Best and Worst Baseball Stadiums for Beer

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    As April approaches that means baseball season and nothing makes baseball better than sitting in the stands with some variety meat in tube form and a cold beer. Obviously beer lineups change every year but I'd love to keep this thread going as the season continues to what great beers people are drinking at each stadium.

    Of the New York teams Citi Field does a pretty good job, they have a few stands from the Randolph Group and you can usually find decent taps around the stadium. The Yankees and Legends do a terrible job with craft beer and from what I've heard have tried to undercut several local breweries but that's just what you'd expect from the evil empire.

    Anyway, hopefully I'll be able to post with some great beers as the baseball season comes along from different cities but I'd love to hear what craft beer gems people have found at other places around the country.

    Update/edit: For transparency purposes not that it actually matters for this thread but I'm a Braves fan that was born (not raised) in Queens. My Father is a Mets fan but the Braves were always on TBS and I was a front-running dweeb and I didn't think it was right for me to swap teams as an adult after I had come to that realization.
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  2. David_Porter

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    PNC Park in Pittsburgh has some very decent offerings as far as baseball beer is concerned. Wont let me post the link due to spam filter but if you google: pnc park impresses with craft beer selection- there is an article online that has every beer available in the ballpark and where to find it.
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    Haven't seen this years list yet, Mariners Stadium in Seattle always has great choices. Lots of local stuff, a couple of locations with cask beer engines, and, surprisingly, decent options and prices on 22s of some things.
  4. BeerKarmaNYC

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    I don't love cask beer but it's awesome to hear that they have that at the stadium. NYC was a little behind the curve with craft beer but I hope that the recent influx of breweries within the five boroughs will be an incentive for all the arenas, not just baseball, to start having a better selection of craft beer.
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  5. jmasher85

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    This article has a pretty good round-up (saw it when I was searching the first guy's ^^^^ article)

    That said, I love baseball even without beer, which is great because I also can't abide paying $8 for a just a Bud (let alone the ripoff prices for the rest of the selections), but if you really want to enjoy an economical marriage of beer and baseball, Minor League games are the way to go. Good prices, usually decent local selections, and unpredictable games make them a great way to spend a Sunday.
  6. ClippersSD

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    PETCO Park- San Diego.

    There is a heavy focus on craft beer at the stadium with beer tasting events in the grass area behind the outfield

    • Stone Levitation, Stone Pale Ale, Stone IPA, Cali-Belgique IPA, Ruination IPA, Arrogant Bastard Ale, Drew & Steve’s Imperial Mutt Brown Ale, Stone Reason Be Damned Belgian Style Abbey Ale
    • Ballast Point Big Eye IPA, Ballast Point Black Marlin, Ballast Point Pale Ale, Ballast Point Calico Amber Ale, Ballast Point Longfin Lager, Ballast Point Wahoo Wheat, Ballast Point Fathom IPL, Ballast Point Piper Down, Grunion Pale Ale, Sculpin IPA (in cans! 20 oz for $10.75) and Grapefruit Sculpin, Dorado Double IPA, Commodore American Stout, Indra Kunindra
    • Pizza Port Ponto Session IPA, Swamis IPA, Chronic Amber Ale, Pick Six Pilsner and Petco Park Pale Ale
    • Mike Hess Habitus Double IPA, Jucundus Orange Honey Wheat, Grazias Vienna Cream Ale, Claritas Kolsch, Habitus, Venator < > Karl Strauss Red Trolley Ale, Karl Strauss Amber, Karl Strauss IPA, Karl Strauss Pintail Pale, Karl Strauss Tower 10 IPA, Mosaic Session Ale, Wreck Alley Imperial Stout
    • Alesmith Nut Brown Ale, Alesmith X Extra Pale Ale, Alesmith Anvil Ale, Speedway Stout, San Diego Pale Ale .394 (for Tony Gwynn’s famous batting average)
    • Mission Blonde, Mission Amber Ale, Mission Hefeweizen, Mission IPA, Shipwrecked, Dark Seas, Hard Root Beer
    • Manzanita Riverwalk Blonde
    • Lightning Thunderweizen, Lightning Elemental Pilsner, Lightning Lightning Fair Weather Pale Ale, Lightning Amber Ale
    • Port Brewing Wipeout IPA
    • Black Market Bavarian Style Hefeweizen, Black Market Brown Ale
    • Coronado Golden, Coronado Mermaids Red, Coronado Orange Wit, Coronado Islander IPA
    • Saint Archer Blonde Ale, Saint Archer IPA, Saint Archer Pale Ale, Saint Archer White Ale
    • Lost Abbey Devotion
    • Mother Earth Pin Up Pale Ale
    • Fall Brewing Company (North Park) Loudspeaker IPA, Spirit of 77 IPA
    • Monkey Paw Up The Hill Backwards, Prima Donna Table Beer
    • Benchmark Brewing Company Table Beer

    KELPAK Aspirant (249) Aug 25, 2007 Massachusetts
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    Love this thread. Fenway does a pretty good job. However, your selection is pretty much canned beer as there are only a few taps in the park and they are found mainly behind the plate (Heineken, bud, goose island, sam adams, wachusett, blue point). In the bleachers there are coolers filled with craft brews in cans such as troegs, oskar blue, smutty, sierra. The situation here is only looking to improve now that the pay to play scandal has come to light (see beer news thread about mass distro buying tap lines). Go Sox
  8. Dan_K

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    Coors Field, despite being named after a Macro brew, is doing pretty good. They have a brewery inside the stadium (the Sandlot, Blue Moon pilot brewery) that has won dozens of beer competition medals and makes a bunch of specialty beers. They also just opened a rooftop bar area that has among other things a CHUBurger run by Oskar Blues. The stadium venders don't have much in the way of craft beer, but there are (2?) locations that have an extended craft selection and the line is long.

    I still think we have a long way to go though, considering where Petco is at right now.

    There are also numerous breweries and great taphouses within close walking distance to the park.
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  9. thehyperduck

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    Toronto/Rogers Centre wins the "worst" part of this competition easily. Behold:

    There's exactly two whole beers in that list that aren't owned by a gigantic multinational umbrella corporation. And one of those beers is gluten free so technically speaking it isn't even beer.
  10. BeerKarmaNYC

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    I like Wachusett's Larry although I doubt they would have that at Fenway. I bit too high octane for a Sox game!!
  11. Ericness

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    Is this new? I've never been anything but disappointed with Fenway's beer selection going back several years now. Never found anything better than Goose IPA or Boston Lager which I am always hesitant to buy more than one of at ballpark prices and don't much care for the Green Monstah IPA. Definitely keeping an eye on this.

    After all the horror stories I've heard about Yankee Stadium's beer selection, I was shocked to to find a not bad selection in bottles/cans behind the bleachers last year. Think I had something from Long Trail and a Bronx Pale Ale.
  12. BaseballNBeer

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    I was quite disappointed in the selection at Chase Field in Phoenix a couple years ago. They had two craft offerings, I believe. Angel Stadium has a decent craft beer stand. Safeco had an awesome selection last year! Yankee Stadium is the worst in my experience (22 parks visited).

    Comerica Park in Detroit is decent. They have two craft beer areas. The Michigan Craft Beer Stand in RF is really good with a great selection of both bottle and tap offerings. The new Corner Tap Room down the first base line has a decent selection, but the prices are outrageous even for ballpark standards and the service there blows. I got ripped off by a bartender there (willingly overcharged $1 even in the face of my objection) and had to complain to the manager.
  13. SonnyJay

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    I haven't been to every park, but I would find it hard to believe that anyone has a higher-quality selection than Petco in San Diego. Beyond the huge selection outlined in ClippersSD's post above, it feels like you're never more than a 2 minute walk from your seat to a craft beer bar.
  14. otispdriftwood

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    Reason: Craft breweries cannot/do not pay kickbacks. InBev does - or at least can threaten to decrease supply.
    Besides, when they charge $8 - $9 for a macro beer, a craft beer would require outside financing.
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  15. captaincoffee

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    I was born in New York (Mets fan) and remember going to Shea once a year every year as a family event in the mid 70s and 80s. It sucks that the stadium is now Citi field, but what sucks even more are the Braves.
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  16. SaisonRichBiere

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    PNC Park and Comerica Park are both solid.

    Comerica's Michigan Craft Beer counter (20+ MI beers between bottle and draft) used to have "Firkin Friday" which was a cask tapped after the first pitch on Friday night games, which I've had the likes of Bell's Hopslam, Roundhouse, and Black Note, as well as New Holland Dragon's Milk on cask- 10oz pours for 8 or 10 bucks. Not bad at a ballpark IMO.

    PNC- a bunch of solid crafts and Primanti Bros. Enough said!!!

    US Cellular has Daisy Cutter!

    I've only been to Wrigley once, and the only draft I could find was Old Style and Old Style light. Maybe that has changed.
  17. Daveshek28

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    Growing up as a Yankee fan has certainly not sucked, going to Yankee Stadium and trying to get a good beer however, DOES SUCK. The selection is pitiful since everything is An-Bev. Best option is a goose IPA. Now if only they'd get goose bourbon county....
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  18. offthelevel_bytheplumb

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    Can you please show some proof of both of these points.
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  19. KELPAK

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    I wouldn't lie to you about this. If you're a bleacher creature then you should be looking right at them once you come down the ramps in right field. You just have to look past the soft pretzels and rolling franks. If memory serves me correctly (doesn't always at fenway) I even bought a beer from a vendor from my seat that was an ipa.
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  20. otispdriftwood

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    The only one that can be proven is what is charged for a beer; I've been there and have seen the price.
    The rest are simply off the wall subjective opinions, although macro beer marketing tactics have been discussed on this site ad nauseum.
  21. offthelevel_bytheplumb

    offthelevel_bytheplumb Devotee (454) Aug 19, 2013 Illinois

    I drink Daisy Cutter at Comiskey, and that's good enough for me.
  22. JratBones

    JratBones Disciple (319) Oct 22, 2013 Massachusetts

    Awesome stadium to visit. Great Prices on beer and I got to see 3 Red Sox games for pretty much the price of 1 game at Fenway haha.
  23. ChangSing

    ChangSing Initiate (196) May 5, 2013 Illinois

    ATT Park is pretty solid. But to be totally honest, craft beer is the last thing on my mind when I'm at a game. I have no problem at all throwing back a Bud or Miller Lite when at a game.
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  24. EMH73

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    The stadium in Cleveland introduced me to Great Lakes. I am eternally grateful.
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  25. DeweyCheatem-n-Howe

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    Busch Stadium in STL has a lot of Urban Chestnut and Schlafly on tap, which is awesome. I could think of a lot worse beers to enjoy on a hot and humid St. Louis afternoon than a UC Zwickel.
  26. Angerhaus

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    Miller Park is not great for selection (the name should tell you most of what you need to know), but I can say that I think the prices are solid for ballpark suds. Pre-game beers with a student I.D. are only $3.
  27. Botulizard

    Botulizard Zealot (543) Jul 22, 2013 Michigan

    Fenway does a decent job, as does Comerica. They've got Magic Hat at Comerica (just #9 if I remember), which I think is really weird, but I'll take it.
  28. JratBones

    JratBones Disciple (319) Oct 22, 2013 Massachusetts

    You would think Fenway would be a GIANT Sam Adams supporter but they are not. The big guys at An-Bev control almost the entire stadium. However I was crushin Smuttynose Finest Kinds last season which are solid.
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  29. beercentric847

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    Huge Cubs fan but I have been to my share of places and I'd say Coors Field takes it home for me currently. PNC was pretty decent as well but no where near what Coors had. That being said Wrigley is starting to get better with GI involved a little bit the last couple times I've been there but that isn't surprising with the inbev connection and all.
  30. HeislerGold

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    Minor League Baseball has adopted craft beer in a big way. Many of their parks have craft beer and a good selection too. On top of that, they have better prices and craft beer promotions.
  31. BeerKarmaNYC

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    hahaha...that's not supposed to be the focus of the thread!!! I always love Shea, I went there a hundred times as a kid. The one thing Citi does right is the food and hopefully the beer options get better and better.

    Does it help that I hate the Yankees more than people hate Trump?
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  32. BeerKarmaNYC

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    Ahhh, good call. I'm mostly curious to hear about MLB but would also love to see some craft beer gems from farm teams as well.
  33. beertunes

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    Man, I don't wanna know what world you live in, when a $10 pint in the stadium , that costs $4-5 in a bar (or a $10 six pack), is cheap by your standards. :wink:
  34. beertunes

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    We have a wood bat, college-level, summer league in my town, that carries 3 options from a local brewery, and some craft selections from the Inbev distributor, along with the Inbev products.
  35. ikaika122

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    As some have said, Wrigley is pretty much a desert when it comes to craft. GI has been more readily available, but last time I was there they only had 312 in stock. Unfortunately, Comiskey kills Wrigley in the food and beverage department at the moment.
  36. BillG2330

    BillG2330 Initiate (0) Oct 15, 2014 Massachusetts

    But they do have Smuttynose FinestKind in cans in the outfield - my go to for games!
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  37. TrapJaw77

    TrapJaw77 Aspirant (202) Apr 17, 2015 Illinois

    Love minor league games. Going to Portland and Bend in the summer and would like to catch a game in one of those cities. Anyone know what they may offer at those two stadiums?
  38. RBMurphy4

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    Echoing others:
    Comiskey has a handful of Midwest Brews stands that have everything from Revolution to Half Acre to Bells to Two Brothers to New Holland to Leinie's. Far superior to the Wrigley options of Bud Heavy/Light, 312 and Shock Top
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  39. scottakelly

    scottakelly Zealot (510) May 9, 2007 Ohio

    Thought I would pass this on.

    My Reds do well in most of these polls, and overall do a better job than most MLB teams when it comes to fan accommodation (well, with the exception of actually winning ballgames lately).

    I have to add though that at many ballgames I skip a beer or have one at the most. In general I'm too cheap to pay $10 for a draft craft (what we Cincy fans usually refer to as the "Votto-priced" beer) when I can get that same pour for $5 at a local bar or get a 6 pack for $11 at a local retailer.
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  40. KELPAK

    KELPAK Aspirant (249) Aug 25, 2007 Massachusetts
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    they do have wachusett green monster. And high or low octane it doesn't matter when the bleachers are full of empty nip bottles. The pride of right field, flavored vodka nips
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