didn't go to Bell's while in that area.:slight_frown:
  14. fishmich

    fishmich Devotee (417) Apr 11, 2013 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    Bells can do what they want with their beer. if they dont want to have a big ass week long party to celebrate their beer then so what. i hear a lot less people bitching about this years Black note release than i do about any other high end beer release. some people like the fact that they dont have to deal with truck chasers to find a 4 pack of Black Note. establish a good relationship with your local stores and im sure they will save you some. its not our right to know when or if beer is gonna be available.
  15. fishmich

    fishmich Devotee (417) Apr 11, 2013 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    was in the cooler the Tuesday morning after KBS week.
  16. Donco

    Donco Devotee (474) Aug 12, 2013 Pennsylvania
    Beer Trader I don't feel so bad.:rolling_eyes:
  17. Hop_H3ad

    Hop_H3ad Initiate (24) Apr 4, 2014 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    I got the 4pk from a local store in Grand Rapids. KBS as well.
  18. A2HB

    A2HB Initiate (163) Oct 30, 2013 Michigan

    That's cause Oberon sucks...imo
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  19. Fitze

    Fitze Devotee (457) May 22, 2013 South Carolina
    Beer Trader

    A whopping 24 bottles made its way into Savannah, GA early this week. I was lucky and got 3. If you did not get your bottle(s) by now it's all gone.
  20. A2HB

    A2HB Initiate (163) Oct 30, 2013 Michigan

    Live in Michigan and still have not seen or heard of any local stores receiving any allocations. But they got it in GA somehow. Larry B why have you forsaken us?
  21. fishmich

    fishmich Devotee (417) Apr 11, 2013 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    its hit very sporadically over the last few weeks. what part of Michigan are you in?
  22. Beestin

    Beestin Disciple (332) Jan 4, 2014 Iowa
    Beer Trader

    2 stores that i know of got a very limited amount in IA yesterday. Sold within the hour. I called 4-5 other stores that all said they didn't get anything.
  23. Mattco

    Mattco Initiate (0) Jun 5, 2011 Illinois

    One store in Southern Illinois had it yesterday, 1 case received-2 bottle limit. $5.99 per.
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  24. MichPaul

    MichPaul Zealot (597) Jan 28, 2012 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    You must have been asleep at the wheel man. It came and went from stores here a while back. All stores seemed to put it up on Facebook. Don't you Facebook?
  25. jolly_lynch

    jolly_lynch Initiate (0) Feb 27, 2014 Arizona
    Beer Trader

    One store in AZ, that I know of, got a single case today and sold out withing 3 hours. Glad I had already traded for some, because I definitely missed out haha.
  26. joeyknuckles

    joeyknuckles Initiate (147) Apr 27, 2014 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    Anyone know any places near downtown chicago or bucktown area that has any?
  27. Morakaton

    Morakaton Initiate (0) May 6, 2013 Michigan

    I had to struggle to get 6 bottles in South East Michigan, I probably could have gotten closer to 10 if my mules cooperated, but it was a pain in the ass regardless. I'd argue it's worth it since I think the beer is better than KBS and BCBS, but the amount of driving I had to do around my county was beyond annoying.

    I don't think Bell's is subject to make a massive amount more of the beer than they currently do. However, it would be nice if all of Michigan got a little more than we did, since most stores in SE Michigan got 1 case only (KBS was delivered at a rate of 4-6x this amount, and I thought that was insanely limited, but hey, atleast I got a KBS Day ticket, vs having no idea Black Note was on sale at Bell's preventing me from driving to grab a case).
  28. striker2160

    striker2160 Disciple (397) May 5, 2013 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    Welcome to the club,I get a kick out of people
    who complain when there home state brewery
    doesn't save them enough beer. In Minnesota
    you couldn't drive anywhere besides Michigan
    and get more than a bottle or two. The same thing
    happened this year in Minnesota when they shipped
    Darkness to Chicago. Everyone was pissed off.
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  29. A2HB

    A2HB Initiate (163) Oct 30, 2013 Michigan

    Ann Arbor
  30. A2HB

    A2HB Initiate (163) Oct 30, 2013 Michigan

    I live in Ann Arbor and all the stores I buy my craft beer from have not received any. At my main bottle store, the owner had never even heard of it!
  31. MichPaul

    MichPaul Zealot (597) Jan 28, 2012 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    Hmmm... Sorry to hear that man. Some local BAs on here may be able to help you out to at least know where to go next year... In the mean time it looks like you'll have to hit up some trades.
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  32. A2HB

    A2HB Initiate (163) Oct 30, 2013 Michigan

    It's ok, I have some KBS so that will suffice me for now. Mainly I just wanted to do a comparison between them since everyone is saying BN is better, would have been nice to see if that is true or not. Oh well there's always next year, no biggie
  33. fishmich

    fishmich Devotee (417) Apr 11, 2013 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    if you ever make it out to the Clarkston area let me know. i can help you out.
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  34. PA-Michigander

    PA-Michigander Meyvn (1,407) Nov 10, 2013 Pennsylvania
    Beer Trader

    Never heard of it? Might be time to find a new beer store.
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  35. Corbet

    Corbet Initiate (164) Nov 7, 2010 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    Just drive to Kzoo for a case next time.
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  36. A2HB

    A2HB Initiate (163) Oct 30, 2013 Michigan

    And of course the day I posted that, store calls me and says the Black Note came in and I have my bottle waiting :slight_smile:

    So I have my bottle of BN to try alongside of KBS, can't wait to give them a go!
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  37. PA-Michigander

    PA-Michigander Meyvn (1,407) Nov 10, 2013 Pennsylvania
    Beer Trader

    That is awesome! I didn't mean to make it sound like I was being a dick either.
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