Best and worst new beer you've tried so far in 2015?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by Superflyjsc, Jun 12, 2015.

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  1. Yargamo

    Yargamo Initiate (0) Jun 9, 2015 New York

    Best: Other Half Mosaic
    Worst: Long Trail Rumble (that may have been last year...not sure)
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  2. bmf5581

    bmf5581 Initiate (0) Mar 14, 2011 North Carolina

    Best: SP Saison du Fermier b 3, 2nd Shift version of PARKAS, 3F Framboos, and I can't get enough Habanero Sculpin

    Worst: NYFRoothBeer, Problem Solver. I was let down by Anti-Hero as well.
  3. rossracing

    rossracing Initiate (0) Mar 30, 2013 Illinois

    best sip of sunshine
    worst darklord sorry
  4. troygreer

    troygreer Initiate (0) Jan 22, 2006 Pennsylvania

    Best - Upland Peach Lambic or 4 Hands Madagascar
  5. QuakeAttack

    QuakeAttack Pooh-Bah (1,987) Mar 19, 2012 California
    Pooh-Bah Society

    It's been a good year so far...

    Caldera - Rauch Ur Bock
    Rip Current - In the Curl
    Fifty Fifty - BART
    Fifty Fifty - Cherry Annularity
    Firestone 18
    Prairie Bomb!

    Habanero Sculpin
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  6. Anaxagoris

    Anaxagoris Initiate (0) Sep 14, 2014 Washington

    Best would probably be Good Gourd Almighty from Cigar City. Worst would probably be Soulless from Rivertown.
  7. Goodytime

    Goodytime Initiate (0) Jan 31, 2015 New Jersey

    My best has been Westbrook gose and Tropicalia. worst was Allagash matinna rossi
  8. alexanderplatz

    alexanderplatz Pundit (971) Jul 5, 2015 Kentucky

    New to me in 2015:

    Best: Trappistes Rochefort 10.

    Worst: Soulless (Rivertown Brewing Co.)
  9. johnnybgood1999

    johnnybgood1999 Initiate (0) Oct 31, 2008 Virginia

    Best: uncle Jacobs stout. Bourbon county on steroids, I'll take it.

    Worst: Anderson valley gose. I never understood why my dad put salt in his beer. I still don't! Just not my style and probably the last gose I will ever drink.
  10. NYR-Zuuuuc

    NYR-Zuuuuc Maven (1,307) Jan 1, 2013 Connecticut

    Best: Black Rajah
    Worst: Black Hog-Disco Pig #1

    (This is an amendment to my previous post)
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  11. JDW4195

    JDW4195 Initiate (0) Sep 24, 2014 Florida

    Best: Southern Tier Rum Barrel, so tastey
    Worst (maybe ever): Modern Times Blazing World...what the hell is this beer supposed to be? Extremely over-hopped for an Amber, and that after taste...god...horrible
  12. Richter525

    Richter525 Initiate (0) Jun 24, 2015 Michigan

    I haven't had any real disappointing new beers this year, but the best for my taste has to be Lagunitas High West-ified.
  13. ToddThompson

    ToddThompson Initiate (0) Dec 11, 2012 North Carolina

    Best: Trillium Galaxy Dry Hopped Fort Point, Maine Diner, Lawson's Sip Of Sunshine, Treehouse Julius
    Worst: Founders Lucious, Jupiler
  14. SkiBum22

    SkiBum22 Pooh-Bah (1,728) Oct 18, 2009 New York
    Pooh-Bah Society Trader

    Best: Prop '14, Monster's Park (Nicaraguan Rum with Coconut & Cocoa), HF Mosaic, Cable Car, JJJuliusss, Julius, BAVSS

    Worst: Crime of Passion, Molotov Cocktail (Simcoe), Budweiser
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  15. WesMantooth

    WesMantooth Grand Pooh-Bah (4,820) Jan 8, 2014 Ohio
    Pooh-Bah Society Trader

    Best : Prairie Bomb!
    Worst: AB Wild Blue (real beer- probably Pensacola Brewing's Lighthouse Porter)
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  16. gopens44

    gopens44 Grand Pooh-Bah (3,436) Aug 9, 2010 Virginia
    Pooh-Bah Society Trader

    Yep. Certainly on my short list. If not the best, than top 2.
  17. Ndfan1323

    Ndfan1323 Initiate (0) Jan 26, 2012 California

    Best so far...kane mexican brunch, Sunday morning stout, 1z enuff

    Worst..just not my thing, sorry Stone, hifi+lofi. Mixtape
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  18. jmarci5

    jmarci5 Initiate (0) Jun 21, 2015 Maryland

    Best: Enjoy by 7.04.15

    Worst: Not Your father's Root Soda
  19. Caesars0331

    Caesars0331 Initiate (0) Mar 27, 2014 New Jersey

    Best: Summer Love, Leipziger Gose, Rare Vos

    Worst: Devil Dancer, Sorachi Ace, Ballast Point Wahoo
  20. Stevem68

    Stevem68 Maven (1,276) May 14, 2015 Ohio

    Best: CBS ( I absolutely love this beer ), Black Flame, Hop Slam, Heady, Permanent Funeral & Cantillon Gueze

    Worst: Brewery Rugbrod
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